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on 9 November 2003
I was excited when the second horrible historys book on romans came out as I am a huge fan. As soon as it came through the letterbox, I started reading it. I must say, I was dissapointed. It didn't really contain much information I hadn't heard and the book itself was a bit too short. However, if you want to hear the grusome side of the romans, then this is the boook for you!
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on 9 December 2006
It is packed with jokes,quizzes and information.

Oh yes and it's a bit bloody in some places.(That is why i like it so much)
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on 17 November 2010
This book was unfortunately a serious disappointment. The reason is that it claims to be something that it is not. For much of the book, the authors entertain us with various sordid tales of what the Romans were like. This is much as advertised and definitely a guilty pleasure for the intended audience of this book. However, towards the end of the book a very different motivation appears. First, the authors focus upon the story of the bravery of a group of Christians who were slaughtered by the Romans and, then, go on to make a series of factually incorrect claims about the morally superior behaviour of the Christians, making it sound like they put an end to the reprehensible behaviour the audience was enjoying descriptions of until that very point. The moralising tone is doubly out of place. Firstly, within this books it is as false as titillating morality plays about fallen women. Secondly, while the Christians might have stopped the persecution of those who were of the officially recognised church (hardly a surprise), the persecution of the members of other religions, as well as of Christians whose faith was deemed heretical, continued and, indeed, gained ferocity. Many of the ways the ancient Christians were treated are all too similar to the treatment of the Jews in the Christian centuries that followed.
In the end one is left with the impression that the authors tried to turn this potentially fun little book into a pean for the morally superior Christians. They would have done better had they showed the true continuity of horrors. They could have started by making clear that Emperor Constantine, whom they mention as one of the cruelest, was made a Saint of the Catholic Church for converting to Christianity - thereby simply converting the persecuted into the persecutors.
The book leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. I would not recommend it.
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on 20 March 2007
Want to know:

* which emperor enjoyed eating camel's heels?
* how a cow on your roof could bring you bad luck?
* the name of the Roman goddess of door hinges?

Read on for the gory details about the cruel Colosseum and the people and animals who were massacred here.
Run screaming from the reality of life as a Roman soldier and terrorize your teacher with our foul facts about the Romans.
History has never been so horrible!'

A witty, colourful cover opens to 127 pages, split over chapters:

1. Killer kings and the rotten republic
2. Superior superstitions and quaint customs
3. Gory gladiators
4. Ruthless Roman army
5. Evil enemies
6. Ruthless Roman quiz
7. Roman Empire timeline
8. Evil emperors
9. A few foul facts...
10. Marvellous medicine
11. Awful for animals
12. Painful plays
13. Cruel for criminals

with an introduction and an epilogue.

Written with the typical Deary humour and illustrations from Martin Brown throughout.
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on 30 January 2013
I like the series, they are funny and tell some of the lesser told parts of history.
One have to remember that they are written for 10-15 year old-ish.
the author have said that it is difficult not to write something wrong, because the first constants used to be considered the truth, but by the time the rest of the book had been written, those truths had been disproved.
Also a good theme in the books is that you shouldn't always believe what a historian have written, because the winner writes the history.
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on 10 October 2013
bought as a gift for an 8 year old and he loved it so very happy he said it was very funny
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on 9 June 2013
As soon as I saw this book had come out I got it in the kindle store as l am a great fan of Horrible Histories and the Romans is one of my favourite on the TV programme on CBBC. Definately deserves 5 stars
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on 1 October 2011
I ordered this book to complete the series for my 8 year old Grandson who was thrilled to recieve the final book for his collection. Great text, easy reading and full of all the stuff you get from watching the tv series
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on 2 November 2008
Deary's hugely successful series has come with a classic topic: the Romans. This book is aimed at middle-school kids in history or the classics - without making things dry, hard to understand and theoretical. The riddles, jokes and quizzes do NOT make the content less serious or falsify and distort it. It is just another way of presenting a civilization (and language) which is dead - and yet still so much alive in Western culture.
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on 30 October 2014
Brilliant book. My 7 year old daughter loves Horrible Histories. She's taken the book into school to share with her teacher and classmates.
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