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4.7 out of 5 stars28
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 25 June 2009
Gregg meticulously explores the pivotal role of empowering beliefs to create harmony, joy and miracles in our lives as well as the false beliefs that often limit us and cause us frustration and anger.

He touches on many aspects of belief, weaving them into a cohesive whole; he does not leave the reader hanging, despite what others may have said!

The Spontaneous Healing of Belief takes a further fascinating look at the nature of Reality through the lens of quantum science and Gregg makes excellent observations on the recent experiments which prove our unlimited potential as human beings. He explores the anatomy of belief, and gives us a flowchart showing the connections between energy, the atoms of reality, and belief itself.

A great gift presented in this book is Gregg's sharing of a simple but highly effective process to begin to transform each reader's limiting beliefs about himself/herself. I particularly liked the use of creating personal "statements" to uncover false beliefs picked up early on in life.

In the final chapter, the reader is provided with two ways of rewriting our reality code. It is, as Gregg says, a starting point. One can do it through a "logic patch" or through a "miracle" patch, and he invites the reader to explore both.

An excellent book, highly recommended!
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on 29 April 2008
Gregg Braden once again bridges science and spirituality. Building upon his amazing last book - the Divine Matrix - he now exams the code of reality - the language of manifesting - and attempts to demonstrate the link between belief and reality.

For those people, new to the new paradigm of reality, this may be earth shattering news, and Gregg Braden will have served humanity well in raising consciousness to a new level.

However, for those people, in the "post (The)Secret" world, familiar with these ideas, much of the book is spent attemtping to convince you of what you already know.

I work with people on a daily basis to change their beliefs, and I was hoping I would find an effective model in this book for doing so. From that point of view, the book was disappointing - one of the methods offered was using logic - and whilst logic does have its place, in my experience, it is one of the least effective ways of changing beliefs.

Ultimately, Gregg Braden is attempting to change our beliefs about what reality is and how it works, and thus to empower us to move beyond our ordinary limits. The idea is that once you have recognised how reality works you will then consciously choose beliefs which reflect back a new, better and perhaps, miraculous life. Therefore an overall shift in core beliefs about the nature of existence is necessary, and for the scientifically minded, this book may help to move in that direction.

Gregg Braden has had contact with Tibetan Buddhism and Buddhism in general, which has been pointing out the illusory nature of reality for 2,500 years. Attaining a new view of reality (direct - not just conceptual) with Buddhist approaches, whether using an intellectual method or an experiential method, still typically takes between 20 years and a life time of dedicated practice. The outcome is a non dualistic view of the world, in which all questions are answered.

Gregg still comes at this with a dualistic mind set: e.g. having watched too much Star Trek, he is sold on the idea of this world being a computer simulation - i.e. created by a programmer so that we can learn our various lessons. This leads us back to the old paradigm and the concept of a God who is a person and a creator - and we then have to ask "who created God?" Once non duality is attained, God can be experienced without the need to find a "creator persona" or any other explanation for reality, or a beginning or end. The point is, you can't understand that with your normal dualistic mindset.

In conclusion, depending upon where you are at with your growth in consciousness or spiritual journey, you may find the book useful. In strong contrast to his last book, I struggled to finish it and was left wondering, "did I miss something". Of course, maybe I did.
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on 1 January 2012
In this book Gregg Braden manages to bridge the gaps between Science and Spiritual Philosophy. I have been researching the Original Teachings for years and must admit that Mr. Braden's book is a fantastic manual. It combines the often long winded and clandestine ancient mystical teachings with the all too often sophisticated modern day concepts in quantum sciences. He manages to offer a balanced and concise explanation of how the nature of one's own personal reality is both made manifest and how to work with it all in a manner that gives back the power of autonomy to an individual. In short if one can manage to truly embody the concepts put forth in this book, nothing less than total personal freedom is at stake. As far as the journey to self awakening goes, this book is liberating. Written for the benefit of all sentient beings. Definitely worth a read.
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on 13 August 2009
Gregg Braden is my kind of philosopher. With a strong background in physics and engineering, he brings a rigorous, common-sense approach to the metaphysical world. This means he writes about `hippy stuff' by first analysing the evidence and then presenting conclusions.

His conclusions are much the same as all the others writing about `hippy stuff'. But, if you're even vaguely sceptical, then Gregg will help you weigh up the data and draw your own conclusions, rather than telling you what to believe.

"The Spontaneous Healing Of Belief", I have to say, is a title that wouldn't have made any sense to me, if it weren't for my background in science, psychology and so-called "New Age Spirituality". But for anyone looking at this book in a store, the opening sentence on the back cover helps clear things up:

"Could a change in our perceptions - a shift in our beliefs - hold the timeless secret to healing, peace and even reality itself?"

Or maybe it doesn't?!!!

This is a book about how the biology of our brain creates beliefs and how these beliefs then act as filters in the way we perceive the world.

So, for example, if someone holds a belief that the world is a dangerous and angry place, then they will be more likely to spot evidence in their life that confirms this belief. If, on the other hand, they believe that the world is generally friendly and a positive place to be, they will filter their experience to notice the good stuff more often.

Gregg's book goes much deeper than that, into how the really subtle areas of quantum physics (explained in words a 12 year-old would understand) impact our brain - and beliefs - and how all of this literally creates the "reality" in which we live.

He gives the reader tools to help you get your conscious mind back under control, to have more choice in the thoughts you are thinking, the emotions you are feeling and the actions you are taking. He explains, step by step, how to pinpoint specific beliefs that have been holding you back and - to a certain extent - how to change them.

From the point of view of being able to apply the stuff from the book, Gregg could go a little deeper into the "how". But I suspect his main aim with this book is to wake us up to the fact that our beliefs exist and have a massive impact on our life, rather than being a substitute for therapeutic intervention.

"The Spontaneous Healing Of Belief" is structured logically and is a book you'll want to read from beginning to end, rather than dipping in and out. Gregg makes it easy to grasp the main concepts by using his "Belief Code" lists, whilst also illustrating the theoretical points with real-life case studies.

Despite the book being well-researched and well-written, some of the concepts and metaphors Gregg presents may be hard for a typical reader to swallow. But at least they're presented with more evidence and scientific rigour than most other books on similar topics. And, whether you believe his arguments or not, he does make a compelling case that our beliefs can seriously hold us back from living the life we truly want - and that we can change our beliefs.

If you're someone who is ready to jump in and discover just how much of your life you are currently creating by accident, but like a scientifically justified approach, then this is the book for you. Gregg Braden demysitifies much of the mythology that other "New Age Thinking" books have spun around the topic of "manifesting".

If, however, you're scared by the very memory of school biology and physics classes, then this is probably not your cup of tea. Although the science is explained clearly, the book does require you to be interested in the research and to be at least vaguely open to taking action!

Personally, I found this book inspiring, particularly given its thoroughness in combining the latest scientific research with ancient wisdom. Even if just one of the ideas in the book resonates for you, it could change the way you think about life. The question is, are you ready yet?
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It may be because I'm dense but although Ive read the whole book, I haven't quite understood the title: Is "belief" the object in the phrase, i.e. is the belief that which is healed, or is it the subject, i.e. is Braden talking about what belief can heal? Presumably the latter.

Was somewhat disappointed by this book partly because the author's intellectual approach to the subject under discussion didn't suit me, partly because I didn't feel he presented anything particularly new that I hadn't heard before.

The basic tenet he explores (which apparently is in the process of being proved true) is that of the universe being "the output of a huge and ancient simulation - a computer program - that began long ago", it being our individual beliefs that determine the content of our experienced reality.

This is of course a tremendously exciting tenet, the truth of which I personally entertain no doubt. This new way of understanding the universe and our personal lives revolutionizes our existence, gives our life meaning and forces us to accept total responsibility for what we make of it.
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on 19 September 2014
This wonderful book explains age old wisdom of how to change your beliefs to make miracles happen. I love the way Gregg weaves his personal journey throughout his discussion of deep essential understandings put forth by science, psychology and ancient spiritual wisdom.
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on 30 June 2014
I have read many books in this genre and what Gregg Braden says is essentially correct in my view. He is good at putting quite difficult concepts over to the 'lay-man' and explaining what we really need to know.

However, he does repeat himself rather irritatingly in this book and to that end I have given only four stars.

I do, though, highly recommend this book as an easy way to find out what we really need to know about ourselves, the knowledge having been 'lost' during the last two thousand years or so.
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on 9 October 2013
I was hooked from start to finish. A beginners guide to how quantum physics can change your life. Absolutely loved it.
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on 19 December 2015
I will have to read it instead of listening to it! I tried it on "Audible" and found it impossible to listen to because of the very annoying music in the background which was stealing all my attention from what was important: the text! I love Gregg Braden and I will just buy the book instead of the audio which completely useless to someone who is so sensitive to sounds!
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on 19 June 2015
To explain what is his book about to someone is really difficult because it has a lot of powerful, paradigm changing ideas that made my head spin.

Anyway the book is exciting to read and it explains well the power of Belief.

A wonderful book which I will read again soon.
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