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on 12 April 2013
I felt moved to add my review of this book as the only existing review gives a single star which I considered unfair for this impressive product. My own purpose for buying the course was twofold; to learn at least some level the language of my partner, and to prepare for an upcoming trip to India in the summer. I considered the simpler books (beginners or starter) both by the same author and different authors but settled on Complete Hindi in the knowledge that it would be fairly demanding but hopefully yield more satisfying results.

I am currently halfway through the course (completed 9 chapters out of 18) and I am so far very pleased both with my choice and with my progress. From a standing start I am now able to hold simple conversations in Hindi with my partner, albeit a lot more practice is required before my command of the language would be at a truly conversational level.

From my perspectives, Complete Hindi has the following strengths;
- it is well structured with a clear view of the upcoming topics and fairly detailed desciptions of each with worked examples and exercises, both written and audio.
- it appears to me to be fairly comprehensive, certainly as far as is possible for a single volume
- it takes into account everyday hindi, including such things as Urdu and English loanwords, regional variations and non-standard
- it provides sufficient exercises and self-tests to stretch the student and allow extra work
- The audio CD included is a precious added resource allowing for understanding of the (different) pronunciations to be practised.
- at £20-£25 it is very cheap compared to other options, like Rosetta Stone

The following may be considered weaknesses;
- It lacks many of the cool multi-media features of Rosetta Stone, such as flashcards and online services.
- It can appear a little dense and forbidding and perhaps this has affected an earlier review. I must say this does not bother me, but I can see that this could be off-putting for many people.

Overall however I am very satisfied with this purchase and I wanted only to add my review to balance the overall impression.
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on 22 July 2013
EXCELLENT ( as the Teach Yourself series usually are ) I was a bit disappointed with the ways of teaching the student to write Hindi ... It needs a simple diagram to show how each letter is written with a pen ( like the Russian & Greek books do ) ... but overall a good product. Perhaps I should write this review when I've been using Hindi fir a few years (^; !
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on 1 November 2014
I liked this course up to a point - mainly up to chapter 6 and then I floundered. I imagine this is probably more down to my lack than the book itself but it was at this point that the author stopped using romanised script to guide you. I felt that the the stabilisers had been taken off my bike and I panicked and gave up! Yes, that says more about my tenacity than anything else but it put me off nonetheless!

I know the whole point is to be able to read/write the Hindi script but I just wasn't ready for that abrupt stop. It's hard enough learning a foreign language even when the language shares the same alphabet but I found it useful to have the romanised script so that I could check my understanding of the component parts of the (romanised Hindi) word against the Devengari script.
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on 23 July 2013
I am really enjoying this course. I find it very easy to follow and well laid out unlike another reviewer who found it too difficult. To the contrary I find it explains things very well. I am currently on Unit 3 of the book (going over each unit several times until I understand everything, as the book advises ) but I have also been skipping ahead to learn sections further on in the book as I am enjoying the language so much I am eager to learn more vocabulary. I am a linguist having studied French, German and Latin so perhaps this gives me an advantage in being able to grasp the language quickly. However, I do think that the format of the book allows for non linguists to learn Hindi effectively if they invest time and patience. I would certainly recommend this book and accompanying CD to anyone thinking of learning Hindi.
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on 8 November 2013
The DVDs are great easy to follow. I hope I will pick the language as quickly and fluently as speakers on DVD.
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on 18 September 2015
Have only just started going though this course but already there is a lot that sets it apart from the rest.
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on 23 August 2015
Its fine but not great. I feel like its too messy trying to explain diffrent things.
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on 31 March 2014
I'm really enjoying this book which is well-structured and interesting; the secret is to go slowly and keep revising. I have no talent at languages whatsoever but I'm taking the time to learn the alphabet which makes it all the more fascinating. Suggestion - go online as well. Several sites teach you very effectively and also show you how to write, though I don't think they're a substitute for a book. I'm making up flashcards etc to help me learn. A variety of approaches works!
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on 17 October 2014
Daddy loved it
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on 10 February 2014
I'm not happy at all with this book.
The lessons get too complex too quickly. I'm at unit 4 and I'm starting to be lost. There is a lot of difficult grammar, not really well explained, very early in the units.
There is also far too much vocabulary. For instance the exercises are packed with unknown words, making them really difficult.
The diction of the dialogues on the audio files is weird and unnatural ( I live with Hindi speakers from different parts of India so I have some references). The Pimsleur Hindi is closer to real spoken Hindi for instance.
I'm okay with vocabulary and grammar but they should be introduced gradually.
I'll carry on, and maybe write a more positive review later ; but for the moment the way things are introduced really puts me off.
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