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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars53
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 7 October 2007
This is the second book in the Left Behind series. It is not as good as the first book. And I knew this as I was reading it. But even having said that, I read it all in one night. I am hoping that this will be a bridge to the third book that will have a better story line.

This book follows the stories of four people we met in book one. They called themselves the "Tribulation Force": Rayford Steele, an airline pilot; Chloe, his daughter; Cameron "Buck" Williams, a journalist; and Pastor Bruce Barnes. It took the rapture and losing their families to make these four Christians.

In this book we see the relationship grow rather fast between Chole and Buck. And Chole's father Rayford even finds a woman he will marry by the end of the book. Though how these four decide they should be married is not really reinforced by the plot; very unrealistic.

All four of them, The Tribulation Force, know that Carpathia is the Antichrist. Yet they agree it would be in their best interest for both Rayford and Buck to be employed by him. This leads us to see Carpathia and his dealings through the eyes of these two characters. They are the focus of this book.

I thought the best-written part was the meeting of the Rabbi and Buck with the two witnesses' of Christ at the Wailing Wall. And though the writers do include parts about the Catholic Church, they are obviously not well
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on 29 January 2014
As a non-religious person I knew very little about the Christian beliefs concerning the 'Rapture' and 'Christ's Second Coming'. I also felt a series based in religion would hold very little interest for me. How wrong I was!!! The books are fast paced, exciting and real page turners. The characters are believable and you find yourself immersed in their stories, wanting them to survive. I also learnt a huge amount and found myself considering what the Bible foretells, wondering if there actually is some truth to it. The 'Left Behind' series commanded my interest, fascinated me and changed my perspective on religion. I would recommend this series to believers and to those who may be sceptical (like I was) but who are willing to approach this with an open mind and a preparedness to be taught something as well as enjoying a fascinating read. Excellent series and extremely talented authors who know what they're talking about.
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VINE VOICEon 2 September 2009
Reading Tribulation Force, the second book in the Left Behind series, is akin to drinking water. The narrative is largely dialogue, and there is considerable redundancy, where the authors rehash what the reader already knows. It seems that in the effort to create a separate book for each stage of the End Days, there is not enough actual content to do so. In fact Tribulation Force could be summed up in a few pages. That noted, this entry in the series is still quite captivating, the overall plot is still compelling. It's a simple read which reinforces the next books and enlarges upon the development of the Antichrist and his reign upon our planet.
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on 23 June 2013
As a follow on book I wasn't expecting it to be as exciting. But how wrong! This book kept me turning the pages to see what happened next.
This chapter of the Left Behind series elaborated furrther on the Bible's book of Revelation giving further explanation into a more understandable format.
Truly a powerful book and I can't wait to read Nicolae! I've already ordered the next 3 books in the series (don't want to wait).
I have many people waiting to read the books after me based on other independent reviews.
I would fully recommend anyone whether Christian or non-Christian to read these!!
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on 29 December 2013
The whole series makes you realise that Christ's second coming could be at any moment and challenges us to make sure we are prepared for it. From reading the first book in the series of 16, I couldn't put them down. This series although just a novel shows how scripture tells clearly of this time in earth's history and what it will possibly be like for those "Left behind" when God takes those who love Jesus to himself. An exciting series for both Christians and Non-Christians alike.Read and you won't be disappointed.
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on 30 September 1997
Not many books can captivate people like this series, I have read books one and two, and am awaiting the arival of book three. I could not put thest books down. The hint of realism, or should I say the possibilty of realism make you step back and check your life and evaluate you future. I have already recommended this series to several people and they are awaiting their turn to read it. Double thumbs up!
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on 31 March 2015
The book is ok. It has moments of interest interspersed with chapters of clumsy relationships. There is an opportunity for a great story perhaps the "greatest story ever told " but it seems to get lost between the desire to educate/preach and be a great thrilling read. At this point it's average at both. I don't think I will bother with the third book.
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on 19 June 1997
Excellent and engrossing reading! I am not given to reading Christian Novels but this particular book was given to me by my grandmother and I didn't put it down until I had finished it. read Left Behind but enjoyed this book more. Came to Amazon hoping to find more sequels but I guess I will have to wait with baited breath for more!
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on 10 February 2000
The romance was woodenly portrayed, why did Buck and Chloe get much more attention than Rayford and Amanda, she came from nowhere and all of a sudden they were married - totally unrealistic. However, in general this book continues the story of Left Behind, although the story is not so well told in Trib Force
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on 10 November 1998
I enjoyed the eschatalogical aspects of this book. It is a great book to educate Christians on the Second Coming and the events of the Tribulation. However, the romance in the book was stupid and unrealistic. Yeah, right, an internationally famous, good-looking, formerly non-Christian stud reporter is a virgin at the age of 30? And he's only been a Christian for two weeks? Give me a break! It would have been more realistic, and more instructive for new Christians, if the authors had made Buck realize the errors of his past un-chaste life and then made him pledge to live his life purely with Christ in the future as a NEW Christian with Chloe. The believability quotient of the book dropped for me as soon as the corny, non real-world romance began between Chloe and Buck. I enjoyed the other aspects of the book, but the romance parts read like a cheap dime store novel. For new Christians reading this book, the effect may be for them to feel they're not good enough if they haven't had a pure past like Buck and Chloe. The majority of us were sexual sinners before we became Christians, and some of us were even after we became Christians...why are Buck and Chloe so perfect?
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