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4.0 out of 5 stars One to (storm) watch, 25 Oct 2012
Noel - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Stormwatch TP Vol 01 The Dark Side (Paperback)
Jenny Quantum, Angie the Engineer, Jack Hawksmoor, Midnighter, and Apollo are: Stormwatch? But that's The Authority line-up!? For some reason as part of the "New 52" reboot, the Authority team have been joined by J'onn J'onzz the Martian Manhunter and rebranded as Stormwatch - maybe The Authority sounded too fascistic? This was a pleasant surprise as I love The Authority and feel ambivalent toward Stormwatch - game on, an Authority book!

The good surprises keep coming as Paul Cornell proves he is as good as Warren Ellis (creator of both The Authority and Stormwatch) at writing ambitious, intelligent, and imaginative adventures for this team. In no particular order, the Moon attacks Earth, giant squid monsters ravage mainland America, and sleeping secret cities rise up. There are other characters in the book but seeing as this is about the formation of the core of the team, it's unclear whether these extra characters will survive this book or serve as a plot device only to be killed off in later books.

What sets "Stormwatch" apart from other superhero team books is the characters unique powers and the scope of their missions. Hawksmoor's ability to talk to cities is a superpower I've always just accepted - with the many abstract concepts thrown around in most Authority books, you kind of have to - but in this book Cornell shows the reader what this is like: each city is anthropomorphically depicted as a figure (I loved Gotham City's avatar, very fitting!). Clever touches like this make for a better book rather than just have superheroes bashing away at monsters. I also liked how they covertly masked their apocalyptic first mission with a new character called the Projectionist - I won't say how but it basically sticks it to other DC superhero teams making them seem like blockheads. That superior attitude has always been a part of the Authority, showing Cornell truly gets this series both conceptually and tonally.

There isn't much I disliked about the book - Midnighter's outfit looks a bit too S&M-y, but that's about it. Cornell writes an excellent Authority/Stormwatch book that sets up a brilliant storyline with an excellent set of characters, doing a fine job of making the book accessible to new readers and old. The art is fantastic, the writing is top notch, "Stormwatch" is definitely one of the best titles in the reboot.
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4.0 out of 5 stars The beginning of the end, 11 Mar 2014
Gareth Simon (London, England) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Stormwatch TP Vol 01 The Dark Side (Paperback)
The story running through issues #1-6 of DC Comics' New 52 title `Stormwatch' is collected as Stormwatch TP Vol 01 The Dark Side. This is an interesting and entertaining opening to the new series. We are familiar with most of the characters from the `old' DC Universe, but here there are a couple of new twists. Stormwatch is an ancient organisation, run by a mysterious (and fairly unpleasant) group called the Shadow Cabinet, apparently descended from an earlier group called the Demon Knights (though whether they are related to the New Universe series of that name, I do not know). Hawksmoor, the Engineer and Jenny Quantum are here, and Apollo and Midnighter are in the process of being recruited as the book opens. Harry Tanner is here as the Swordsman, there is a Projectionist, and also our old friend the Martian Manhunter from Mars. The team is tasked with defending the Earth form alien menaces and major baddies - really major ones, not the ones that the `capes' deal with; and the `capes' are on Stormwatch's list as well... The group operate from a captured Daemonite ship - the Eye of the Storm - that is orbiting Earth while also parked in hyperspace. The team is led by a character called Adam-One, who claims to have been born when the universe was created, and is aging backwards... and not doing so well as a team leader, either.

Anyway, while some of the team are off in Moscow trying to recruit Apollo, and finding the Midnighter at the same time... Harry is sent to the Moon, which has become infested by an alien intelligence called the Scourge of Worlds, and is up to something nefarious, which includes bombarding the Earth with mini-scourges.

Everyone seems to be very shouty, and, despite being tasked with saving the Earth from threats, human life on an individual level doesn't see to be considered very important.

This is a `big' series, with high-definition artwork suitable to a big-screen blockbuster, excellent scripting, and with plenty of `human' touches, and I am finding it is already more interesting than the new Justice League.
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