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4.6 out of 5 stars117
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 August 2012
Having been captivated by the genius of Artemis Fowl since his first book, I bought and read this book with some relatively high expectations. With the 'Atlantis Complex' (the book prior to the Last Guardian) being a stage setter for this finale, I was hoping for a change of pace that would go back to the roots that made Artemis Fowl such a success. To my personal dismay, this book was good but a little lacking. It did a lot of things right, but the few things it didn't manage to deliver was for me rather crucial.

Yes, we do see a revisiting of all our favourite casts from this series and even if for brief couple of pages, it was enough to sate one's curiosity as to the future of certain characters. As always Eoin Colfer brings each character spectacularly to life with the odd but dynamic group interactions between the humans and fairies. Eoin has upped the pace of this last and final book with the in book time span being a little more than 24 hours. Readers will be held by the fast paced action and won't want to stop reading till the adventure is all done.

However, the disappointments do become more noticeable as you read on. My main issue is with Artemis Fowl himself. It has been great to watch this anti hero grow up across the previous books, but in this final instalment it is disappointing to see his intellect pale in comparison to his younger days. One can argue that his intelligence is still there (as he does pull off, rather spectacularly, one last trick out of the hat in the concluding chapters), but rather he had lost a lot of his initial ambitiousness which truly defined him in the earlier days.

I do not wish to admit this, but the premises that Mulch Diggums just so happens to be at the right (or wrong) place and the right time just doesn't quite explain his increasing presence at Artemis's side. I do love reading when Mr Diggums enters the fray, yet one too many times he 'just so happens' to be there that it can no longer be considered coincidence. I just feel that this lovable character could deserve a different dynamic entry of sorts.

Overall, a good book, but not necessarily one that would captivate a first time reader of the Artemis Fowl series thus author Eoin Colfer deploys a rather genius technique towards the end(as hinted by the last few line of the ending). Albeit a bit rushed, this book does a nice job wrapping up most loose ends. An interesting ending(?) to the series.
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on 12 July 2012
Artemis has finally come to the end of his adventures. This book kicks off with a bang, Holly, Artemis, Butler, Foaly, Mulch, Juliet, Myles, Beckett and Trouble are back! And so is Opal. She has escaped from prison, using a tactic only the completely insane would use. And can she even be stopped this time?

This book is beautifully written with surprises around every twist and turn. It's like a series of explosions, Artemis faces a desision that nobody should ever have to make and it could affect his family and friends forever. Opal seems to be anticippating his every move whilst sunrise is getting closer with every passing minute. Finally we get to find out what Artemis resigned himself to pretty much straight away. I won't tell you what happens, but Eoin put the most beautiful twist at the end, which made the saying goodbye to Artemis slightly easier. All I will say is; it ends right back at the beginning. It isn't a riddle but you probably won't work out what I mean until the last sentence. All in all, the people who have followed Artemis through his adventures must read this final book. One more thing that everyone will be happy about, with the Artemis Holly thing, Eoin left it up to you to decide whether they remain friends or change into something more. The final Artemis Fowl book has tied up all lose ends, and brought the world of fairy adventures to a close. The adventures of Artemis Fowl II have ended. The rest is left to your imagination...
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on 1 August 2012
Artemis Fowl has been with me throughout my youthful life and 'The Last Guardian' was a brilliant ending to a magical series. It was an experience of its own how events always twisted rapidly away from your expectations and predictions to keep you constantly intrigued and thrilled. It features appearances or at least mentions of all our favourite characters from the entire series, and I was amused anew by the hilarious hijinks of Mulch Diggums and the centaur Foaly. Not to mention any spoilers, but I think this is the only book where a gassy dwarf rides a troll through an army of possessed wildlife.

Great sadness comes in to play at the end, and there are many moments where characters make important decisions to save others. The whole adventure is fraught with a new kind of peril, one that threatens the entire world in a very real way. This book really does bring Artemis close to utter defeat, and a battle of intelligence between Artemis and the devious Opal Koboi runs throughout. The beginning is top class, the content creates great tension as well as featuring some particularly spectacular action scenes and the ending is both heartbreaking and fantastic at the same time.

Read this book if you are a fan of Artemis.

Read this book if you are a fan of adventure.

Read this book if you are ready for the ride of your life!
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on 1 December 2012
What can I add that hasn't been said already?

Colfer has a lilted gift with words and comedy that work best around his Artemis Fowl character creations.
Surprisingly quickly you are drawn into the world of fairy spies and mythical monsters. It's a shame (though inevitable) that
the books are becoming films as the pictures Colfer paints in your head are far convincing and personal. The characters come alive and make you root for them or howl at them.

What I particularly like about this book and (most) of the series is the humour, the dead pan and the set pieces. The stories crackle along and sometimes become overdone. In this episode as mentioned elsewhere we have a grand finale and gathering of all the best characters. And yes it is a grand way to bow out and move on. Although I suspect Colfer will return to this world in future (just a guess).

If you like Artemis Fowl I also recommend the fast moving Sean Yeager and the DNA Thief (Sean Yeager Adventures) which my son loved and I found refreshing and quirky in a good way. (I like reading these child crossover books as an adult because they are entertaining and make a change from serious lit. and the dull worthy stuff. Plus I like to see what my son is reading about).
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on 14 August 2013
What a fantastic build up and a terrible payoff to a awesome series, I don't really want to post any spoilers, so I will keep it brief. The build up to the end of this book, and persist, series, is great, the last chapter and the epilogue, are utter tosh. They felt rushed and cobbled together and did not fit with the rest of the story. Sorry everyone who liked this, but I detested the ending.
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on 10 July 2012
Colfer has a superb comic touch and his characterisation is deft and sure. His writing is hugely entertaining and the way he has morphed mystical creatures into some form of police and spy network is quite a marvel. The Artemis Fowl books have been firm favourites of mine since I read the first. This one is no exception and certainly not a disappointment - it's an absolute pleasure that I read in one sitting.

If you're looking for another fun read I'd recommend the hilarious Sherlock Holmes and the Flying Zombie Death Monkeys. A real hit with me and a surprisingly successful impulse buy.
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on 4 September 2012
Artemis Fowl has been one of the most entertaining series in children literature over the last ten years. This is a worthy edition to the cannon though not up to some of the earlier books.

This is a claustrophobic novel, taking place over less than a day in the life of Artemis. There are so many characters to fit in to the story that Mr Colfer uses the clever trick of making many of them fill two roles at the same time. The pacing is good, but I felt I was in a tunnel most of the time. There were only a few occasions when Artemis has his head up and is scheming. I would have loved the final book to have played to the genius part, but it was not to be.

On the good side Mulch plays a major role in the plot and when he is in action this story flies (quite literally in places). The scatological jokes are flung without regard for innocent bystanders and it was a joy to behold (from a safe distance.)

I shall miss Artemis Fowl. The journey has been a great one.

Go buy this book because you wont regret it. It's still head and shoulders above most of the pack.
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on 29 August 2012
Whilst the first four Artemis Fowl books were superb, the last four were distinctly average in my opinion which begs the question, should Eoin Colfer have ended it on book five? Yes, in my opinion.

Opal Koboi is back for revenge, not just on Artemis and the fairy world but the whole of humanity! I won't give much away but it's a great premise, if presented rather confusingly.

The same old problem in Colfer's writing arises; overly confusing descriptive passages of the high-tech fairy world that fail to paint a clear picture of it while you long for Colfer's strength of great comic dialogue and a cracking twist in the end!

This is apparently the end of the series but dare I ask the question, will we see Artemis Fowl's return through his younger brothers Myles and Beckett if W.A.R.P, Colfer's new series, is not as successful? Bring on the Fowl twins!!!
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on 31 March 2013
I have read Artemis Fowl since book one came out and have followed the series since. Every book has been amazing and seeing the characters develop over time has been fantastic. Eoin Colfer has never disappointed and he certainly didn't with this book.

It is a shame that this was the last book in this amazing series, but 'The Last Guardian' was an amazing read; Colfer keeps to all the things that have made Artemis Fowl brilliant throughout the years and provides a satisfying conclusion with an exciting plot with twists and sudden turns, making for a good read, as well as giving every character some focus and allowing us to see them at their absolute best.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to any Fowl fans as it is a fitting and satisfying farewell to a genuinely fantastic series.
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on 26 July 2012
I've been an avid Artemis reader and was disappointed to hear that this would be the last book he appeared in but the story is nicely concluded (No spoilers don't worry)and it was a fitting end to a brilliant series of books. Managed to get myself a signed copy- yay!
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