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on 11 June 2007
"Grandpa Chatterji" by Jamila Gavin tells the story of two children named Neetu and Sanjay, and what happens when their incredible Grandpa comes to stay.

Neetu and Sanjay are young Asian children living in Britain. One day their mother tells them that their Grandpa is coming to stay. For some people that might not be especially unusual, but for Neetu and Sanjay it is very exciting because their Grandpa comes from India and they have never seen him before in their lives!

At first, they are worried that he might be strict and unfriendly, but when he finally arrives they quickly discover that he is kind and gentle. Plus, he is also generous, and brings them special presents too!

Neetu and Sanjay soon discover that Grandpa Chatterji does lots of amazing things, like meditating while standing on his head, and baking special Indian treats. Soon all three of them are off having adventures at the fair. After that Neetu and Sanjay go to visit Grandpa Chatterji back at his own home in India, where they learn all sorts of new things about their own family and Indian culture. But if you want to know what adventures they all have together, you'll need to read the book for yourself!

I really loved reading this book. I thought that even though it is a fiction book, the characters were very realistic, and I felt really sad when I got to the end. The writing is very good, with lots of lovely descriptions of people and places throughout the book. It is also really funny and sometimes made me laugh out loud. Overall, I would strongly recommend this book to both boys and girls aged between 9 and 11.
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on 18 May 2010
Neetu and Sanjay have never met Grandpa Chatterji
And now he is coming to stay. What will he be like?

They're in for a shock! Grandpa stands on one leg, makes delicious pakoras and sleeps on a bed roll ... and he sees poppies when know one else can!

What will he do next?

I would recommend this book to boys and girls aged 6-10.

Abigail, Derby
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on 25 September 2006
I am 8 and I am ENJOYING this book a lot! It is GREAT!!!! The children have an Indian grandpa who is very different fron their English grandpa and you learn about Indian culture. it is not funny but I would say it is fascinating. The bookworm...
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on 12 May 2010
Grandpa Chatterji by Jamila Gavin tells a story about Neetu and her little brother Sanjay who have two different grandpas dads dad grandpa Leicester a stern, strict man and Grandpa Chatterji a good- humoured caring man.
The two children see grandpa Leister frequently but when mum says grandpa Chatterji comes they don't know what to expect they are in for a surprise because they think he is going to be stern and stubborn like Grandpa Leicester. But they find he is a nice man who teachers them knew Indian activities and food to cook .They start to think maybe there thoughts were wrong.
I have enjoyed this book loads but it probably wasn't the best book I have read. However, I would still recommend it to girls and boys between 8 and 11.
Tilly, Derby
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on 12 May 2010
Grandpa Chatterji

This story is about two children that have two grandpas! Dad's dad Grandpa Leicester and Mum's dad Grandpa Chatterji - they have never seen Mum's dad because he lives hundreds of miles away in India. Grandpa Leicester is quite strict and Grandpa Chatterji is kind and gentle. When Grandpa Chatterji comes to stay they find out that the two grandpas are totally different.

But, part way through the story Grandpa Leicester has a little change of his attitude and becomes a little bit nicer. At the end, Grandpa Chatterji takes them on a long walk down some old railway tracks to try and find a poppy field. Will he find it, or is it all in his mind's eye? You'll have to read it to find out of course!

Maisie, Derby
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on 16 May 2007
This is a great book because it has lots of fantasy in it. My favourite part is where Grandpa Chatterji first goes on the Rocket Ride. At first Nettu and Sanjay were really scared of Grandpa Chatterji but when they got to know him better they started to get attached. I liked this book because it has a lot of speech and it has lots of interesting parts. I also liked it because it was funny. L.H.

This is a wonderful,exiting,book about Grandpa Chatterji from India, and Grandpa Leicster from Leicester. Grandpa Chatterji has come to stay. It is funny and amusing with some sticky moments. My favourite part is when Grandpa Chatterji and Grandpa Leicester have a big argument. Who will end up making dinner? A.M.
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on 24 May 2010
Grandpa Chatterji !!

Neetu and Sanjay have never met their Indian Grandpa Chatterji before.

Neetu and Sanjay are so excited about their Indian Grandpa Chatterji coming but mum is so stressed!! She's thinking that he will be so fussy like Grandpa Leister,
(who comments on everything.) But when Grandpa Chatterji gets here Neetu and Sanjay discover new fascinating Indian hobbies like standing on their head meditating And how to cook Indian food !

This book is great and anyone should try it!

Jemma, Derby
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on 26 May 2010
Grandpa's of different types

This is a story of 2 children, mum, dad and 2 very different Grandpa's!

Neetu and Sanjay are 2 little Indian children who have moved to England.

When, um tells them Grandpa Chatterji is coming she is all excited but the children are not sure if they should be excited because they have never seen or met him before. So they hide behind the sofa!

But they find out that Grandpa Chatterji is very nice and wonderful!

When they go to the fair Grandpa says I will NOT leave England with out doing what I want.

I recommend this book for children who love reading and aged 7-9.

Emily, Derby
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on 12 May 2010
The Indian Grandpa comes to stay

This book is written by the excellent Jamila Gavin. She was born in India; she started writing books because of her childhood on two continents and her sense of belonging to both cultures.

I won't tell you the entire story but here's a paragraph of the story......

Neetu and her little brother Sanjay have two grandpas - Mum's dad lives in India and they have never seen him before. But Dads dad lives in Leicester and they see him quite often.

Highly recommended Ellie Derby age 9
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on 12 May 2010
The Amazing Grandpa Chatterji!

This book is about two Grandpas, who are completely different, and one day their Grandpa Chatterji comes to stay, but they have never seen him before, so Neetu and Sanjay are not sure what Grandpa Chatterji will be like.

Then Neetu and Sanjay realise how kind, friendly and caring Grandpa Chatterji is and you never know when he will lead you on a fantastic adventure.

I really enjoyed this book and some parts made the class and me chuckle.

By Georgia º Derby
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