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5.0 out of 5 stars The death of Clark Kent, 29 Dec 2013
No More Mr. Mice Guy (London, England) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Superman Action Comics Volume 2: Bulletproof TP (The New 52) (Paperback)
The stories from Superman - Action Comics issues #9-12, #0 and Action Comics Annual #1 are all collected in Superman Action Comics Volume 2: Bulletproof HC (The New 52). The storyline is a bit confusing, as Superman appears both in his modern costume and in the coloured t-shirt version, but it appears that Clark only wear the Kryptonian suit for the Justice League or big superhero battles, and keeps to his old coloured T-shirts for more personal stuff - much easier to wear under the civilian clothes.

Grant Morrison is still managing to think outside the box here, and is supported by superb artwork.

Issue #9 is possibly missing from the collection - I think only the back up is reprinted.


Action Comics #10 - "Bulletproof" - 20 pages: Zarov, a mysterious white hunter is tracking Superman, and discovers that there have been two mysterious "Midwest Superman" events spread over 20 years. One of them centred on the Kent farm, and he follows the trail to Metropolis, where Superman in a t-shirt apprehends a serial killer, thanks to Clark Kent's investigations as a journalist. The killer's only concern is for his pet hamsters. Cut to Superman at a Justice League meeting, looking for a home for the hamsters. So, does Clark only wear the Kryptonian suit for the League, and keep to his old coloured T-shirts for more personal stuff? Anyway, later Lois takes the hamsters for her niece, while Clark finds `Superman' sightings in her scrapbook that predate his career... and a mysterious stranger with super-hypnotic powers heads for Metropolis. Lois, Cark and Jimmy are outside the Daily Star building when Clark spots a disgruntled man who was once exposed in the paper; as Clark goes to talk to him, he detonates a bomb. Later, Zarov tracks Clark to Mrs Nyxly's rooming house, only to find Clark is dead, and Superman (in a t-shirt), who has been warned about him, confronts him there. Zarov injures himself trying to kill Superman and is carted off to hospital, where that mysterious little man pops up to make him a deal...

Action Comics #11 - "New Secret Identity" - 20pp: Superman tries out a number of new secret identities, while continuing to do good deeds (in a T-shirt). He discusses his situation with Batman (in the suit), while Lois's niece and the hamsters demonstrate some strange abilities... Superman questions Brainiac about mysterious goings-on and gets a warning about a threat known as `the Multitude', while in Metropolis the mysterious stranger with hypnotic powers comes to collect Lois's niece Susie, the "Future Child", who it turns out, is a mutant like him. There is some fighting with an alien machine which leaves Lois seriously hurt and Superman in a trance.

Action Comics #12 - "Return of the Forgotten Superman" - 30pp: Susie refuses to leave Lois, Captain Comet, for it is he, tries to convince her he is one of the good guys, while burying Superman under a pile of cars. He reveals his origin to Superman, who still won't let him take Susie, and with her help, holds him off until his teleport kicks in and whisks him away to the Oort Cloud. Superman then whisks Lois off to hospital, where he carries out an operation to save her. Later, Batman turns up with a history of Clark Kent showing how much good he's done as a journalist. Later, Clark tries to explain to Mrs Nyxly that Superman secretly saved him from the explosion and that he had to pretend to be dead for a while...
Mrs Nyxly: "You know no one will ever believe that"
Fortunately, Mrs Nyxly's full name is NYXLYGSPTLNZ, and she's from a higher mathematical dimension and has been planted here to help Superman. She uses the last of powers to make everyone forget Clark ever died... Meanwhile, that little man pays a visit to Susie and her hamsters. Hmmm, higher dimensional beings, two small rodents... didn't Douglas Adams do something with those concepts once...?

Action Comics #0 - "The Boy Who Stole Superman's Cape" - 22pp: Flashback time, as Clark arrives in Metropolis, orders 200 T-shirts with a `S' logo to be printed on them, gets a job at the Daily Star, and rooms with Jimmy Olsen, and gets bazooka'd as Superman off the top of a tall building. Before he can recover, a kid has picked up his invulnerable Kryptonian cape, and puts it to good use against an abusive father. Meanwhile, Clark has found a room at Mrs Nyxly's boarding house; apparently her husband used to be a magician of sorts, before a rival put him into a coma; used to wear a purple derby hat. Eventually, Superman tracks down the kid with the cape, rescuing him and his brother from a speeding train, just in time for Jimmy to get the money shot, and Lois to coin the name "Superman". Was this the issue #0? It lines up a lot of ducks.

3 short backup stories:

"Absent Friends" - 8pp: Clark's friends and colleagues hold a Wake for him after his apparent death.

"Clothes Encounters" - 8pp: The story behind those coloured T-shirts.

"Origin of the Species" - 8pp: A Captain Comet story, expanding on a scene from "Return of the Forgotten Superman".

Action Comics Annual #1:
"Vulnerable" - 32pp: Someone is building a new experimental weapon to `contain' Superman in case of trouble, a human powered by Kryptonite. The experiment does not go according to plan. General Lane sacks Luthor after the Brainiac fiasco and begins his own research project. Superman visits Doctor Irons, who was part of the team that `tested' him during his imprisonment by Lane and Luthor, but later helped him. Shortly afterwards, Superman is attacked by the "K-Man" (who we used to know as Metallo in a universe long ago and far away) from the abovementioned experiment - cue big battle, also involving Doctor Steel.

"Anchiale" - 8pp: The origin of the Atomic Skull.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great quality art and story, 12 Mar 2014
This review is from: Superman Action Comics Volume 2: Bulletproof TP (The New 52) (Paperback)
I really like this new take on superman where he quite young and brash any maybe a little bit reckless but still is the superman everyone knows and loves.
The art is fantastic throughout especially though in the issue titled "The boy who stole superman's cape" where everything is kinda of sepia in tone which makes metropolis look great. All the stories in this all sort of develop superman as a character in some way which is really cool as we get to see him grow.
Additionally its really cool how they draw him like Christopher Reeve, plus a little appearance from Batman is always a win!
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