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on 14 December 2009
I bought this book early in my first pregnancy & have found it very informative. You can read about the babies development day by day and your health & changing body with excellent, interesting pictures for each day. I would highly reccomend for all mums & dads to be.
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on 5 June 2010
Having harassed my husband with information weekly ("did you know that this week the baby will start doing x, y, z"), when I saw a book that promised to give me an update every single day, I was sold!

It has been really nice to sit down and read this together every day, and because it is in such small chunks, just a page a day, I think you are far more likely to read this all the way through than you would a book with a more conventional format- thrilled as my husband is about the baby I think this day-by-day set up is the only way I could have got him to read about the pregnancy.

However, naturally because of this layout, not all the information under a specific day will be applicable to you, eg there are bits on twins scattered through the book, they have put info on sun care under 14 weeks of pregnancy if I recall rightly, which of course, will not coincide with summer for many women at this stage of pregnancy etc etc...obviously you just ignore the bits that don't apply, but on a couple of occasions this has meant that there hasn't been much under that specific day that was relevant to us.

My main bug-bear is that the book has some inaccuracies, and even contradicts itself a few times- for example, on the 7th day after birth they talk about the heel prick test, and say that it has to be done between days 5 and 7....this isn't true! I'm a midwife, and it is done between days 5 and 8! Not a massive thing, but if a couple had their home visit for this test put off until day 8 it could cause them some worry thinking it would be too late. Also on one page it mentions that a "show", the mucous plug coming away, is a sure sign of imminent labour- but then 4 pages later in their "ask a midwife" section, she advises that a show can occur up to 6 weeks before labour begins. I am 14 weeks and according to them, my baby can't hear anything yet, (although numerous other sources say that the fetus can hear at this stage), but they then later say that from 9 weeks onwards the fetus will jump at loud sounds in the uterus. They say that from around 26 weeks some fetus' will start practising opening their eyes- actually new research has shown some babies doing this as early as 18 weeks on scans. This book put tends to put the development a little bit behind what other sources suggest, I suppose they are erring on the side of caution, but when you are a parent-to-be longing to hear your baby is getting really big or doing loads of stuff, it can be a bit frustrating.

Another minor niggle is how "sure of itself" this book is- "you WILL be visited by a midwife on this day", "you WILL be feeling better now"...umm, well no, actually, as a midwife who does home visits, you may not necessarily receive a visit on the days they state categorically that you will, and no, I don't feel a whole lot better now I'm past 12 weeks, actually I feel worse, don't rub it in!

Overall though, it's pretty detailed, interesting, and easy to read, and I think you're more likely to actually read this book from cover to cover than some others because of the day by day layout, so you'll get value for money- just don't take it as complete gospel.
Incidentally, since this book covers from day "one" of the pregnancy, ie before you have actually conceived, it may also be of interest to couples trying to conceive.
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on 27 September 2009
I'm expecting my first baby and bought the ever-popular 'What to Expect When You're Expecting', which I found quite informative. However, I was looking for a book that went into a bit more detail and was recommended the 'Day by Day Pregnancy Book' by my consultant ObGyn who is a contributing author. I absolutely adore this book. It has weekly diagrams and photos of the baby's development as well as information and advice from pre-conception through to the first days with the baby. Strongly recommended for anyone looking for a comprehensive guide.
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on 15 December 2015
wonderful book! I didn't get it until I was about 8 weeks pregnant, and I gained tremendous excitement and happiness from looking back over the previous weeks and watching my unborn baby develop from a cluster of cells, to an amphibious/reptilian-looking being, to the kidney bean with a heart that he was at our 8 week scan.

Following his development through the duration of my pregnancy was also very joyful, it was like having a window into my womb, and definitely helped me bond with him even before he was delivered into my arms.

I would save up my 'days' and read a week's worth at the weekend. It was always something to look forward to.

The colour pictures are superb, I love that each day has a new one.
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on 15 April 2015
First bought for my wife whilst pregnant with our first by my 2 sisters who are both mums (one being a Consultant Obstetrician Gynaecologist, the other being a teacher). We both read from it during both of my wife's pregnancies. The great thing about the way it's written on a "day by day throughout the pregnancy" basis is that you can either read it religiously and digest every word, or alternatively happily dip in and out more occasionally and always be sure to be reading the relevant info (it is a great and unusual strength for a book such as this to have no barriers to entry and no big investment required in order to learn interesting and informative information). My wife read most(probably all) of it twice and loved it both times, I read half of it but kept picking it up too during both pregnancies, there is a lot in it to learn which is helpful without being intimidating. Impressive for one book to hold both of our attentions I think, we happily shared it, a nice together thing at an important time. We have bought it again and passed copies on to several of my wife's family members and friends since.
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on 26 November 2015
I love this book. There are so many good information. I like that there is one page per day. It is really good especially for the first trimester when you are so impatient. The information given is easy to read and understand. I like the illustrations too.
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on 25 February 2014
Really well put together book and a daily read throughout the pregnancy. However as I couldn't stick to daily reading and rather tried to catch up on a weekly basis on all the pages I've missed I think it could have been written as a weekly layout instead of daily. Especially as a lot of days had very repetitive information as if they've run out of things to say for that day or week.

Regardless, I found so much useful information in this book throughout my pregnancy and preparation for the birth.
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on 22 March 2013
Very thorough and well laid out book that walks you through your pregnancy step-by-step. When you think about all there is to consider with having a baby you can get a bit frazzled by it, but this book keeps it relevant to each trimester, week and day so that you aren't panicking about breast-feeding when you should just be coping with morning-sickness.
There is a lot of helpful information. With the internet one can find the answer to any pregnancy question with a quick google, but then you only find what you are looking for! This brings it altogether and talks you through things that you wouldn't think about.
There are photos and diagrams each day that help visualize your baby, even when it is smaller than a pea!
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on 15 July 2014
Good guide although as it was written some time ago some of the infoprmation will not be factually correct as things change over time. Contains some very useful inofrmation and has good amount of diagrams and photos. brought this for my daughter and she loves it and has found it really useful to refer to/keep up with what baby is doing while he is growing. Would recommend.
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VINE VOICEon 14 January 2013
This book is a must have its day by day progress of pregnancy is very informative with pictures of your unborn baby on each day.
There are sections on healthy eating and what to expect but on the day by day there are helpful little bits of saying what to expect. This is not only reassuring, particularly for first time mum and dads but also gives little tips of how to deal with the more unpleasant aspects of pregnancy.
Becoming a parent is daunting enough but with the minefield of information on the internet its easy to panic over unexpected symptoms. But this book is written in a concise, caring and sensitive manner without being patronising or judgemental.
This is now an daily read for me and my partner.
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