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4.8 out of 5 stars49
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 6 February 2010
There are lots of Doctor Who books out there, but what made me choose this one is the Daleks. The TARDIS lands before the Time War, and Daleks are wiping out humans. The Doctor helps a group of bounty hunters to capture a Dalek. The bounty hunters get money for each eyestalk they bring to Earth Command.

The story itself is fantastic, and it has lots of plot twists. For the Dalek speech it uses a different font so you know when a Dalek is speaking. I would recommend this book to any Doctor Who fan, and maybe people who just want a good read. If you have the spare money, you have to get this book. If you don't, get this book anyway. I've just read it and after I've finished 'The Monsters Inside' and 'The Nightmare Of Black Island' (two other great Doctor Who books you have just got to buy) I'm going to read it again.

Overall this is a great book to read before Apollo 13 and other 11th Doctor novels come out in April and July. Truly worthy of your Doctor Who collection (if you have one and you should because there are loads of good Doctor Who episodes, books and magazines).
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on 18 October 2009
One of the very best audio productions 5 hours of pure Dr Who and the Daleks. Nick Briggs is wonderful as narrator I want more. The five hour format is brilliant and I did not want to stop listening till the end, the story was gripping and pure Who.This audion book is a must for all Dr Who fans a must have.
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VINE VOICEon 14 January 2010
Without a doubt Trevor Baxendale has excelled himself with this fast-pacing novel of the Doctor pitted against his worst nightmare - the Daleks! With the introduction of Dalek X, there is scope for sequels and I hope the author is able to do this. The entire read encapsulates the authenticity of the television series and it is easy to imagine that this book is actually the novel of a BBC tv story already broadcast.
The characters are very strong and none of them can escape the ruthlessness of the Daleks and the lengths that the Daleks will go to attain their goal is perfectly described chapter by chapter. There is death, there is sadness, there is bravado.
This book is a perfect addition to the Doctor Who fiction library and easily eclipses the recent Slitheen and Judoon novels in this series.
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on 28 October 2010
I absolutely LOVE doctor who! I am a great David tenant fan and a major dalek lover! After watch series 5 of doctor who I needed more I simply couldn't wait for Christmas to come I needed a new story. Seeing ALL the episode I decided to see what books were available. I found this one and I instantly bought it. It is a great book. Its beautifully written by Trevor Baxendale and he creates some great images. It is set before the time war and we see the daleks plans to conquer the universe and their attitude to the doctor before the war. It introduces a new dalek character knows as Dalek X and we see a whole range of emotions from the doctor. ENJOY!
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on 3 November 2009
I'm an avid fan of the Doctor Who audio books and this is by far one of the best. 5 CD's of the Doctor caught in true adventure. Gripping from start to finish - I didn't want it to end.
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on 30 December 2009
The Human and Dalek Empires are at war! Humans are currently winning and the Daleks are desperate to gain control of time and space in order to dominate the Universe (as per usual!). The TARDIS gets caught up in the war, landing on an abandoned planet used for storage and fuel. Thus begins an exciting and fast-paced adventure for the Doctor, that's not without peril and tragedy. Its a good story that keeps you glued to the end. Very good for when you're on holiday or relaxing. Well done the author!
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on 8 August 2012
Like other books in the series this has some great alien planets - I liked the ruins especially. The characters are all adults which gives the book a different, more mature feel than the usual, and some of the scenes are fairly brutal - especially the Dalek torturing. The adventure twists and turns with a couple of points seemingly without possibility of escape, and there is a great character who may well return - Dalek X. Good read - fun and interesting.
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on 2 July 2012
(PRISONER OF THE DALEKS) BY Hardcover (Author) Hardcover Published on (04 , 2009)

this book is brilliant..
it is written with perfect represention of the 10th Dr's character!
& with certain areas of the story leaving you wondering how they are going to get out of this situation!

it is written in similar style to both R.T.Davies & S.Moffet.
a great read for both aults & younger!!
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In my review for Doctor Who: Prisoner of the Daleks, I recommended it to all fans and readers as being a faultless story. Trevor Baxendale had really produced an outstanding work of fiction. In fact, it was the greatest Doctor Who novel I'd ever read, hands down.

However, because the 2005 revival of Doctor Who turned it into a global phenomenon, it produced all kinds of merchandise, including books and audio books. THESE I have really enjoyed, and I can really thank BBC Audio for developing my interest for audio books because of such quality on CD like The Resurrection Casket, Pest Control and the ultimate audio exclusive, The Forever Trap.

Having really enjoyed Pest Control and The Forever Trap for their superb narrations, tense music and sound effects, I was really anticipating the audio CD release of Prisoner of the Daleks. So now it's finally here...does the reading honour the original text?

Now, because this is a Dalek story, there was only one person who COULD read it for keen listeners...and that was obviously the one-and-only Nicholas Briggs. No matter how good the reading would be, it just would not feel right if Briggs wasn't on board to voice the metal nightmares with the typical harsh, grating voice he so expertly delivers. The sound enhancements are in full swing, distorting the human vocals perfectly. When the Daleks speak, you KNOW you're listening to the real deal. As a result, it makes the experience all the more chilling hearing the Dalek voices.

But it's not just the Dalek voices that bring the reading to life. Nicholas narrates Trevor Baxendale's story in grand fashion. Those who've listened to The Dalek Conquests will know of Briggs' expertise when it comes to acting and voice work. He's clearly read and studied the book carefully and understood all the different characters present. Anyone who disputes this should read the book again to understand and appreciate just how spot-on the voices are that he gives to Jon Bowman, Koral, Cuttin' Edge, Scrum and Stella. Briggs also does a rather good impersonation of David Tennant, with the soft, squeaky voice, only going hard and intense when circumstances demand it. As for the actual story, Briggs reads at just the right pace, matching the pace of the book itself, allowing for everything to sink in nicely for the listener.

The story itself goes without question (check out my Amazon review for the actual hardback), and it's most pleasing that BBC Audiobooks have chosen to respect the quality of the novel by NOT editing it so it can fit on two discs. This is completely unabridged and because of that, Prisoner of the Daleks is easily the biggest Doctor Who audio book to be released. The story is told across five discs and runs for over five hours. Even if you don't have the novel, the audio book is an equally terrific experience on its own. The whole soul of the hardback has been captured beautifully and makes for essential listening. Needless to say, reading the book and listening to the audio reading simultaneously is a worthwhile experiment that leaves a lasting impression on you. Believe me, I did it and I loved every moment of it.

If there is one thing I would nitpick about the audio version of Prisoner of the Daleks, it's this. I really loved all the sound effects and gripping music in audio productions such as Pest Control, The Forever Trap and The Nemonite Invasion, and I was really hoping to hear similar stuff here. You still have the classic Doctor Who theme and the Dalek voices (as mentioned earlier) but it is a shame that there are no additional sound effects like Dalek gunfire, the sound of their movements, the Dalek theme from the series and some original background music to accompany Nicholas Briggs' reading. I feel like it would have really helped the production, adding to the dark tension and making the whole experience more complete.

Still, all that is easily forgivable. Like its paper counterpart, Prisoner of the Daleks is a mandatory purchase for all fans. It's equal to Dan Abnett's The Forever Trap and honours the original masterpiece from whence it came. Buy it with the novel to further increase your satisfaction of this amazing adventure.
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on 30 October 2013
This would be by far the best Dalek story on Tv ever, but of course it's not. IUt is the best doctor who novel i have read, and i don't say that lightly. The characters are good, i was very surprised to see a swear word (bitch) on page 89, it made me stare at it for a few moments though i must admit.
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