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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars117
5.0 out of 5 stars
Format: Cards|Change
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on 5 August 2014
The images on the cards are beautiful, magical and mystical!! which have a keyword on the front. The borders are gold coloured and the cardstock is excellent and glossy which adds to the deck overall. I have used this deck on numerous occasions and found the readings to be very, very accurate. I think the images tap into your intuition when reading them but i must say the guidebook is excellent and gives very detailed descriptions which is helpful if one gets stuck on a card. The book also lists reversed meanings for the cards for those out there that use them.I have already bought a back up of this deck as this deck is going to get a lot of use as this is now my go to oracle deck! Excellent and i await anymore decks that Sandra may publish if this deck is anything to go by :)
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on 19 January 2014
These cards are wonderful. Working as an Holistic Therapist I have introduced these cards into the sessions with my clients and they give accurate results every time. Love them!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 February 2014
Every once in a while a special deck of oracle cards comes along, to guide us through times where we need to take responsibility for making changes that will allow us to reach our full potential. The Energy Oracle Cards will undoubtedly offer great assistance. My mind is still reveling and feeling relief over the guidance received.

Having experienced numerous card decks over some years, I have received direction and a flow of blessings that resulted either from confirmation of that which I knew deep inside or corrections on my pathway to steer me forward towards my destiny. Despite the many gifts that arose from the guidance and clearer vision, sometimes I wondered which parts of the information pertained to my own situation, and which parts to dismiss. Sometimes a little confusion was still present, despite the positivity to have oracle cards to turn to for clarification on life. When total clarity is not present, seeds of doubt may sink in, and one may believe something negative, where it is, in fact, not the case. It may also be a life lesson that was necessary, or greater faith and belief in divine timing may have needed to play a greater role. Still, the previous cards all helped to some degree, to comfort or to warn and much more.

So.... Imagine my surprise and delight upon working with the Energy Oracle Cards! I eagerly poured over the images, soaking up the positive energy that emits from each and every card. The true blessing from the cards is the fact that they cover so many eventualities, and myriad aspects of such! I no longer need to second-guess. I tried all of the different readings, and each offered me something different and important. I received confirmations to that which I felt inside. Sometimes just seeing the cards before you, telling you the same message as your intuition and your heart, offers such great comfort. Whatever stage of life you are at, I feel the cards offer something for everyone. I received positive confirmation about different areas of my life, along with support for action.
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on 19 March 2014
I loved this Energy Oracle Cards. They are amazing guide to the person who purchased this product. The nine card spread completely shows excellent predictions about the question you are asking. The Energy Oracle Card book even helps you how you should form your questions. As soon as I hold the cards for sometime my energy is absorbed by the cards and the questions are answered with divine guidance. Excellent Oracle Cards in my Oracle Card collection.
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on 27 December 2013
I have previously only found Doreen Virtue cards to be the most accurate, trustworthy, or understandable to me, and had only felt comfortable working with Doreen Virtue cards. I had tried oracle cards by other people, but never been so comfortable or happy with them. But when I came across these cards I just had a strong feeling they would be good. I was more pleased with the results than I had thought I would be.

The first time I used them, recently, I was requiring answers and guidance to do with health problems I was experiencing. I used Sandra Taylor's 9-card spread, following her instructions, which gets to you to line up 3 cards on the left (which represent your past or immediate past), then another line of 3 cards in the middle (which represent your current situation and influencing factors), and then a final line of 3 cards (which represent your near future or immediate future - which never usually goes much further into the future than, at the most -1 year, or 2years).

I was gobsmacked with all the cards presented to me in this spread, and immediately understood all that was been told to me - the cards were very clear and easy to read. Some of the cards were revealing information to me that had also been shown to me, through other ways and sources in the physical world - so it was all matching up. I came away with knowing exactly what was going on with me, and what I needed to do, and knowing the positive results coming in for me within the next 12 months. Plus these cards were also confirming various bits of information that other people had also given me, or predicted/ or seen for me.

I felt so comfortable using these cards, and found them so easy to use and to 'trust' (because, for me, I find I also need to 'trust' the oracle cards that I use, and that their energy is good) that I will now be using them regularly.

I was extremely impressed with these oracle cards, and would most definitely recommend them to anyone - even someone who has never used or worked with tarot or oracle cards before (although I find oracle cards much easier to use and 'read' than tarot cards). They are simple and easy to 'read' and understand, and the messages are very clear and helpful.
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on 5 June 2015
I have just received & used these cards for the 1st time - with amazing results. As per instructions in accompanying guidebook, I sat quietly, meditating on a problem that I needed help with. For some time we have toyed with the idea of moving to another part of the country, but are torn between 2 areas. So this was the problem I put out to the universe. I then did the 3 card spread, which the guidebook says is the way to look at past influences, present circumstances & future potential - the cards came out thus:
1.Numb 27 - WALKING AWAY (Letting go/Moving on) - This card basically shows someone walking away from a current situation. Although the explanation is in a lot more detail it stated that this indicated that the readiness & resources are available to move forward now & that it is time to let go of past influences that are causing stagnation......
2. Numb 8 - INDECISION (Which choice to make) - The explanation states that this card marks the presence of 2 or more possible choices in your life & that you are confused by the up & down emotions of the decisions. It then goes on to tell you what to consider & how to meditate on your options.
3. Numb 20 - ENVY (Lack/ disatissfaction) - At first I could not resonate with the explanation, which was about jealousy & envy - but there are 2 explanations for each card. The 2nd explanation is a "reversed" energy, gives a different perspective to the meaning. In this case, it signifies the choice to shift the focus from that of future longing to present gratitude. This is so true, for when we are looking to move on or change, we sometimes forget what we already have to be grateful for. It says that this will help in attracting future dreams & desires....
In each case, there is given an affirmation to help support you with whatever changes or energy shifts you need to make.
The cards are so beautiful & are of a very high quality.
I have only used a certain set of Angel Cards before & that this was only occasionally as the messages/explanations did not seem relevant or were too general. But these were truly amazing. I can't recommend them higly enough.
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on 5 January 2015
First things first I will get my gushing out the way, I adore these cards, the artwork is fabulous and rich and speaks volumes to my intuition. Gushing aside the cards are of good quality card stock, excellently presented in a high quality box and with a very thorough 176 page guidebook.
Ms Taylor has managed to incorporate angels, hermetic beliefs and eastern theologies within her 53 cards all the while maintaining a tarot feel to the cards, so anyone well versed with the tarot should find these very easy to understand. Instead of the combination feeling disjointed as one may expect from so many traditions combined the cards flow beautifully one in to an other in the same easy way that energy flows when no resistance is present. The description and meanings provided in the guidebook frequently proffer a few different scenarios which makes easy to read even for a novice. I must say that these cards are highly accurate and insightful whether reading for myself or others and their beauty is always commented on.
Of course choosing cards is like choosing friends and there is definitely no "one size fits all" in terms of oracle or tarot cards but I think these cards would appeal to a very wide audience. Absolutely worth every penny!
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on 24 January 2014
lovely cards to work with and very beautiful designs on them , just so lovely to work with ,energy cards
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on 8 January 2014
beautiful set of cards so much energy and so far have been very insightful - a must for all :) xxx
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 December 2014
I bought these from a shop and then found they would have been slightly cheaper through Amazon. They were a gift to myself for Christmas and they are gorgeous. I love the images and the way they are catalogued in the book with each card having a number showing at the top, making it easy to locate in the book. Some cards and books have you flicking through the book for the right picture. The explanations are wonderful and there is scope for you to look into the cards and provide your own interpretation.
So far they have been strangely accurate and within a short time I asked a similar question and got the same cards. I cannot imagine what the chances are of that happening but it made me think that these cards really do have something to tell me.
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