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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars83
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 3 September 2007
I was really looking forward to reading this, and I'd certainly recommend it. It does paint a darker side than the TV show portrays, and it's clear that Dog had (and still does have) his demons to fight.

I was amazed by his honesty. He reveals stuff about his life which must be painful, and doesn't always paint him in the way he might like to be portrayed. The information about Baby Lyssa knocked me for six, and how Dog maintains his faith with all the adversity he has faced is a testament to his strength and an inspiration to others.

My only niggle is that the book is confused in places. Some of that could be due to Dog's drug hazed recollections, but in chapter 33 (aprox 1999) it talks about meeting Tim (Youngblood) - that's only 8 years ago, and Dog has hunted with Tim for over 20 years so it is just plain wrong! - That should have been picked up by someone, and there are several other examples which can make the book confusing in places.

Like the previous reviewer, I'd like to have read more about current bounties and the other team members. Leyland, Tim & Duane Lee got less mention than Tony Robbins which is a shame for such key members of Dog's success (perhaps that's for a future book?!)

All in all it is well worth reading and a rollercoaster ride of emotions.
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on 29 August 2007
Got this in the States early in August, makes interesting reading, definitely paints a less prettier picture than the TV series, you knew from the TV that he had a darker past and this book proves it. Would have been nice if it had said more about his bounty hunting now
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on 1 December 2012
This book open my eyes into a messed up world of the Bounty Hunter. We see that dog had to work really hard, to keep his family and also face facted of have time out from all the chilrens lifes. It must been a very hard time for Dog to had to put his heart and sole into open his world to the public eyes. This man Has lived a thounds death to make sure his family were still there. SO pray to the lord that dog and all of the family continune to keep all glued to tv screens and to join him cry few tears and make a bright future for people who need a seond chance in life to put things right in dog we trust, love and honner. <3 we love to tune into the the show, and enjoy seeing his family get bigger and super stronger. we wishe you all the best and cant get any more of youre shows here In scotland, xxxxx
"tomes stones dont talk back" Dune-lee 2 commets stay with me, and my mum we alos got my sister, neice how enjoy the show aswell, Ieland got few fans here too. xxxx
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on 28 January 2008
I am a huge fan of Dog the Bounty Hunter and when i saw the book on one of the episodes i was immediately on amazon buying the book. Once i started reading it i was immediately hooked. It shows perfectly how Dog became a gangster, how his life in prision was, and how he changed his life for the better even though he was constantly screwed over. If your a fan of the programme, this is a must read!
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on 9 September 2009
Seeing as I am a huge fan of Dog the Bounty Hunter show and Dog himself I was really looking forward to reading his book, and I was not disappointed. I found the book to be very entertaining and true to what you see of Dog. Definitely recommend to read this book as you get a real insight into Dog's life journey and some very interesting facts about him.
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on 14 December 2013
There is a picture of Dog about midway through his book, a picture of Dog adorned in white, with his long flowing hair standing with his preacher Tim Storey on a canoe as he makes his way to meet Beth on their wedding day in 2006. This picture epitomizes Dog as I believe he see himself as a kind of avenging righteous angel or the reincarnation of Jesus..yep the myth as he would have us believe is certainly bigger than the man.

There is another chapter or should I say capture described in great detail, the ultimate bounty for Dog where to prove himself to the world as "The greatest ever Bounty Hunter" he must capture and bring to justice a man with a high price on his head...Andrew Luster. This makes for some exciting reading as our hero (for hero he must surely be) after months of frustration and false leads and hope finally makes the capture only to find himself held prisoner in a stinking Mexican jail. Dog has always believed that God (dog backwards....get it) has a clear vision and purpose in life for him and is with him everyday...every step of the way.."Until that moment, it hadn't really sunk in that I was now searching for one of the most wanted fugitives in America. It was time to put my money where my mouth was. I had a lot of stake. By joining the hunt for Luster, I was gambling on my future, my name, and my reputation. But I knew this was my chance to show the Lord I am worthy of His plan, His will. If this was the big one we'd been waiting for, the time had come".

I cannot help but love Dog! a man who see himself as a latter day Billy the Kid wrapped up with a little Wyatt Earp and a smidgen of the avenging preacher from Pale Rider!! Dog's life story is a hard knuckle ride from a harsh upbringing with a brutal father "Flash" through his many years of addiction to drugs, a prison sentence for complicity to murder, the many women who had the privilege of knowing him and being loved (albeit for a short time) and the resulting offspring. All through this adventure it would appear that a greater power than Dog (is there such a thing?) was guiding him on his life's mission and always ready to lift him from the depths of depression when the need arose "I turned my head to the sky and said "Lord , I know my mum is with you" And then I heard, "No Duane, she walks with you. Look straight out, my son. You will find what you are looking for." I cocked my head and stared straight out into the vast sea, wondering, hoping, praying, that the Lord was sending me a message about my mother"......

Please do not misunderstand me and do not take my flippancy as a lack of respect for Duane "Dog" Chapman I actually really enjoyed this book, Dog the man and Dog the TV series lives through every word in this fun and highly charged adventurous read. A story of a hard life but one filled with guts determination and hope and even though the author may suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder that does not stopping me loving the man and the myth...and in his own words.."My name is Duane Lee Chapman. My friends call me Dog - Dog the Bounty Hunter. For more than twenty-seven years , I have made a living hunting down more than seven thousand fugitives. I wear that honour as proudly as my shiny silver fugitive-recovery badge that hangs around my neck".... Dog you are the are truly on heat!!.....
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on 5 October 2009
I have only just started watching Dog the Bounty Hunter and love it so couldn't wait to start reading this book. Not the greatest autobiography type book i have read, for example it seemed to go into great detail about his early life but skimmed over all the recent stuff. Either way it was an interesting read, i couldn't put it down and is definatly a must for any fan.
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on 25 January 2008
I loved this book, im a big fan of the show, and bought this last week, it was delivered in 3 days! Anyway, Dog's story is a definite heart warmer. The chapter on the hunt on Luster, the max factor heir, was gripping and had me on the edge of my lazyee boy! Highly recommended to all you dog the bounty hunter fans!
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on 7 August 2014
Not a bad book about an interesting guy.

You have seen 'Dog' on the TV and you get the picture that he's the good guy who makes his money by catching the bad guy and getting his ass back to jail where they belong.

At the beginning of each 'hunt' you will watch Dog and his family of bail bondsmen and women join hands and pray, they then go on with the catch of their bond throughout the show and at the end they bang them in the back of their pick up, offer them a cigarette, show some compassion and preach them a little bit- "You can get back on track now buddy".

Reading Duanes book puts a story behind the TV show and explains how the 'Dog' came to be.

It sheds light on his slightly chequered past, run ins with the law and how he found his religion.

It's quite an interesting read and is simple enough to follow. A good quick read for any fans of the show.
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on 27 February 2013
I absolutely love dog the bounty hunter and after reading this book have so much respect for this man. He has been through so much, more than anyone could imagine. Definitely a worthwhile read. I read the whole book in 2 days and was gutted when I had finished as could have read and read!
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