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3.9 out of 5 stars54
3.9 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 9 October 2010
Format: Audio CD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The recent television series has gone in for big screen hyper-action on the biggest possible scale, including the death of the multi--verse and invasion by every race of foe at once.
It's refreshing then to find this audio adventure that gets to the heart of classic Doctor Who storytelling. Less epic in it ambition, but intriguing, atmospheric, gently humorous stuff. This also gets closer to old Who by re-visiting the encountering of key historical characters (here the Emperor Claudius) so beloved of the earliest Who.
It's a two hander, with Tom Baker and Susan Jameson, the former reprising his fourth Doctor, the latter Mrs Wibbsey, a no- nonsense village matron. Tom Baker is very much back in character and on form, but, fittingly, perhaps, sounds more weathered, sadder, older, and wiser. Susan Jameson is great as a no-nonsense foil to the Doctor, filled with `common sense' and plain talking admonishments.
It's the interplay between these two characters that provides much of the humour, and the story rolls along, drawing you in, in that old reassuring Saturday Teatime way, to a cat and mouse story of an enigmatic figure leaving the Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey in effect a massive paper chase through history. The first clue leads them to Ancient Britain in the time of the Roman invasions, and it's here it comes close to Hartnell feel when they encounter the Emperor Claudius, in retirement, seemingly bucking the tide of history. Or is he? Needless to say, all is not what it seems....
This is clearly the start of a new series, and further instalments will hopefully make more of Mike Yates, here a brief cameo only, and draw out some of the unresolved threads of this adventure. Exactly why is there a pile of shrivelled corpses in advanced stages of decomposition in Ancient Britain? The Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey stumble across this grisly sight in a brief nod to the gothic horror of 70's Who, but it's not explained.
This clearly follows on from the `Hornets Nest' series but you don't need to have followed that (I didn't) to enjoy this. If you want a refreshing antidote to the sledgehammer approach of latest Who, this is a good buy.
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VINE VOICEon 16 October 2010
Format: Audio CD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Demon Quest written by Paul Magrs follows on, in some respect, from Hornets Nest and Tom Baker reprises his role as the Fourth Doctor with the professionalism you would expect of him. The first of five stories in this second series of audio adventures is entitled The Relics Of Time and kicks of when a vital component of the TARDIS goes missing.
These are stand alone adventures which become interlinked if all five CD's are purchased to complete the series and any fan of Tom Baker will enjoy this new collection.
However, there was one thing missing during Hornets Nest which I couldn't quite put my finger on and as I listened to this new adventure I suddenly realised what it was! The visuals. Tom Baker, as Doctor Who, is a giant of a man, sweeping his way through scenes, giving his sheepish grin, creasing his face with anguish, popping his eyes with realisation and a multitude of other gestures which audio fails to accomplish. Based on this, the BBC audio recordings of Tom Baker's Doctor Who risk the same failing as the Big Finish audio recordings which feature the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Doctors. This aside, worth the small cost offered by Amazon and as a box set, maybe next year, would make an ideal gift for a Doctor Who fan.
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VINE VOICEon 28 October 2010
Format: Audio CD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Tom Baker, after spending years saying he would never play the Doctor again, now has two series worth of stories under his belt in less thantwo years. Again set in and around his almost Sherlockian retirement home, the 4th Doctor is having trouble with the TARDIS. Whatr follows would typically be described as a romp - if it wasn't performed pretty much as one man reading through a book.

There are talented support actors. Why must the BBC insist that these taka an audobook format? The Doctor (and in particular Baker) was/is at his best responding to people and situations. He bounces off of characters, twists lines and blunders of of random tangents regularly. Tom Baker at times is getting back to his best 'Doctor' here. Gone is the near-impression of last years 'Hornet's Nest' series. But he would be much better served if this was an audio play as with the Big Finish productions. He doesn't really get the chance to get back onto his manic, grinning and provocative Doctor. This format simply limits the actor and the character.

In many ways better than last years efforts - when everyone was just excited that Baker was back - but at the same time less enjoyable and disappointing.
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VINE VOICEon 10 January 2011
Format: Audio CD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Relics of Time is a new Dr Who adventure staring the wonderful Tom Baker and Susan Jameson.

It begins 3 days before Christmas when the Doctor arrives back on Earth to his little home he has here at Nest Cottage which is looked after by his housekeeper Mrs Wibbsey.

When a misunderstanding has Mrs Wibbsey selling one of the TARDIS components at the local bring and buy sale the Dr and Mrs Wibbsey embark on a chase to find the mysterious man who brought it leaving a bag in exchange with a curious collection of objects.

Their first adventure takes them back in time to Roman Britain to find a mosaic which has a picture of the Doctor on it!!

After being mistaken for powerful druids by the local tribe they find more clues to the mysterious stranger and the missing part.

Once you hear that distinctive voice like me you will be taken back to your childhood where you hid behind the sofa from the daleks and other creatures.

This is a well written and plotted story. It is short only 1 hour but that is presumably because it is the first part of a five part series.

A definite recommend to old and new Dr Who fans alike.
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VINE VOICEon 7 October 2012
Format: Audio CD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This was the first audio story in a series of five by Paul Magrs. Sadly, it didn't inspire me to listen to the others. At only an hour long, it doesn't really have time to get anywhere. There were multiple actors reading the various characters (including Tom Baker as the Doctor), but this seemed a bit of a waste, as many of the parts are so minor. Perhaps the fact that I only ever saw a handful of the Tom Baker episodes of Doctor Who on television didn't help, but to me, the plot seemed unrealistic, and Mrs Wibbsey very strange.

The idea that Mrs Wibbsey exchanged a vital component of the Tardis for some old documents entirely by accident seemed to stretch the listeners credulity, and the story that followed didn't entirely make sense. There were a lot of loose ends, presumably answered in the remaining four episodes (perhaps if this audio CD had shipped with all five episodes sold as a package, it would have worked better). On it's own, this story felt more like chapter one than a completed story in its own right, and I didn't really get interested enough to be inspired to purchase the other parts.
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VINE VOICEon 28 October 2010
Format: Audio CD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Now if you are like me you would have grown up with Tom Baker interpetation of the Doctor and if like me you would want another tale with his doctor, then look no more. Although this is not a visual treat for Doctor Who fans, it is a audio adventure for the 4th Doctor that is tense and gratifying when listened through to the end. I can't say to much about the story as it would give away some much detailed spoilers but it is a joy to have Tom back for another adventure. I always loved listening to Tom Baker since he was first narrating stories for the Story Teller audio books that you used to buy from newsagents. Demon Quest is Tom returning to this audio roots and spinning a great new Doctor Who tale with the 4th Doctor that was played by Tom in the yesteryears. The adventure only lasts an hour but wow what an hour. I sat on my bed with my headphones on and closed my eyes as I envisioned the whole adventure that Tom was expertly telling. If you are a fan of Tom Baker or even his 4th incarnation of the Doctor then give this a listen and travel back to the past and ride right back through it again.
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on 15 November 2010
Format: Audio CD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
'Doctor Who: Demon Quest: Relics of Time' is a pleasingly nostalgic trip for older Dr Who fans. The story starts well with the TARDIS accidentally hamstrung by the Doctors house keeper and a bread crumb trail of clues is left for the Doctor to follow in order to get the TARDIS fully operational once more. As always Tom Baker is superb and is ably supported by the small cast of supporting actors - even if one or two of the minor characters overact like mad in their brief appearances. I genuinely enjoyed listening to the story, but being a part one of of five it left me with more questions than answers - which is the whole point I guess - I certainly wanted to hear more at the end of part one.

While I enjoyed having Tom Baker back as the Doctor (he was the one I grew up with) younger listeners may not be quite so easily won over and this hour long episode had a distinctly relaxed pace compared to the current generation of Doctor Who shows. Also buying all five episodes is going to work out quite expensive - you could buy a couple of new release DVD's or a computer game for the same money.
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Format: Audio CD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Last year's Hornet's Nest was a great return to form for Tom Baker's Doctor. A fantastic set of stories all joined together by a central theme.

Relics of Time follows on from this, starting with a visit to the least likely 'companion' introduced in last year's series, Mrs. Wibbsey. Having a clear out, Mrs. Wibbsey inadvertently sells some important parts of the Tardis and leaves the Doctor only able to travel in time rather than space.

The story is excellently written and Baker comfortably slips back into his Doctor, possibly even slightly more mad than before but certainly just as entertaining. The only negative aspect is that this isn't so much a self contained episode as a lead-in to a series, the final chapter doesn't have the sense of closure for the story that I'd have liked, but it certainly makes me want to hear the rest of the series all the same.

Production values are the typically high standard found on most of these new BBC releases and voice acting from all involved is perfectly performed. Overall a big thumbs up for classic Who fans.
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VINE VOICEon 14 October 2010
Format: Audio CD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Tom Baker was one of the Doctors that I watched as a child and the revived Doctor Who is now watched and loved by the whole family. I listened to Hornets Nest last year as listening to stories on the MP3 player is something that I have come to enjoy through my children so much so that I now do it independently, not just to entertain them on long car journeys!

I loved this story, it was a pleasure to listen to, real escapism. In fact I think I may prefer Tom Baker in this medium!

The story is such that my sons (7 & 9) will love this with their love of television programme, they will be able to follow the story, especially if I remind them that Sarah Jane was Tom Baker's companion, as they love the Sarah Jane Adventures. They love Doctor Who audio books.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes Doctor Who "Classic" or current, and to anyone who likes a bit of a mystery story or to anyone who just likes something good to listen to. It won't disappoint.

By the way I love the "homage" to Derek Jacobi (The Master and Claudius)
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on 1 October 2010
If you loved the Hornet's Nest saga,then the first part in this new adventure will leave you wishing the next part will come out quicker.Tom Baker proves yet again he is the number 1 doctor of all time,and Susan Jameson is so fantastic as the mysterious Mrs Wibbsey.So lay down turn the lights low and listen if you dare to part 1 Relics of Time.
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