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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars36
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 19 February 2014
Another fantastic deck from John Holland... If you loved the original Psychic Tarot you will love this deck as much. The cards are beautiful and the guidebook gives plenty more information on the cards and useful tips for beginners. The artwork is great. The book also gives information on how develop your psychic abilities and there is a at least a paragraph ot two in the book for each card.

My only criticism is i think the cards should have been gilded (with maybe Silver instead of Gold this time). I say this because the card stock looks like it may fray a little when used a lot and the gilding would seal the edges of the cards (like in the original deck - Psychic Tarot). The card stock is glossy and a good thickness - not flimsy like some.

That's just a minor observation and it won't stop me from buying a back up of this deck (because i will use a lot) just as i did with the original Psychic Tarot.
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on 28 February 2014
Id give these cards 10/10 if I could. I have used John's psychic tarot for 4 years and they are amazing cards they are my best for doing 121 consultations but the new deck Heart Oracle Deck are just as good if not better, The images are simply stunning. The colour is vibrant and alive. The card quality as with his other decks are not that good ive only had them 2 days and already they are starting to come away a little at the edges but do not let that put you off. Amazing cards! They do include, as with the psychic tarot the Chakra cards. A must for any reader!
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on 2 March 2014
This is a beautiful deck. Despite being a student of Tarot for many years I still feel uncomfortable with certain cards. John Holland's one-word explanation on the major arcana cards is spot on, and highlights an aspect of the card which communicates its essence as a VERB rather than a noun, which makes it easier to apply to real life.
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on 3 October 2014
This, John Holland’s second “psychic tarot oracle”, this time related to the Heart (Hay House, 2014), follows the same pattern as the first (Hay House, 2010). Courts and Tens (which numerologically are dropped from a regular tarot structure, hence the “oracle” nomer. Yet, the remaining cards follow standard tarot notions for the most part, with the addition of seven chakra cards. So, a total of 65 cards: 4 suits 1-9 (36), 22 Majors and 7 Chakras.

The artwork for the cards is accomplished and colourful, with a broad spectrum of people and situations depicted. Many cards, though, have backgrounds, as opposed to landscapes. For instance, in “Shine” (equivalent to the Sun), we see a beautiful woman with long red hair floating, arms outstretched and chest radiating light. Around her swirl colours from blue to purple to gold, with shining orbs glowing all about. This card speaks to me of joyfully flowing with our passion, and surrendering to the what the Universe brings us moment to moment.

I am less impressed with the chakra cards. Each shows a pedestal of the appropriate colour, with a depiction of the relevant symbol. However, I find them rather blocky and ugly, surrounded by darkness. The cards in the first deck were nicer, to my eye, but I guess he had to come up with something a little different the second time around...

As for the Aces, they are not particularly obvious - if you glance through the deck, you wouldn’t go “Oh, that’s an Ace” as soon as you saw them. Still, as this Ace of Fire shows, they are interesting. Here, the card is renamed “New Vitality”, and shows a man blowing on panpipes (hmm, Ace of Air?), which look like mini-rockets of chakra-coloured energy (ah yes, the fiery energy of spirit and will).

Finally, a pip card, the Nine of Air, renamed “Darkest Fears”. A handsome, dark-skinned man with a goatee and wearing a purple coat (colour of the crown chakra), stands in a blue background, with rays of lighter blue shining out from his crown. Before him are five phases of a solar eclipse, when light is blocked out by shadow for a while. Still, he looks remarkably calm for someone facing his fears. Perhaps he knows these are temporary troubles, which his spirit can overcome...

I can’t imagine using this deck if asked for a regular tarot reading, given the “missing” cards. Still, it is an attractive, upbeat oracle, with less of a learning curve because of the tarot tie-in. And for those who don’t like Court cards, it’s clearly a win-win situation.
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on 11 April 2014
Excellent deck! Absolutely lovely and slightly difficult to use my own interpretation of the cards at first but got used to them. I would recommend them to novices and professionals really easy to use after a tricky start :-)
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on 25 November 2014
At last - a deck which combines the tarot advice with cards that have easily understood words and images on them. And no 'royal cards' either which I have never liked! I have had this deck a week and plan to have it as my No.1 deck - it is amazing. It's 7 chakra cards are a truly useful addition - much better than royal cards. We all read cards differently but I think - at last - I've found the right deck for me. I've typed out the cards with their tarot equivalents whilst I get more used to the deck. I hope it might help you. The cards would suit anyone and you don't need to have any knowledge of the tarot - just use them like oracles cards. The guide book relates the cards specifically to relationships but that is not a problem. The cards can be universally worked with for anything. I am deighted with them.

Awaiting Results 7 of Coins
Balance Temperance
Base Chakra I have – Earthly Issues
Believe & Succeed 6 of Wands
Blossom Judgement
Challenging Times 5 of Wands
Change of Focus 5 of Cups
Choose Your Battles 7 of Wands
Clarity of Belief Ace of Swords
Coming Together 2 of Cups
Confront The Moon
Crown Chakra I know – Spiritual Insight/Wisdom
Darkest Fears 9 of Swords
Daydreams & Decisions 7 of Cups
Dedicated Effort 8 of Coins
Detach Justice
Dreams Coming True 9 of Cups
Embrace The World
Feeling Alone 5 of Coins
Find Balance 2 of Coins
Flow The Wheel of Fortune
Giving and Receiving 6 of Coins
Heal The Star
Healing Begins 6 of Swords
Heart Chakra I love – Relationships and Healing
Helpless & Hopeless 8 of Swords
Joy and Stability 4 of Wands
Just Breathe 4 of Swords
Lead The Emperor
Love The Lovers
Love Abounds Ace of Cups
Manifest The Magician
Master The Devil
Move The Chariot
Moving On 8 of Cups
New Vitality Ace of Wands
Nuture The Empress
Observe The Hanging Man
Open Up 4 of Coins
Opportunity Beckons 4 of Cups
Reach Out 3 of Coins
Rebuild The Tower
Refusing to See 2 of Swords
Release Death
Rest and Reconsider 9 of Wands
Sacral Chakra I want – Emotions/Desires
Sadness & Isolation 3 of Swords
Seek The Hermit
Seek the Truth 7 of Swords
Share the Love 3 of Cups
Shine The Sun
Simply Love 6 of Cups
Solar Plexus Chakra I can – Willpower and Confidence
Spread Your Wings 2 of Wands
Strengthening Bonds Ace of Coins
Succeed & Growth 8 of Wands
Take the Lead 3 of Wands
Teach The Hierophant
Third Eye Chakra I see - Intuition
Throat Chakra I speak - Communication
Trust The Fool
Well Deserved Reward 9 of Coins
Win or Lose 5 of Swords

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on 1 May 2014
It is an excellent spiritual tool. The artwork was very evocative and the instructions easy to understand. Very good buy.
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on 21 March 2014
I adore these cards. I have John Hollands other set and didn't think they could get any better but these are so easy to read and the colours are good to, would recommend.
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on 4 August 2014
I have the Psychic Tarot deck by John Holland which I enjoy using when doing readings so when I saw the new Heart Oracle deck I decided to purchase. The imagery on the cards are good and I have found them easy to connect with when reading for others. As with other reviewers I would have preferred the edges to have guilding on them, but apart from that I think they are great!
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on 29 August 2014
I loved these cards, I am a professional reader and the subject that comes up most often is relationships, these cards assist you to go deep into issues and to gain inspiration and insight. These cards are really clear with wonderful colours and I have had some fantastic feedback from clients. Nice strong cards and the box is strong.
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