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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 23 November 2015
Kensuke's Kingdom is a breath-taking book with many mixed emotions, and is suitable for boys and girls of all ages. Have you ever heard the saying? Don't judge a book by it's cover, because Kensuke's Kingdom is an excellent example of this. Kensuke's Kingdom is about a boy who is travelling the world from England in his family's yacht, the Peggy Sue. Then one stormy night, the boy and his dog fall off the deck of the boat, and wash up on a deserted island. Or is it?
We personally think that Kensuke's Kingdom is a brilliant book that captures you into a world of your own imagination! Struan and Rory Primary 6
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on 5 March 2010
This book is about a 12-year old boy who gets washed up on an island with his dog, Stella Artois. He thinks he is alone. It is an adventurous story and you can't put the book down because it is so amazing.

Leaning to the side, Michael was trying to stop his lucky football from going in the stone, cold water. As he grabbed the ball, Michael could not resist the force of the devastating waves, sending them both overboard. After his treacherous night sleeping on the sea, he was amazed to be alive, washed up on an island. He was starving and couldn't find anything to eat and drink. He was frightened by the noise from the green jungle and he couldn't shake the thought that he was being watched. What will happen to Stella and Michael? Will they survive?

A story of adventure, friendship and heart-wrenching sadness.

Seemingly limitless endings hooked me and left me racing through the book until the end. Dragging you into an inferno of ideas of how it is going to end, growing and dying friendships increase your adrenaline, sorrowfulness and excitement form a careful opening, with a brilliant story and an ending that could break your heart open. I couldn't put the book down as it left me wondering how it would end.

This book is suitable for anyone over 8 years old. It is highly enjoyable and you constantly want to know what happens next. All of us in Year 6 can definitely recommend this book as 5 stars! You should read this outstanding story!
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on 8 June 2015
I read this as I try to read books with my 10 year old grandson so that we can chat about the book and the characters. I really enjoyed it, as did he. Differing characters from differing perspectives and walks of life, offering enough to enthral a child as well as give a good adult read.
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on 3 April 2015
My 11 year old grandson had this book out of the school library and asked if I'd read it, so I ordered it on Kindle. This is an amazing book, fascinating in itself until you read Michael's final information about 'the letter'. Good for youngsters and for adults to read. I highly recommend this book.
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on 15 September 2015
Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.

Kensuke's Kingdom is an amazing book, full of adventure, fear and all different emotions that you will experience when reading.

When Michael and his family decide to set off on an adventure to sail around the world it starts off brilliantly. But after their curious dog, Stella Artois falls off the boat a couple of times, it all goes downhill. Michael suddenly ends up washed up on a desert island with Stella. But he is not alone. Could he be in Kensuke's Kingdom?

The book is an adventure story that kids will love. I recommend this book for 9-15 year olds. 6 out of 6 children from Braehead Primary School have loved reading it and gave it a score of 9/10.

It is a fantastic book overall and I thoroughly recommend it.

Look out for the best bits where Kensuke and Michael start to bond, it made me really want to read on.

Primary 7 Pupil.
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on 3 April 2001
Morpurgo, one of todays best known children's authors has really excelled himself in this, his latest book for young readers.
Written as if it was he, Morpurgo himself, recounting a childhood story (in much the same way he wrote 'The Butterfly Lion'), this book grabs the reader right from the start.
As a boy Michael finds he and his parents are due to set off for a years trip around the world aboard a family Yacht 'The Peggy Sue'.
The beginning of the journey is written in an interesting way, Michael, the boy, writes a log, which I really think helps portray the experiences he is feeling as he sails with his much loved parents from country to country.
Washed over board in a rough storm, Michael and the family Dog (Stella) awake to find themselves washed up on a mysterious, yet very beautiful Island. Thinking he and Stella are alone, Michael starts investigating but soon gets the feeling he is not alone.
In a story that investigates loneliness, trust and friendship, Michael learns the ways of surviving on an island, both alone, and later, with his new found neighbour, Kensuke.
The book goes into great depth exploring the very many forms of mixed feelings both Michael and Kensuke feel torwards each other, these feelings seem to constantly change at various different parts of the story.
I personally found this book very hard to put down. I read it because I am constantly looking for new, inspirational material for the Primary school classroom. This is one gem my class will certainly have fun studying!
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on 30 August 2001
This book is about an 11 year old boy who gets stranded on a desert island, he thinks he is all alone but we soon learn that he is not. He is there with a 75 year old man called Kensuke. If you want to find out more you'll have to read the book. My favourite bit of the book is when Kensuke is standing on the rock above Michael. This bit is very exciting. This book is great. It nearly made me fall of my chair with excitement! I would recommend this book to adults and children - it's brilliant!!
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on 26 February 2007
Michael, his mum, his dad and his sheepdog Stella

Artois go on an amazing adventure trip around the world. They go to Africa, South America and even Australia! They are having such a brilliant holiday until one nasty night, Stella Artois and Michael are thrown over board by vicious winds! In the morning, Michael and his dog find themselves washed up on a dazzling desert Island! They can't find water nor food! In a gigantic gloomy cave near by, they curl up and get ready to die, but the next magnificent morning, fish and fruit are laid beside Michael! It is a marvelous miracle! They are not all alone! A little while later, when they explore the exciting exotic jungle, an orang-utan emerges from the trees. No wait Michaels thinks... It's a man! The man is called Kensuke! Michael and Kensuke become friends and talk about how they became stranded.

This book is a really adventurous and emotional read. I'd recommend this book to aged 9 +! My favourite character is Kensuke because he is creative and really nice to people and animals!

So what are you waiting for? Read this book!!
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on 15 September 2006
My daughter and I had never read any Michael Morpurgo before, but after reading this we are hooked! What an excellent author! We started reading Kensuke's Kingdom on holiday and after beginning the first night, I confess to cheating and skim read the rest of the book, whilst my daughter was asleep as I couldn't wait to see what happened.

The descriptive language he uses is pitched perfectly for children in the 9-11 age group- not so heavy that they struggle to understand but just right to create an exciting drama and hopefully encourage them in their own writing. My daughter's teacher uses this book in year 6 to encourage the children in their writing.

The story is of a boy called Michael who's parents buy a yacht and set off to sale round the world. During a storm Michael gets washed overboard and ends up on a desert island where he meets up with Kensuke. I won't let you in on anymore suffice to say that its excitment and emotion all the way and I challenge anyone not to cry at the end!One of the best kids books I've read in years. Would recommend to children and adults alike. You won't be disappointed.
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on 8 November 2014
Great story for children. My nine year daughter couldn't put it down. I was so intrigued that I read it too and thought it was a lovely story and so well written. Love all the sailing parts being a fan of yachts.
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