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4.3 out of 5 stars35
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Another Matt Hilton read finished within 24 hours, always the sign of a good book. Like the other two this one was unputdownable, but it was also a better read than the other two, hence the five star reading. Hilton's first book was an enjoyable read but he only seems to get better with each book as this one proves.

The action kicks off after a couple of pages and does not relent until the Epilogue. It reads like a Hollywood script and your heart will be in your mouth throughout the whole book. This book finds Joe helping out the sister of an old friend, she is looking for her sister but she isn't the only one. Robert Huffman, a 'player in the murky world of organised crime' is also looking for Kate's sister too.

This book moved at such a quick pace, in real time for most of it so it was hard to put it down because you just wanted to keep reading. Joe Hunter is a fantastic creation and one that I enjoy reading about a lot. I haven't read Lee Child's Reacher series so can't compare the two but I would always be comparing Hunter with Tom Cruise and for that reason I have no intention of reading the Reacher novels if that is the man I would be picturing. What I did note was that the death toll in this book was massive, I wonder how long Hunter can keep getting away with it. He does kill for the good of others, and always the bad guys but there was so much bloodshed here. I did draw comparisons in earlier books with Ryan Lock from Sean Black's fantastic series of books however I don't think Lock is quite as trigger happy.

Matt Hilton however is a fantastic author and tells a damn good story. Some people might find the book has too much action (I often see reviews stating this) but to me there can never be enough action. Fiction is escapism, written fiction allows authors to push the boundaries and write pretty much what they want because unlike TV and movies, they have no restrictions of budgets. So for me the more action the better, and this book is full of it. Hardly a page goes by without an explosion, gun fight, a chase or just brilliantly written intensity. Do not miss this book and I only hope the rest of the series continues to get even better.
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on 16 November 2011
A thumpin good read ! Make sure you read the series in the correct order and let everyone know why they havnt been able to find you as you were knocking off another fast moving chapter hidden away somewhere quiet.
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on 16 July 2011
ok so this is not art but its a frantically paced page turner that I read in one sitting..excellent if you're in the right frame of mind.
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on 28 September 2011
If your an action fan then you have to read this book. The pace is lightning fast and simply refuses to let up.
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on 8 July 2012
I've read all Matt Hilton's books and as long as you suspend a little bit of reality they're a great read, carrying you along at a stonking, difficult to put down pace with a mixture of action and suspense (as key characters are put at risk).

Compared to other authors mentioned in other reviews:

- Personally I prefer Matt Hilton to Lee Child's Jack Reacher series as it feels slightly more human. At least Joe Hunter feels pain, seems vulnerable and has some limitations against a superhuman Jack Reacher who never gets hurt and can do almost anything.

- Andy McNab's more realistic and gritty, but can also be quite depressing as key characters often get killed off at the end (but that's not to say there's not the occassional twist at the end of a Matt Hilton novel). Matt Hilton's got a more feelgood factor, but depends on your preference.

- None of the above authors compares to Robert Ludlum (Jason Bourne) for me. The Bourne Identity (NOT the film) still ranks as one of my top ten books, but is dated now as it was written ~20 years ago. If you enjoyed the Jason Bourne films though, you'll enjoy Matt Hilton as there's a similar approach.

This isn't his best book (my favourite was his first novel with Tubal Cain - Dead Men's Dust: The First Joe Hunter Thriller which still rated a four star), but is still a great read hence the three star.

Overall there are two types of books for me. Books you own and read several times, getting a little bit more every time (eg. Terry Pratchett) and books you get from the local library and reading once is enough. Matt Hilton is definitely a library book for me.
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on 26 March 2012
Book 3, in the Joe Hunter Thriller series

If you are looking for an entertaining, easy to read action packed story, do not look any further, this series showcasing Joe Hunter will certainly live up to your expectations. Joe is definitely the man to have on your side when things go south and drastic measures have to be considered.

The story opens when Kate Piers shows up at Joe's Florida beach home and reveals her sister Imogen is missing and may be in serious trouble, she is in desperate need of help from someone with the expertise Jo has acquired over the years. He is well-known for his success rate and his ability to thrive in this type of situation. Since Kate is the sister of one of Joe's buddies from the Special Forces he has no second thoughts, a family member in distress always has priority.

In the first few pages, Kate and Joe travel to Imogen's Kentucky home, but as soon as they arrive they are targeted by thugs representing Robert Huffman, Imogen's former employer and local businessman with ties to organized crime. We are quickly plunged into a tale of non-stop gunfire, Steve McQueen type car chases (Opps I am showing my age) and fistfights. Imogen has become a liability, she knows too much and Huffman will leave no stone unturned to silence her and now the appearance of Kate and Joe complicate matters even more, throwing a monkey wrench into Huffman's plans.

This book may be violent and on the gory side at times but it goes with the territory when we need an adrenaline fix. There is not a dull moment, in their quest to find Imogen, Kate and Joe face plenty of life-threatening situations and shady characters and when things get so hot they need help, Joe knows he can always count on his buddies from the Forces, Rink and Harvey, to cover his back and even the odds. As the action and the body count rises, suspense intensifies and putting the book aside becomes harder and harder. I was hooked to the end.

Joe Hunter series has a plethora of tough characters. The theme is refreshing, dramatic and well-constructed with plenty of twists and turns to captivate any reader. Mr. Hilton has the perfect recipe to engage those who thrive on this type of action.
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When ex-SAS Joe Hunter is contacted by the sister of an ex-squadmate, his loyalty means he will do anything to protect her and track down the killers bent on finding her and silencing her. When his search leads him to the small-town of Little Rock, things become more complex as seemingly everyone in the town is pitted against him. Just who can he trust? Will he ever get to the bottom of the conspiracy he finds?

This is a gung-ho, brand-name-dropping action pulp read with little plot other than "Get the bad guys and save the woman" - but it's a light & easy read that is highly entertaining despite this. Matt Hilton is never going to win the Pullitzer with his Joe Hunter character but then he's not really trying to, he knows exactly what his target audience are looking to read and that is a page-turning action extravanganza filled with explosions, car chases and the names of more pistols than you can shake a Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50 AE at...

Weighing in at 377 A5 pages (after you have cut away the excerpt of his next book "Cut and Run" included at the end of this one) of wide-spaced text, this shouldn't prove too much of a daunting tome for anyone.

Does exactly what you might expect, doesn't make you think too hard, a lot of fun along the way and makes for great holiday reading. If you're a fan of Lee Child & Jack Reacher, this book isn't quite upto the same mark, but is very much in the same vein. Recommended for a spot of light-reading.
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on 11 August 2013
I liked this book as it is well written. It is part of a series of books and I intend to read them all.
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on 25 February 2014
I think this is the third in the series. I had to order it quit quickly when I realised No.3 was rapidly coming to it's close. Amazing to get a brand new book for 1p...... even cheaper than charity shops. Amazon never fails to deliver when promised.
I haven't started this novel yet but expect it will be equally as good a the first two in the series.
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on 25 January 2014
Came across this book last weekend. I have to say I found it an excellent read, a real page turner. could not put it down. Written very much in the Jack Reacher mould (Lee Child) I found this to have a lot more action than the Reacher books. I understand it may not be to everyone's liking but if you like good kick ass books I highly recommend this.
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