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4.5 out of 5 stars34
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Life doesn't get any easier for the Tribulation Force. These Tribulation Christians are again in the middle of Bible prophecy, and just trying to survive.
Buck and Chaim have gone to Jerusalem to lead believing Jews to the refuge God has prepared for the rest of the Tribulation. But to do that, they must face Nicolae as he plans to defile the temple. Rayford must carry out the plans to ferry these Christians to their refuge, placing himself and many others in danger along the way. Chang has to deal with the ramifications of having both the mark of God and the mark of Antichrist. And Chloe investigates a strange site near the safe house, which leads to great danger for everyone in the Trib Force. Meanwhile, God starts to unleash his wrath on those who have taken the mark of the beast.
People seem to be divided by these books, either loving them or hating them. Personally, I enjoy the story while finding the writing and character development shallow. Still, for fans of the series, this book is a must read. It's fast paced, with many jaw-dropping scenes. And the cliffhanger is the worst of the series to date.
If you aren't already a fan of these books, there's nothing here to change your mind. If you're already a fan, this book will entertain you and leave you anxious for the next.
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on 30 December 2001
What some of you reviewers are forgetting, is that this series is based on someones interpretation of the events that are prophesised to happen at the end of the world and the return of Christ.
I found the book a good read and would encourage those of you who have not done so before, to pick up a bible and read the last book of the bible - revelation.
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Once again the authors have produced the goods. The story picks up the fight against the forces of evil and leads you through a modern day exodus. I found the book such compelling reading that I literally couldn't put it down until I had finished reading it.
This really is a great series. It presents the book of revelation in a clear and easy to read format. I found myself looking through my bible to read the actual passage in revelation that the book had just covered.
I would throughly recommend this book, and the rest of the series, to anybody, whether they are a Christian or not.
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on 2 March 2013
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Literally could not put this book down! The story continues following the Tribulation Force, a core group of post-rapture believers.

We meet a few new characters in this instalment, and have some heartache as we inevitably lose some.

I really felt for Chloe, being stuck behind while the others go off on their various missions, but we see the extent of the efforts she is putting in to commodity co-op, allowing people to trade without the mark of the beast.

David's technical genius continues to play a vital part in the Trib Force being one up on Nicolae and co.

However, the extents to which Nicolae, the Antichrist, goes to enforce worship of himself as the risen lord and saviour of the world are sickening.

Disregarding my frustrations about the authors / publishers (for dragging it out and totally selling out)...I seriously love these books and the cliff hanger at the end of this one makes me incredibly glad the next instalment is sat on my shelf!

If you're a fan of the series - you'll LOVE this book, if you've not enjoyed the earlier ones...chances are you won't!

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on 7 October 2007
This the ninth book in the Left Behind series kept me turning pages. This book is actually filled with adventure. Though the characters are still two dimensional, the writing very simple, and the text font large. It was a page-turner and the best book of this series so far.

In this book we see the Antichrist desecrate the Holy Temple of Israel. And the Mark of the beast being officially placed on worshipers. And the first two bowls of wrath are poured upon the world. The changing of water to blood again and the worshipers of the beast who have the mark inflicted with sores and boils.

The Tribulation Force uses the Co-op to get all the pilots they can into Israel in order to help with the mass Exodus of the Jews out of Jerusalem. And the Chosen People of God who have accepted Christ come under his divine protection. And we see this protection as the forces try to stop these evacuees from reaching Petra. And once again when the Global Community Military tries to assault Petra. The book ends with a devastating attack on Petra that the results are left as a cliffhanger.
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on 29 January 2014
As a non-religious person I knew very little about the Christian beliefs concerning the 'Rapture' and 'Christ's Second Coming'. I also felt a series based in religion would hold very little interest for me. How wrong I was!!! The books are fast paced, exciting and real page turners. The characters are believable and you find yourself immersed in their stories, wanting them to survive. I also learnt a huge amount and found myself considering what the Bible foretells, wondering if there actually is some truth to it. The 'Left Behind' series commanded my interest, fascinated me and changed my perspective on religion. I would recommend this series to believers and to those who may be sceptical (like I was) but who are willing to approach this with an open mind and a preparedness to be taught something as well as enjoying a fascinating read. Excellent series and extremely talented authors who know what they're talking about.
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VINE VOICEon 17 April 2011
Very little happens in the first half of Desecration however the latter half ups the tempo somewhat and offers some genuine surprises. This entry in the series is rather heavy handed with it's gospel, at times preaching the Word for pages at a time where it could have easily been more succinct. The authors could have upscaled the action too, as a few of the scenarios presented could have been more exciting; more narrative allocated to them. It's a fair assumption that it is a deliberate effort to not glorify the warfare and the horror within this series. An essential book in the series which ends with a real cliffhanger.
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on 16 December 2013
I find Desecration exciting and stimulating as the rest in the series. As a Believer, I appreciate the fact that the authors remained true to the scriptures.

Often we see Christian materials (books, drama and movies) that are supposedly based on biblical facts and yet, the author or director ends up distorting the accounts to suit their own interpretation of the story that you don't recognise it anymore. I am of the opinion that bible stories should be interpreted as they are without need for unnecessary infusion.

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on 16 July 2002
The Desecration book 9.... when last we visited the Trib-Force, I said, 'Head for the hills!' , but these guys don't know the meaning of retreat. That's good for the cause-I'll tell you now I have some trouble getting behind the picture of Carpathia as some kind of buffoon riding a pig and all that-He seems to know that God is in control and cuts some deals; which, by the way he crawfishes on at the first opportunity. We lose some friends by deceit, letting us know that Carpathias' minions are not the dense dumb bunnies we may stereotype them as. Praises to the team of Jenkins and Lahay for the handling of the Chang character. Wonderful and insightful... inspiring. There is a lot more in here for the fans of LEFT BEHIND. Like I said, don't be fooled by Carpathias' foolish antics. He is out to Kill- and Kill he will. One of the great nasty characters in modern literature... One that is to come. If you aren't ready, get ready. I think truth will be much more painful than this mild fiction
Also recommended: The Price of Immortality is a book that should be read by everyone at least ONCE!
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on 4 January 2011
I have heard about this series for a while and have now decided to read it for myself. I'm so glad I did. I recall many of the passages of scripture and how these have been woven into a story is fantastic. It sound such a cliche but I can't put them down. I know quitea lot about the topic but I think its a great way to learn even if you know nothing of the end times.
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