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4.5 out of 5 stars22
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 23 August 2005
Not since Bertrand Russell's historic volume half a century ago have I read such an on-target, direct bull's-eye piercing Christian mythology. Atheist Universe says what every freethinker knows but lacks the eloquence and technical knowledge to successfully articulate. The book is supremely well-written and pristine in logic -- contrary to the misquotes and distortions of Christian reviewers below. There are twelve independent chapters, each of which would make a devastating attack on mysticism by itself. Taken together, however, the book provides evidence lambasting the God myth unlike any other atheist book in my memory. In ways, it is superior even to Russell's work because this book contains up-to-date science rebutting the newest nonsense of the Intelligent-Design and Creationist movements.
By the author's own account, he required over three years to write this volume. His focus on meticulous detail truly shows throughout the book. Chapter 2, "Interview with an Atheist," is, in my opinion, the single best defense of the atheist philosophy available in print today. This book is scholarly yet friendly and popular in tone. It is easy to read but leaves the reader satisfied intellectually. I learned a great deal from this book, even though I previously considered myself quite knowledgeable on the subject of science-versus-religion. This book is a fascinating and enjoyable course in rationalism, science, logic, good humor, and clear thinking.
Lucas Johnston
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on 22 November 2010
Having read many of the usual suspects that take religion to task, I didn't think I needed any more such volumes on my shelf. But I happened to glance at the contents of Atheist Universe and immediately it struck me as offering something different. And that it does.

The first eight chapters offer a brilliant rebuttal - clear, carefully reasoned, incisive, systematic - of the key planks of Christian belief and Biblical understandings of the universe in which we live. This alone is invaluable and makes an indispensable reference. The remaining three chapters do not quite achieve the same impact but are a bonus nonetheless. Highly recommended.
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on 27 July 2009
Written with the layman in mind so very easy to understand, even though he deals with some very deep topics. He probably would have been beheaded or tortured years ago, but thankfully we live in more enlightened times where writers have no fear of telling the truth. Puts god in his place.
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on 12 June 2005
Mills' problem here is that he is (pardon the ironic pun) preaching to the converted. He admits this much himself. I am a lifelong atheist but had never read a book on the subject, so read this out of curiosity really. It clearly explains the standpoint of the intellectual, humanist, moralist, enlightened atheist. His particular bugbear is the Christian religion - understandable given that he lives in an America in which the far-right fundamentalist Christians are in the ascendancy and trying to rewrite the nation's secular/deist past. Even more interesting is the fact that he himself was once a committed Christian. To break such shackles in indeed unusual.
This book is not going to be read by the religious, or many committed atheists. I myself found that all the philosophical points he raises had occured independently to me without ever reading a book on the subject before - and that will I'm sure apply to most atheists.
My guess is that this book would be most productively read by agnostics or those liberal theists with enough open-mindedness to attempt to see the atheist's point of view. As for me, I found it a little lightweight, and a bit brief for the price. Mills writes clearly though, and for that he deserves credit.
"All thinking men are atheists." - Hemingway
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on 1 October 2005
I can recommend this book to anyone who has never bought a book on athiesm before. I've found that it gave me the answers to the questions that i've always asked myself, and yet known were logical, but that i was unable to explain previously. The writter must be congratulated on putting together a book which is easy to read, and enjoyable!!
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on 11 April 2007
I gave it 4 stars because this book is written for an american audience and page after page it was clear that the majority of europeans would find some parts banal compared to similar books written by author such as R.Dawkins, D.Dennet or AC Grayling.
It is fair to the author that he has not got the academic credentials of the three above and I still hold my hat to his intellectual honest and courage as living in US nowadays for an atheist is not an easy thing.
To sum-up it is a good addition in the library and a quite enjoyable book that is often hilarious in various part.
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on 7 May 2013
I wasn't expecting so much from this book by an unknown author to me but it far exceeded all the expectations I had. The book is filled with original ideas for the advancement of reason, science and atheism. The numerous examples of the lies the proponents of creationism and intelligent design put forth strongly suggest that creationism and ID are based on lies and distortion of facts instead of reality. Lying for Jesus, that's what it basically is. This is another book that would make the world a much better place if more people, especially the religious ones, read it.
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on 18 April 2014
The author takes apart the creationist and id argument in an excellent readable book, it seems that having had the laughable notion that the universe was created in 7 days destroyed we now have intelligent design, I have read how the eye could not have evolved but was designed, well any designer who designed the eye would be sacked, the retina is back to front, human's night vision is poor, it suffers from myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, ARMD, cataracts, glaucoma, I could go on but I think this illustrates the point, purchase this book and enjoy.
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on 22 January 2007
If you are considering ordering this book, may I offer a word of warning? The original book was published in 2004. A revised edition with a chapter on Intelligent Design was produced in 2006. I nearly ordered the older edition. It is worth taking a little care, here.

The first chapter of the book is in a question and answer format. In fact, it is compiled from a number of radio interviews. This sets the scene and gently eases you into the remainder of the book.

The author suggests that the remaining chapters can be taken in any order. They can be considered as separate, self-contained essays. I think it would be worth reading chapter two before going down this route. In fact, I tackled the book in the order in which it is presented.

Reading Karl Popper's `The Open Society and Its Enemies' I can remember the sense of excitement as Marxism was systematically demolished before my eyes. There was a sense that there was no opportunity for recovery from such a devastating intellectual attack. Maybe this book isn't quite in the same league but it does share something in common. Is there any way back from here?

Of course, Marxists aren't likely to be reading Popper and Christians aren't likely to be reading David Mills! So both authors will probably find themselves `preaching to the converted' to some degree. It would be nice to imagine the `scales falling from the eyes' of people reading this book but that is probably expecting too much.

As mentioned above, this new edition includes a chapter on the theory of Intelligent Design. The author tackles this issue on two fronts. The first is to reveal its scientific inadequacy. The second is to point out that it represents a heretical cult which deviates so far from Christian orthodoxy that, in the unlikely event that it wins a battle, it will undoubtedly lose the war.

An excellent book - substantial and well reasoned.
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on 26 February 2006
This is a fantastic book, brilliantly researched, full of intelligent, thought provoking and logical explanations to 'Life, the Universe and Everything'. I truly believe this book is as near as I will ever get to finding the answers. I could not put this book down and I shall re-read it many times, the great shame is that so few people will ever find this book.
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