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4.1 out of 5 stars27
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 13 October 2009
Advertising of that book was pretty good and convincing:it made me buy it. After I've read all comments on the author's blog for that famous already video () I got really excited and now I am a bit disappointed.

Erik starts off saying that writing about such dynamic subject requires facts being commented rather then stated and listed and then he would fill up pages with stats, numbers and would repeat the same obviousness: how great social media environment is for business, supporting it with quite predictable scenarios. Not mentioning that the amount of information about Obama's campaign is making this book twice as thick as it actually is necessary. This book may be useful for those who need to impress others in boardroom with meaningless numbers and rather obvious facts to push their ideas, not mentioning that Obama is a key to open many doors in conversation. For those that know what facebook or twitter are and for passive/occassional social media users, such as myself, this books is a page-skipper rather then page-turner. As a repository of, for that moment of time, actual statistics and facts, this books makes a good encyclopedia-like supplement. It is easier and faster to get the same info from the web though. If I'd ever wanted to go back to those facts I'd rather use good-old google. Hence this book seems to be written out of necessity: it is a hot topic, so let's make some money. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless you have no idea what social media is and you'd want to make business and look into numbers that after a while would seem irrelevant anyway. It is difficult to compare it to such masterpieces as "We think" We-Think: Mass innovation, not mass production simply because this book is trying to write about something in such an obvious way that it is rather uninspiring. While Leadbeater shakes the world with comments and just few good examples. Qualman simply overdoses facts, examples, stats and lacks what he promises at the beginning: inspiring comments and interpretations. Doing so he seems to make a huge claim that he knows best of how it is and how to succeed on that field. Reading this book I had a feeling of being in a classroom with an old school teacher who would throw dry facts in a sermon style at me.

I haven't found there much that I wouldn't know or that would inspire and teach me, maybe because I am web savvy and I look for information myself. This book is good for those who are, well actually were, lazy and now need a bit of catch up.
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on 21 April 2012
This books is yet another volume packed with platitudes and completely absent in insight relating to the "new world" of social media and, as the author so wittily stated, "socialnomics", Unlike other books with discuss the impact of social media on marketing theories and the challenges that it poses to relationship marketing - in a sense really reconceptualising, for better or worse, how we do marketing, this book focuses on the utterly irrelevant aspects of social media by considering how network sites and others are changing the way we think and relate to one another. The distressing aspect of it is that the authors are so naive as to give us the example of Sarah, a woman who has nothing better to do in her supermarket visit than to change her facebook status, thus leading to a cascade of wall posts which suggest to her things she could buy, and inform her of friends' life stories. I am reading it and wishing Sarah would get off her iPhone and out of my way as I am trying to get past her in the isle. So very quickly I realise that Socialnomics is not only filled with drivel and absolutely no research into the matter of social media, but also that its authors are the kind of people who would succumb to meaningless eRelationships and therefore can teach me nothing. I wouldn't waste twopence on it, and I am gutted that I spent £5.
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on 12 July 2010
From Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and Wikipedia, the social media are redefining human interaction and business. Online marketer and columnist Erik Qualman carefully assesses the social and commercial impacts of these online tools and uses that information to advise companies and businesspeople who want to benefit from them. He emphasizes that the social media democratize opportunity for anyone who has a great product or something worthwhile to say. Through colorful case studies and examples, Qualman shows how businesses have already profited from major social media trends and provides new strategies and tips. getAbstract suggests his detailed, clearly written analysis of social media trends to marketing and advertising professionals, and to anyone interested in how the social media are evolving and changing society.
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on 4 July 2010
Erik Qualmann's book Socialnomics is a must read now ... before it runs out of time and social media moves on to something newer and bigger. The numbers for social media usage are astonishing. Erik Qualmann pulls together some mostly accurate case studies and facts that will help many people understand more about social media.

Erik doesn't set out a model or a plan for social media, doesn't tell you what social networks to use and doesn't hold back from a message that is clearly 'get involved now'.

This book is American centric, so some people will be left wanting more examples, as all the case studies are American and a large chapter is dedicated to the last US Presidential election.
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on 22 March 2011
Socialnomics is a super-inspiring book about how companies can / should use SocialMedia. It includes lots of cases and Eric Qualmans ever present statistics.

Note that when you read it you must dust off your inner critic as Qualman sometimes can be slightly over exited.

Nevertheless I would strongly recommend reading Socialnomics, because it was extremely interested reading from start to finish.
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on 1 October 2010
This is a good overview of why social media matters to companies, how they can use it to effectively market products to customers and how social media should push good companies to go beyond that by encouraging them to respond to what consumers really want. What is grating is the broadbrush assumptions and generalisations it makes about human behaviour and psychology. It states, for example, that people bragging about what they're doing via status updates on Facebook is a good thing, because it encourages people to do exciting things with their lives, like bungee jumping, instead of watching TV. And that having to present the same face to everyone - work colleagues, friends, family - is also a good thing because it makes people more transparent and less hypocritical. A lot of psychologists would probably argue the opposite.

So essentially this is a very optomistic, un-nuanced, unreflective view of social media and its impact on society BUT - and this is an important but - as a business book its enthusiasm works well. Just don't carry it over wholesale into your personal life!
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on 4 January 2015
A very interesting read that helps you to understand why social media is important and how businesses/organisation should transform to help to be customer-centric and improve relationships with customers, which is essential to be successful.
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on 13 June 2011
An excellent book that gives you an insight into how technology has changed our world via social networking. It helps to understand how we can communicate better with the world and make a difference.
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on 17 January 2011
Great book to understand more the difference it makes to invest on social media for organizations. Also helps to ensure and shows how to implement the change on people's mind regarding social media.
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For people who have stuck with traditional marketing for to long, this is truly mind-opening. Easy to grasp the concepts of the field presented in this book.

For people already in the business of SMM, there is probably not much to gain by reading this book.

I enjoyed reading it.
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