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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 24 May 2012
I've only read this book twice and each time I've enjoyed it. It isn't like alot of her books, where somebody dies and the Police are called in. This is narrated by the main character in the book.

You wonder where this story is going as it has quite a few of the traditional Agatha Christie twists and turns and the ending certainly isn't one you'd expect either.

Overall an easy read that keeps you guessing right until the end.

Would recommend.
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on 7 December 2009
I read this after discovering And then there were none, I'm glad I read it before this one otherwise I might not have bothered with her other books.

To be brutally honest I found the plot rather dull, the characters I really couldn't be bothered with, without giving too much away the book only got interesting around page 250, after which the story really came together, perhaps too late.

There were several points where I almost gave up, the saving grace being the fantastic twist at the VERY end...

Essentially free spirit man falls in love with rich woman, dodgy romantic story for the most part, a plethora of tedious characters with no depth, set against a background of racial stereotyping Gypsies, rich relatives, dangerous bend in the road that has no real bearing on the story and a slight mystery death or two.
I've given it 3* for the ending which did leave me surprised indeed.
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on 4 March 2016
A great read. I understand this was published after Agatha Christie's death and I found it very different from her usual style . I had previously read the book in paperback a few years ago, but still enjoyed it again. Marvellous ending. Recommend it to all as an easy read , but with an ending to leave you gasping
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on 11 June 2015
An easy, fun read - had Christie been watching Hitchcock?

Heightened, early-1960s dialogue and all the tropes of the chiller-thriller help to make for a page-turning and ultimately gut-wrenching experience - though quite incredible, of course!
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on 31 May 2014
I didn't like this one from Agatha christie. There is always going to be from someone whom is good at storytelling that something they wrote is not as great as some others. I've been spoilt from 4.50 from Paddington, Sleeping Murders and Destination unknown. this didn't have a lot going for it. I found it odd..
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on 26 June 1999
I must be very careful with what I say for fear of ruining this book or possibly other Agatha Christie's for you. The reviews that are here have the potential to spoil more than one great mystery of hers. I suggest not reading any of the reviews on this page. Look simply at the average star rating for this book and go off of that.
To give you what you're looking for without comparing this book with others, I found Endless Night to be a fantastic mystery. It is the only Christie that I have read more than once. It's wonderfully creepy, although not a traditional "murder mystery." A few very well placed surprises catch you off your guard and make this one of the most original books she's written. I highly recommend it.
I also recommend that you move on to another web page. You've got to be careful when reading reviews of mysteries. Someone's bound to say too much, which is the case here. I strongly, STRONGLY urge you to read no further in these critiques.
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on 27 December 2013
Having read most of Agatha's work I found this book rather strange, in fact the story didn't quite fit. However the further I read the genius of Agatha's writing began to show through. It's an excellent story and I wish I could give it more than five stars. Fully recommended to Kindle readers.
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on 14 March 2016
Unfortunately, after coming off the high of And Then There Were None, this book fell short. Way short. I probably should've given it a rest before picking up another Agatha Christie, but I was very excited and keen to immerse myself in another mystery.

Sadly, this one didn't do it for me, and although it was an easy read and I finished it relatively quickly, I was not interested in what was happening and could not involve myself in any of the events taking place - which I must say, were little to close to none. The plot was too simple to the point of - dare I say - being quite dull, the characters were very off putting, cold and detached, especially the narrator whom I found to be quite annoying. The story was evolving quite slowly, and nothing really happened until way more than halfway through the book. I was waiting for a mystery throughout, and the first 200+ pages seemed like one big introduction to the mystery that took up only a handful of chapters and was resolved pretty quickly. I admit, I did not see the end coming, and it was a great twist to an otherwise tedious story, but it wasn't enough for me to give it a higher rating.

When a young man falls in love with a rich woman, with seemingly no ulterior motives, they quickly get married a build a house on what is known to be cursed Gypsy land. This rich woman is conveyed as weak and lonely with no friends except for one. Her confidante, her partner, her best friend, whom she invites over to stay with them and whom her husband seems to not get along with at all. As we are taken on a journey of their monotonous life of rich relatives and friendly neighbors, I sat there waiting for happen.

When it did, it felt like a little too late.
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on 12 August 1999
This book is simply fantastic: the plot is ingenious and it had me completely fooled all the way through. The scene setting also makes the book very atmospheric and very sinister. An excellent read - I coundn't put it down!
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on 27 August 2012
Well, this is an interesting little oddity. If I'd picked this novel up blind, not knowing who the author was, then I think I could have got through the first few chapters without being able to guess. Here is a narrator who is just so un-Christie. For a start he's very much working class, your callow and unpolished drifter. A good looking and smooth-talking boy, who at points seemed to me like he'd strayed in from a Joe Orton play. The tone is very un-Christie too, and Michael Roberts - the narrator in question - reminded me of some of Jim Thompson's more gauche protagonists. (Dusty Rhodes in `A Swell Looking Babe' came to mind.) This is a not very bright lad who thinks he's smart at points, but doesn't have as keen a grip on the world as he believes he does.

Michael Roberts - a sometimes chauffer, waiter and bouncer - meets a young American heiress, one of the richest women in the world, and the two fall in love. After an elopement, they move into a house which has a gypsies' curse upon it and there tragedy strikes. It's a well set-up and delivered tale, although the ending - which I didn't guess until I was almost upon it - does feel a tad too rushed and unconvincing.

Part of me is quite fascinated by Dame Agatha's oeuvre, as I find her work hypnotically compulsive even as the flaws scream out at me. But here, those flaws aren't as much in evidence (although when the dialogue begins, my of my, you can really tell that Christie is the author). Without a doubt - of the ones I've read - this is the best and certainly the most intriguing of her books.
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