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4.6 out of 5 stars44
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Naomi Laress had the world at her feet in the 1920's. Rich, beautiful and a famous ballerina, the only black cloud on her horizon was the jealousy of a spurned lover, a man determined to ensure that she would have no other in her life. The result; a twisted knife in her heart that left Naomi dying at the lavish party she hosted.

80 years later the ghostly Naomi witnesses a savage uncontrollable man brought in chains to her home and soon not only learns of the supernatural creatures of the Lore, the blood thirsty vampire caged in her home can see and hear her. Naomi is delighted; however this vampire Conrad Wroth, already bordering on insanity is convinced if he acknowledges Naomi in any way he will cross the line into true madness.

KC writes highly imaginative paranormal romances and yet again she has created leading lovers who match each other perfectly, disregarding their obvious differences. Conrad is a killer vampire, abhorred by the Lore for drinking his victims dry whilst Naomi is quite simply dead. There appears little future for them; despite their attraction they cannot even touch each other and as the phantom Naomi is unable to "Bloody" Conrad or prove in anyway she is his Bride, Conrad's attraction is purely mental as he is unable to respond physically while his body remains dead to sensation.

KC cleverly overcomes this major obstacle to their potential relationship; however danger continually threatens the pair resulting in a truly absorbing read and she proves that a magical and beautiful blossoming romance does not have to rely heavily on sex. That said, when Naomi and Conrad are able to become intimate; their wait is positively worth it with plenty of red hot action. Naomi has to be one of my favourite female leads in this series so far; a saucy, courageous minx able to calm the savage Conrad and open his heart to a future he thought impossible, and the perfect match for a sexually inexperienced vampire consumed by not only his own crimes, but those of his victims he has drunk from.
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on 15 May 2008
The Wroth brothers are set out to save the last and final brother who has succumbed to the vampire bloodlust and in no way willing to give it up. Conrad is hell bend on revenge as he was turned in to a vampire without his knowledge at the time. A remote manor is bought for the very occasion of determining if Conrad can be saved or is lost for all eternity. As the Wroth brothers find Conrad it takes all three of them to bind Conrad with magical enforced handcuffs and sedate him as he is brought to this secluded manor.

Néomi was brutally murdered at her manor, Elancourt, in the 1920's and has haunted the place ever since. No one can see her, touch her, hear her and she lives in her small world of her manor. Now four giant men enter her world, stir up her dull routine and trash her beloved place as they try to hold on to a giant mad man. As her anger turns in to rage for their disrespect of her belongings it evaporates just as fast when the mad man says: "beautiful.....woman." He could see her!

Now Néomi visits this man as much as she can and with the drugs leaving his system Conrad gets to meet this vivacious woman that yearns to live again and he discovers a peace with her he never knew could exist. But how can a mad vampire, who can only live again by finding his Bride, fall for a ghost, who can never become a woman of flesh and blood again?

Prepare yourself for a searing paranormal romance story that is out of this world. It never seizes to amaze me how Kresley Cole can take me on this emotionally intense and at times action packed tale. The love that develops between Conrad and Néomi is so profound that it left me breathless, aching for more as I turned the last chapter but yet utterly satisfied. But it was with the mere first page I was part of The Immortals After Dark World again luring me to keep turning the pages, devouring every scene and in one afternoon I finished DARK NEEDS AT NIGHT'S EDGE.

I must admit that I had a few fears as I heard about this novel and that it would evolve around a ghost and a vampire. The question with the capital Q was: "How is Kresley Cole going to pull it off?" Well let me tell you, she is pulling it off and in an amazing way too. Kresley Cole leaves no doubt that from the minute Conrad and Néomi meet it is all about feelings, not always nice feelings, but true to their characters making them leap of the pages. One of the most erotic scenes in this tale is where Conrad and Néomi verbally seduce each other, a scene so masterfully described it made my heart speed up in anticipation.

Their sensuous passion is a double edged sword, for they both hunger for physical release, they both want to explore. Nonetheless, she as a ghost and he as a vampire who hasn't found his Bride yet, are just incapable of doing much more then talk and fantasize. This gives a feeling of a hauntingly beautiful romance that has very little chance and it makes you empathize with all Conrad and Néomi have to endure. It just made me root for every step forward in their conquest of love. It is not only their sensuality that is captivating. It is also their past that bares the foundation for some gripping events and gives Conrad and Néomi a depth that makes you relate to them so very easily.

What would an Immortal After Dark novel be without the Valkyrie? You just have got to love Nïx as "The Ever-Knowing" soothsayer, her particularly humor as she is consulted by many just makes me wonder with what kind of man she will end up. But most of all she makes me smile and laugh, especially her comment about licking horns just cracked me up! There were various secondary characters like the demons Cade & Rydstrom, the Wroth brothers, more of the Valkyrie coven that all gives authenticity to the Lore, The Accession and the world in general created by Kresley Cole. Though it all gives a splendorous background this novel was all about Conrad, Néomi and their love for each other.

Kresley Cole knows how to give the reader a superb plot, action driven scenes that rises the blood pressure but for me DARK NEEDS AT NIGHT'S EDGE is first and foremost an emotionally moving paranormal romance which can do nothing but reverberate with the paranormal romance reader of now-a-day! A more then worthy addition to this series and I can't wait for DARK DESIRES AFTER DUSK released on June 16th.

reviewed by Leontine
Courtesy of: Realms On Our Bookshelves
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on 30 May 2008
I wont detail the storyline as other reviewers have done such a good job! For those who have yet to discover Kresley Cole - her stories are immensly enjoyable. I have read every single one of her books (including the historical novels) and have found her to be consistently good. I would recommend in particular her 'Immortals after Dark' series and the 'If You' series .
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on 4 December 2012
One of my favourite book of the series. I like how the male isn't as aggressive towards the female as the other males from the series, mainly because that won't work with this girl since she's a ghost and can't be forced to do anything. Everything that happens is her leading the way, instead of the other way around. The other books in this series, the female is the virginal maiden and the male is the experienced lover, but in this book the roles are twisted here. Which I found a refreshing change. The build up is also slower since there are a lot of obstacles preventing the couple exploring each other, the writer had to rely on creating deeper, more interesting characters.

Won't say anymore, but this is a refreshing book out of the series.
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on 25 April 2011
Neomi Laress was a famous ballerina with a sensual past who was tragically murdered in the 1920s. Since then she has haunted her mansion, waiting for something interesting to happen. Conrad Wroth is a vampire warrior consumed by madness. Turned against his will, Conrad began to drink his victims to death trapping their memories in his head. Now lost as to which thoughts are his own, his brothers lock him in a seemingly abandoned mansion to try to save him. But when Conrad sees Neomi, both begin down a path that leads to darkness...

This is the fourth book in the Immortals after Dark series (after Hunger Like No Other,No Rest for the Wicked and Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night) and is the first not to deal mainly with Lykae or valkyrie. Conrad is one of the Wroth brothers (Sebastian's story was book 2, and Nikolai's story was told in a novella in Playing Easy to Get set before the first novel) turned against his will to be a vampire. The twist with Conrad that makes him different to Sebastian is that Conrad had already joined a group of mortal vampire hunters and spent years killing vampires only to become one.

The other unique twist to the book is that Neomi is a ghost. Only Conrad can see her, but he has no idea whether she is truly real or just a figment of his tortured mind. I must say a romance where the characters can't actually touch or interact physically was definitely new to me and interestingly written. I liked how the story had a lot of twists and turns, and the author has cleverly planted seeds for future books.

I loved how characters from previous books, like Mari and Nix were able to play quite significant roles in this book and it was great seeing how the relationships of previous couples were progressing. Nix is my favourite IAD character so far and I really hope she takes a large role in future books.

All in all, this was a great read and I can't wait for Dark Desires After Dusk.

Plot: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Ending: 10/10
Enjoyment: 9/10
Cover: 8/10

Overall: 47/50
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 18 February 2010
This is a beautifully written masterpiece of romance and old-world seduction. The vampire that falls for the ghost and stops at nothing to claim her.

Conrad Wroth, the fourth and long missing brother of the Estonian warlords turned vampire is drunk on blood lust, turned mad over the centuries by the collective memories he's unwittingly gathered by drinking from his victims. Neomi Laress, is a beautiful, life loving ballerina, who was cruelly murdered in her own home at the hands of a spurned lover. By chance (or by NiiX) the two are thrown together in a prison without bars. And even though Conrad starts out as a dangerous red-eyed vampire and killer, something about the petite spectre of a ballerina that only he can see, tames him. Could she be his bride? And if she is what can they do about thier situation?

The romance between Neomi and Conrad is exactly that, a romance. Unlike other books in the series they are unable to touch and so conversation is all they can share, imprisoned as they are with each other unable to escape but for very different reasons they start to talk. They begin to seduce each other with words alone, building such a strong bond, and your heart literally breaks for them because you never know if it will ever be enough. - The scene where he cages her in and raises his shackled hands above her in the shower, although they cannot touch makes you breath catch in your throat!

This is book is unlike others in the series so far because they couple cannot turn to pleasures of the flesh, and for a while as I read I thought this was going to be a problem. The story is very much centred on the development of a relationship between two people who cannot touch each other. There is very little physical action, of either the romantic or violent kind, and until this story, I had always thought that was what was keeping me interested with this particular series. But with Dark Deeds at Nights Edge I learned a new kind of patience, enjoying every page of the story and waiting, hoping to see if Conrad and Neomi would ever get the happiness that you end up wanting for them as much as they desire themselves.

As always there's a little Valkyrie fun and we meet old friends, Bowen and Mariketa, and we're given updates on what's going on Cade and Rhydstrom, whose stories are next...

Vampires have always been my first love which is how I found this genre of story telling. But Kresley Cole has introduced a whole wonderful world of beings for me to explore. This isn't my favorite of the series so far because I find myself more drawn to Coles strong Lykaes than her version of vampire. But that's a personal preference and is in no way a criticsm of this book, which I found enthralling and utterly absorbing. A keeper for definite.
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This one took me a couple of chapters to really get interested in the characters. And once I did I couldn't put this book down.. I even relived some of the scenes in my dreams.. why yes Conrad I did. The only reason I have give this 4 stars despite the fact that I really enjoyed it is I felt the building of the relationship was rushed. The brothers side story of being captured by their King Kristoff yet it takes several weeks before Conrad thinks to go free them, and when he does its only because he needs them... not to mention the fact that it has taken their brides almost as long and they still haven't tried to rescue them...

Conrad and Neomi are by far my favourite couple of the series. Unlike the other relationships of the series so far, this one was built slowly and willingly on both sides, the previous books have been Alpha male heavily pursuing the female. And while I'm all for that strong, protective man who falls helplessly in love with his fated mate and has this overwhelming need to be with her, I think sometimes it needs to be dialled back a bit. Conrad is definitely the alpha man, in every way imaginable... with that teeny exception of his sexual experience. And for once we have an author who isn't afraid to make the virgin man a bumbling insecure idiot when it comes to matters of the opposite sex.

One thing I did enjoy about this book (and the others in the series so far) is the way Cole continues to let us see characters from books that have come before, a continuation of their story if you like, whilst introducing us to new people. While most of the books so far could be read as standalones, each book gives you little spoilers from the previous book.. (like Bowen and Mariketa's relationship and her powers). One of my all time favourite characters from a book/series has to be Nix.... or Nucking Futs Nix! She has THE best lines ever and I really hope she features in every book and finally gets the man of her dreams.
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Nikolai and Sebastian Wroth have been searching for their brother Conrad for years but the last thing they expected was to find him in the grip of blood lust, very close to losing his sanity. Even though it has never been done before they are determined to bring him back from the brink and help him get control of the madness. Conrad is captured by his brothers and locked in a mansion where he must try to recover from the blood lust.

Neomi was a prima ballerina at the height of her career when she was brutally murdered by an obsessive ex-fiance who didn't want to see her live without him. Ever since her death 80 years ago she has haunted the mansion where she died, unable to leave and not able to interact with anyone around her. When Conrad and his brothers arrive she is distraught as Conrad starts to destroy the only home she has but then she realises that he can see her. He is the first person she has been able to interact with since she died but he believes she is a figment of his crazed mind. The attraction between them grows but how can a ghost and a vampire who is losing his sanity have any kind of a happy ending?

I have to confess that the Immortals After Dark series has been a bit hit and miss for me so far so although I've had this book on my to read pile for quite a while now I've been putting off reading it. I wasn't too keen on the idea of the main character being a ghost & didn't think I'd enjoy the story much. I'll come right out with it - I absolutely loved Dark Needs at Night's Edge, in my opinion it's the best book in the series so far and it's got me excited about continuing with the series again.

The romance between Conrad and Neomi is so sweet, especially as they are unable to touch each other for the majority of the book. Kresley Cole did an amazing job of building the sexual tension and oh boy was it worth the wait for these two to get together! I didn't think I'd be able to relate to an ex-ballerina who is now a ghost but I really liked Neomi and was impressed with her attitude and love of life. Conrad was a fab hero, he has been through so much that you can't help but wish for a happy ending for him. Their romance is completely different from any of the other books in the series but it worked for me and was by far my favorite.

It was also nice to see the main characters from previous books making an appearance, I always enjoy seeing how couples are getting along after they've had their own HEA. If you're a fan of the series already I'm sure you'll enjoy this installment. If you haven't discovered the series before you could probably read Dark Needs at Night's Edge as a stand alone story but I would recommend reading the books in order so you get a full picture of the world Kresley Cole has created. This is definitely one I would recommend to fans of the paranormal romance genre.
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on 16 March 2009
This is the fourth full length novel in the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole.

Neomi Laress is murdered in her New Orleans home and then gets to stay there as a ghost watching people come and go but never able to interact with them. Until the brothers Wroth arrive with their half mad sibling Conrad. Unfortunately he is the only one who can see Neomi which doesn't initially help his madness. Eventually Neomi and Conrad come to an understanding but when there are still lies between them, will they have their happy ending?

Conrad and Neomi are both well written characters - something I've come to expect from Kresley Cole. It's partly down to this excellent characterisation that I can read the story even though Neomi's a ghost (one of my least favourite supernatural creatures). One of the things I like especially is that because for much of the book Conrad is a prisoner, he and Neomi actually have to talk to one another. Which means when their relationship does become physical that there is a greater understanding between the two of them.

Taking them separately Conrad is aware that he's not right mentally. As he starts to improve I like how he tries to model his behaviour on how Neomi would want him to behave. In a way she becomes a compass for him. And he does worry that she has an idealized view of him - which in a way helps him want to be a better person.

Neomi has a great deal of patience with Conrad, but she also keeps secrets from him - usually because she feels she has to. So even though they talk to one another a lot in the early part of their relationship you can see that they still have a way to go. It's a work in progress - a bit like Conrad himself.

Although they seem very different as characters, personality wise they are very similar. They decide what they want, they make a plan and they execute it. If that plan fails, they make a new plan until they achieve their objective. It was nice to see the contrasts and similarities of their characters played against each other.

We meet a few characters from previous books, notably Nix and Mariketa. On the subject of Mari, I fear that she has been hanging about with the Valkyrie too long as her dialogue was pretty much indistinguishable from theirs.

Although I loved the characters and what the story brings to the mythology of a series as a whole, the ending did feel a little contrived and it's not going to be one that I re-read as often as the others. But I am left with a couple of stories to look forward to and I hope Kristoff the vampire King's story will be coming soon.
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on 25 September 2014
This installment of the immortals after dark concentrates on conrad wroth and neomi. Conrad is possibly the most dangerous of the wroth brothers as one of the fallen vampires and assassin Conrad has many enemies from all over the lore. With Nicola and Murdoch successfully making amends with there other brother Sebastian they decide it's about time to track down and make amends to Conrad. The brothers buy a mansion in which they can keep Conrad where they hope to bring him back from the dark side so to speak. However unbeknownst to the brothers when they purchase the mansion that also includes the ghost of the manor which is neomi. She was murdered at the mansion and is therefore tied to that one place to relive her death over and over again until Conrad shows up. From there it's everything that makes this series so amazing dazzling romance, more of the lore and the creatures within it and big action scences. With more questions being put into place and the set up in place ready for the next book this is just as good as all of the other books so far and is a must for any fans of the immortals after dark.
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