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The Infernal Devices 3: Clockwork Princess: 3/3
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My tweet this morning summed it up... "The Epilogue made it worth it"

It's been a tumultuous ride. My feelings about the last two books have been made clear and I have ranted quite a bit and there were moments that infuriated me whilst reading this instalment but I think in the end, I'm happy...

I've complained about the characterisation at length so there's no need for me to flog a dead horse but I do think that finally TID has provided a book that is on par with TMI. I really felt like I both knew and cared for ALL the characters not just Jem who will hold my heart in his pale fragile hands for eternity. You know I'm a Tessa/Jem shipper and have never really felt that Will and Tessa was anything other an abundance of passion however I will admit I warmed to them in this book and willed their happiness (DESPITE one incident later on which I'll touch on - It will be my one rant which considering my feelings on CA and CP to a lesser extent is growth!)

I think the reason why I have never been a Will/Tessa shipper from the get go is because I have always felt in a way that Jem is what anchored them to each other. He was always the link and so it was almost like their love was filtered through him. He was pivotal to their happiness and peace of mind at all times throughout the series and because of this I was always so torn about their relationship.

Like I said however...The epilogue made it all worth it. I'm going to try and just simply write about my feelings about this series as a whole as I do want to keep it as spoiler free since it's still such a new book and I've wailed on twitter and goodreads.

The most enjoyable part of this book for me was the secondary characters. As I had been spoiled for the conclusion of the love triangle and knew how it all panned out I knew that in order to enjoy this book properly I had to focus on the journey rather than the ending. While everyone else seemed to be caught up in WHO WILL TESSA CHOOSE??? (BTW I think a post on love triangles and why women holding all the power in them and what an insult that is will be forthcoming) I was more interested in Sophie, Cecily & co. I felt like they had become my literary friends and while in Clockwork Angel, I felt like tearing my hair out at these stereotypical one dimensional characters who could have pitched off a cliff and I wouldn't have cared, every time I clicked my kindle on and settled down with a cup of tea, I really felt like I was catching up with people I cared about.

The politics and perils of running an institute in a time when women really didn't have any respect (has that changed?) really gave me another perspective on Charlotte and I saw her strength and loyalty and love that she had for all her charges and the job as a whole. Sophie was by far my favourite female character, her journey from outcast to a true Boadicea was amazing and her relationship with Gideon was a joy to behold. Scones anyone?

Gabriel was the character I most saw in Alec now that I look back. That reserved nature interspersed with misguided outbursts of passion. His kindness and loyalty once the barriers had been chipped reminded me of Alec and Magnus. Gabriel who after the events of the book felt so bereft and lost needed a Magnus type character to pull him from the mire and behold the Welsh dragon herself, Cecily!

Cecily was everything I had wished Jessamine to be and boy did she live up to those hopes. I loved how she "handled" Will, challenged Gabriel and added a solid voice to the group and I believe really completed the circle nicely.

Magnus's chat with Woolsey about his feelings for Will was a nice touch and made me love him more. For an immortal to take such a pure interest in a boy so embedded in his own misguided beliefs about himself and his worth was beautiful and while the initial result didn't please me, in the end I was happy that Will found his peace.

As I said Will and Tessa was never the couple I rooted for but on reflection, the way things turned out I am glad they found each other. I think all the hand wringing and introspection, the constant re-hashing over and over again was tiresome and was my main reason for not being so sympathetic but like I said I heart Will and Tessa now due to the reasons stated above.

My only gripe was I believe that the incident in Wales late in the book was badly mistimed, disrespectful and far too soon. Yes you can argue that time *may* have been running out and grief can lead to passion but No, I think it could have happened later. That's my ONE gripe so I think I can be forgiven.

Jem...Jem...Jem...Is there another character aside from Atticus Finch who is just SO good. So beautiful, selfless, moral and did I say beautiful? At any time he could have been cruel, allowed anger at his situation to creep in, not been so understanding but never not once and the most amazing thing, at no time did it feel contrived or unrealistic or false. This is who Jem is. Good.

The true love story will always be Jem and Will and I don't think bromance can ever be enough of a word to truly encompass what their friendship, brotherhood and love really was. Their scenes were heart-breaking and I loved them so very much.

Again this has been a very character driven review.

Plot wise, the reveal of Tessa, the BIG BAD finally revealing his dark purpose, the showdown, Consul Wayland being a dick was all great, enjoyable, but for me, what was truly important were the characters.

They started out in Clockwork Angel as simply words on a page that I could have smudged away with little care and became real friends whose lives and stories I will treasure for many many years to come. Isn't that all I could possibly want?
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on 7 May 2013
I am so heart-broken to say that I was disappointed by this book. I am fighting every instinct and trying to justify some of the things I didn't like but you see I am here to be honest and I cannot be honest unless I lie to myself so I won't.

Here is the thing; I expected a lot more from this book, not just from the love triangle but in general. I didn't get what I wanted. I think this book could have been a lot shorter if some of the things were cut off but that's not what I want. I wanted there to be MORE.

Will, as always, captured my heart, he always had it and probably always will but the thing is now that the series is over I am not as attached to him, maybe even because I was disappointed by how the author worked some stuff out.

I am glad we finally found out what Tessa was exactly but you know it wasn't really a surprise; there were too many hints in the previous books. I am not exactly sure what either Jem or Will see in her. I am not sure when she shows determination because some of the choices she makes are rather stupid. I understand why but that doesn't mean I think they aren't stupid. For example she wants to fight and not be left behind but as far as I can see, every time she tried to help, there was a bigger mess left to deal with, there was only one scene where she stood out and actually did something that saved everyone's lives. I liked her better in the previous books where she was more fierce and determined and actually smarter and not so love sick.

Jem, I grew to actually love him in this book, maybe not as much as Will but I didn't want any harm to come to him.

I actually hated how the love triangle was resolved. Don't come after me with pitchforks for saying that, I know, I suck, I don't think I have it in me to face humanity until some of the hype goes down. Anyways, I am a hardcore Will fan and I am glad that both Jem and Will understand their feelings for the same girl but I still don't like how it's resolved. I think it is too sudden. I don't believe anyone can love two people, like love love, at the same time. I am sure most people will love the resolution but I am not most people.

I wished there was more action in this book as well, like perhaps an actual battle, there were quite a few in The Mortal Instruments series and I was really hoping there was one in this series but alas there wasn't.

The epilogue annoyed me as well, not because I hated it, no, but because I wanted something else from it, I wanted an insight to The Mortal Instruments, maybe something that would make some pieces click and make the connection between the two series stronger, I think that would have been a more powerful ending and would have left me more satisfied.

But you know this book was rather predictable as well, there wasn't much that most people hadn't already guessed, even me. I was hoping for a great ride and maybe to feel sadder. That is not to say my heart didn't break a couple of times but you know I was kind of expecting more. I guess I shouldn't set my expectations too high the next time around.

Ugh, I am so sad that this book didn't make me happy. I wanted this book to be the best thing ever and it wasn't. Now I hope that The City of Heavenly Fire is better because there is a lot more going on in The Mortal Instruments series than in The Infernal Devices series and well I have to put my hopes somewhere don't I? Plus Magnus is a greater part of that series (that justifies everything).

Now I think I must hide from humanity because I know it's unlikely that anyone will share the same opinion as me and it will hurt to see all the happy satisfied people.
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on 19 March 2013
Incoherent fan-girling by Caroline for bigbooklittlebook Dot Co Dot UK

I write this post with red rimmed, puffy eyes and a stuffy nose.

The cause of my condition? An opportunistic cold virus? An episode of early hay fever? Or perhaps i've been chopping onions?

Oh no.

The cause of my distress can be laid firmly at the feet (or more fittingly, the mind and pen) of Cassandra Clare.

Despite a strict embargo, I was lucky enough to received my preordered copy of Clockwork Princess three days early *puts amazon on the naughty step*.

At first the excitement grabbed me and I could see no wrong in this situation. After all, I had no intention of releasing spoilers and after months, and months, and months (lets not talk about the agony caused by the change in release date) of waiting I was finally able to dive back in to Victorian London and the lives of Will, Jem and Tess.

I can't even put in to words how much I Love this book. I've laughed and cried, been amazed and surprised, I've had my heart broken and re-built. I feel rung out. The Infernal Devices was already one of my favourite book series but the publication of Clockwork Princess, has cemented it's place in my mind and engraved the characters names on my heart *rubs chest*

Now, having finished this remarkable book, I see the flaw in my haste.

I. Have. So. Many. Feelings. and No One to talk to about them!

SO, I implore you, Please get hold of a copy, read it quickly, and get in touch, before I explode from all of the feels.
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on 11 June 2013
I love all of cassandra clare's books, they are each unique and each story line has you guessing and keeps you on your toes which is quite rare, i find nowadays when you can usually gues the endings.

You do not have to have read the mortal instruments to reas this book as it is a seperate seires, but I bet as soon as you read this series you will be scrambling to purchase the mortal instruments!

Would recommend to any one who likes young adult, paranormal, action, love stories! Plus its funny!

I cant really put in to words how much I lovedthis book, and when you read it you will understnd but anyone who is not sure if this seires is for them... DEFINITELY take the gamble! IT'S AMAZE-BALLs!!
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on 16 March 2013
The surprises just keep on coming. I received this book before the release date! In hard back! And it's a collector's first edition! Cassandra Clare is a master of her trade. Multi-faceted protagonists, a mysterious antagonist and a love triangle that will tug at the strings of even the most hardened of hearts. There are occasions when only a cliché will do and this one of those occasions. This really is a 'must-read'.
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on 19 June 2014
What a fantastic ending to this series! This finale was perfect. I can't fault it. I know some people think that the ending was a 'cop out' but I really don't. I don't think that there was a better way to end this series and I finished it feeling completely happy.

There's not much to say about this book without giving away spoilers from the previous two books but lets just say the saga of the automatons continues to a very satisfying ending along with several 'romantic' storylines also getting their own satisfying endings too. I really enjoyed reading Princess and was quite sorry when it ended. I actually would like more books in this era rather than the ones we are getting in the present day series.

If you have already read the first two Infernal Devices then this is a MUST.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 July 2015
Well, what a rip-roarer of an ending. I've loved this trilogy from the first page of Clockwork Angel and since then I've not been able to get this world out of my head. What's interesting for me, is that I actually got so bored with Cassandra Clare's other series that, although I did read them, I thought that I wouldn't love this trilogy but it's genuinely unputdownable.

In this final installment we see Tessa, Jem and Will (and their gang of Shadowhunters and creatures) fight to protect the London Institute and each other against the dreaded Automatons that Mortmain cooked up in the previous books. Mortmain is pretty close to destroying all that the Shadowhunters hold dear to them; he's just missing one final component - Tessa.

Now, I'm not going to say I was shocked by any of the "big" revelations made throughout this book, or really by any of the little twists and turns so don't be expecting one final, shocking conclusion. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic ending to an equally brilliant story. What I really love is how real Clare makes their world seem. I can't even really put my finger on it. Just SOMETHING about her writing style really captures me and I genuinely feel (like some other readers have mentioned) a tangible connection and investment to these characters and their lives. I'm starting to think I'm insane just writing that but I'm taking some solace in the fact a few others have said the same! What you should take from that though is NOT that I'm in fact crazy, but that this has to be a good read for so many people to be so in love with the world, let alone the characters.

There's one big plot feature that we've all been waiting to find the answers to - don't worry, I'm not about to spill the beans. This book finally delivers that answer. Who on Earth is Tessa going to end up with? You know, I hate myself a little bit for falling for that stupid love triangle thing that's typical of YA writing these days but I can't help it, I HAVE to know what Tessa is going to do. Thankfully, now I know. And thankfully, I think Clare has delivered it pretty well actually; it wasn't even the outcome I was rooting for but she convinced me it was.

I do have one teeny tiny problem with this book and it's so tiny that I won't let it alter my star rating THIS time. Does anyone else think that Will is just a copy of Jace from the TMI? I mean really, I've said this before, but despite how endearing Jace and Will (and even Jem) are, I sometimes did fall back into thinking Jace was narrating. Come on Clare, mix it up a little bit!

I have to recommend this book, and if you loved this trilogy so far already I don't even need to because you'll definitely be dying to read it! If you're still on the fence though, there is an Epilogue thrown in just for us that is amazing. It's left me chomping at the bit with a billion questions and some anticipated (and overly googled) excitement for what's coming next for us readers.
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on 15 March 2015
This was a pretty good ending to the trilogy. Although the constant repetition of things said earlier in the book and previously in the series got a little tedious, I was really impressed with the story in the final book. To begin with, I really hated all the side stories and little romances going on between all the characters, which seems to be a thing that Clare likes to do in all her stories, but in this one, I actually got invested in the relationships built up between all the different characters because they were all had their own unique qualities.

Of course, there are a lot of flaws with the book as well, although not enough to make it an awful book. Like with any Cassandra Clare book, every single character is physically attractive. This is mildly infuriating as the descriptions of each character become very same-y. Of course, there is also the mandatory love triangle, which gets annoying when Tessa starts talking about her love for Will and Jem in run-on sentences that you can literally switch off to while reading and zone back in a few pages later to find nothing has actually happened (coincidently quite like 'Jane Eyre', which is referred to tirelessly throughout).

I have to say, I much preferred this series to The Mortal Instruments, mainly because of the disastrous books 4 and 5 (I have not read 6), which left me disheartened and thinking that Clare had exhausted all her ideas. The Infernal Devices, however, has been kept to a decent length so has not come to the same fate. Although I think the books could have been cut down a little due to a lot of rambling and run-on sentences, I think people can get a lot of enjoyment out of them. There is enough action to sustain the book and for those that prefer the romantic side of Clare's novels, there is a hell of a lot of that to satisfy you.

Overall, a poor start to the series (with what is basically a re-write of City of Bones but set in Victorian era England (however, you can almost discount that fact if you are only reading TID because 'Clockwork Angel' is still pretty well written, just not very original)) an amazing second book that renewed my faith in Clare's writing and an ending that, though it may not have been outstanding, did leave me feeling pretty good and that she had done justice to the characters.
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on 10 March 2015
A complete and utter perfection of an ending to this series. For me, this trilogy was so put together and well composed and so, it was better than the mortal intruments as I found that as this series was alot stronger than TMI because Cassandra Clare planned out this whole series from the beggining, unlike City of Glass onwards.

The epilogue was very satisfying for me, although the characters finality of their story was quite bitter-sweet, but it was like no other epilogue I have read and eventhough it was heart wrenching it had a sense of reality to a YA novel and it was beautiful.This book was just as strong, if not stronger than Clockwork angel/prince. I cannot stress how much i loved this series and the London setting/love triangle(which was so unique)/ characters were a winning combination and I cannot foresee anyone truly dislikng this trilogy.

Tessa was still a great protagonist and her relationships with Will and Jem was literally perfect...this book left a black hole in my heart for days.That is all I can say on the matter.

Cassandra Clare can do no wrong, and this trilogy was entertwined with The Mortal Instuments, which was cleverly thought out and when you notice the links its just fantastic. However i dont like to compare but being that these books are part of the same world, I do think that Mortmain was a weaker antagonist compared to the antagonist in TMI, but that's me only nit-picking.

Personally I thought that the characters were very relatable and complex , especially Will and Tessa and their love for literature (SO MANY DICKENS AND BRONTE QUOTES YASSS) and i loved how they started each chapter with classic literature quotes and poems that added to the setting. All the characters i felt sympathic towards, especially Charlotte and Henry.Furthermore i thought that reading the letters between her the Consul Wayland and the Council were really interesting, as it added more depth and dimension to otherwise minor characters, so that you felt worried if anything would happen to them.

It has become one of my most loved series and I am definitley looking forward to Cassandra Clares' continuation of this world in her next triology this year to fill in my empty space that this book as left in my heart for her writing. Solid 4.9/5 for me
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on 5 November 2014
This book is extremely focused on couple, not much else goes on which is a shame since some side characters are interesting but we don't get to find out anything about them. (e.g Bridget appears a lot. What was her life like before the institute ? Why is she such a badass fighter. We don't find out a thing.)

Mortmain is possibly the most boring villain I've come across. The author only had him in this book to create some drama and for that reason he's dull, his motives are dull and every bit with him was just a waste of time specially how the fight was concluded. It ended too fast for any enjoyment. I am reading her other series (the mortal instruments) and I have to say Sebastian is miles better than Mortmain in every way.I don't know how she went from creating such a psychotic and exciting villain to making the dullest character in the book, just goes to show she had other priorities. Also finding out about Tessa's secret is no big deal and rather predictable if you remember the other clockwork books.

I'm a big fan of Jem rather than Will. It was very obvious who Tessa was going to end up with. Or so I thought.
Jem and Will's relationship is the most interesting in this volume, whilst the others are just full of cheesy lines and predictability. It's explored a lot and there are some heart wrenching moments. Although I still don't understand why both of them are head over heels with Tessa, also a very dull character with no redeeming qualities.
You get to see loads of Magnus in this book and there are many moments where things just click in your head and moments from the other series start to make sense. THIS is what I love about Cassandra, the way the two stories are related and how little things from both worlds are explained with subtlety... I love it.
The epilogue was amazing, it was very bittersweet. Spoilers ahead.

SPOILERS >>>>>>>

>>> I liked how it wasn't a happily forever after ending, it was rather realistic and I'm very glad Cassandra talked about Will's passing away and the real issues of being able to live forever. It made me tear up , but that's how life is and it was beautiful.
I thought Jem's fate was very heartbreaking but the way that, after years of separation and going through the pain of losing their loved ones (imagine,for Jem having to attend everyone's death ritual...) it was beautiful that they found each other and had each other in this lonely and alien world. I always rooted for Jem and it was bittersweet to see them reunited in under such circumstances... I'm also very curious to see if him and Tess will make an appearance in the last instruments book.
I also wish Cassandra would write more about the other characters, for example in the family tree we can see that Gabriel and Sophie's children all died before Sophie herself. in fact, gabriel himself died years before her. Why could that be? I found that very upsetting and wish I could know more.


Summary: Mostly dull, depends on what kind of thing you want to focus on. The connections between this series and the mortal instruments series are always a treat and the epilogue is beautiful , made the book worth it. *drops a tear*
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