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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 30 June 2013
My brother sent me this book along with seven or eight others when he found out that I had cancer.
This book is proving to be by far the most meaningful and helpful in deciding what nutrients and vitamins to take. It is well researched and set out and it is easy to read and understand.
My wife has read the book and has adjusted both our nutrition and diet towards a neutral pH level. In the weeks since we changed our eating habits I have seen major changes in my health and also strength of mind.
Of equal importance it is helping me understand why and how I got the cancer and reinforce my positive attitude that will get me through the process. I have been in regular contact with Ms. Mitchell who has answered all my email questions and offered additional advice on things I would never have thought to ask.
I have sent copies of this book to two doctors and my homeopath. All have come back with positive comments.
I can't recommend this book enough to everybody: to those young who feast on the totally acidic junk food of the 21st century; to their parents to guide themselves and on how to help their children improve their diets and quality of life; and to those who wish to prevent this disease and want to take responsibility for their own health or those wanting to recover from cancer.
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on 16 May 2014
The information in this book should be common knowledge, practiced by all to live a long and healthful life. The reality is real food equals real health. I turned vegan in January then more fully adopted the advice in this book in April on being diagnosed with breast cancer. This is now my course of treatment following a mastectomy one month ago. There are huge industries out there that want to keep you blind to the real damage done to your health by the products they're selling. This book will lead you to an awakening and help you take back control of your health and well being. I've highly recommended to all my family and friends. You have nothing to lose but ill health!
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on 9 August 2013
Natalie Mitchell is a nutritionist with a background of working in cancer prevention and recovery. While aimed at cancer prevention, Mitchell says using the information within this book will help you improve your current health.

The book begins with a quote from Robin Sharma that highlighted to me the urgent need to read on. "People generally achieve magnificent things when their backs are up against the wall and they are forced to tap into the wellspring of human potential that lies within them." So often society is reactive. This book is a practical guide in how to be proactive when it comes to cancer prevention.

The best cancer cure is prevention and Mitchell explains which food choices create environments in which cancer can thrive and which create anticancer environments. `How to Kill Cancer Cells' outlines the best nutrition for cancer prevention, giving readers the knowledge to make the best day to day decisions about which foods to eat in order to sustain health and remain cancer free.

While primarily focusing on diet, Mitchell does also look at the impact stress, positive thinking and emotions have on the body's well-being.

With reference to medical and scientific research, `How to Kill Cancer Cells' is an easy read. Mitchell arms reader with information to take control over their body's health by making informed daily choices and in this way avoid disease.
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on 9 August 2013
This book has some amazingly useful and practical advice that should be taught to everyone if we want to collectively prevent cancer. All of the information is professional and backed by time-tested and proven methodologies .

I found this book to be unique compared to a few others that I have came across due to how the author doesn't just focus on the nutritional side of preventing cancer. Of course, nutrition and diet is a huge factor in preventing cancer but it is also important to not neglect your mental health and to try to stay positive, I am glad that the author has chosen to cover these factors too and not leave anything out - which I have noticed in the previous books that I have read about cancer. The material provides some incredibly useful advice for combating cancer cells naturally and most importantly, efficiently. The content should be mandatory to know for people as I'm sure on a large scale that it could save many lives
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on 11 August 2013
This is a book that everyone should read. Before I read this book I had many aches and pains, and a lack of energy, that I put down to having a young family and getting older. After making the necessary changes to my diet, set out in this book, I not only have lots more energy but I feel happier, more confident and as an added bonus my skin is softer and glowing.

Even if you think you are healthy, you should read this book. You may discover that the foods you believe are good for you, are in fact doing you more harm than good!
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on 4 October 2013
Go out and read this book, loaded with knowledge that I like to see available for anyone who is concerned about cancer. Rea it and pass it on to those you know need to understand more on a how to level.
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on 12 March 2015
Sent home with 6 months to live sept 12...bought this book.still here. It is now March 2015..
Excellent book.
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on 24 April 2014
Author and Nutritionist Natalie Mitchell take center stage in what seems to be the never-ending battle against Cancer.

In short, this is a unique and comprehensive book that will arm you with the tools needed to fight cancer through preventives. It’s truly a proactive approach to building a solid knowledge base that can lead to a more active, fit and hopefully cancer free lifestyle.

Some of the topics I found to be the most intriguing are the foods that are good and those that at least, on the outside, seem good and healthy but on the inside may in-fact be harming us. This book is well written in an easy to follow manner that will keep your eyes glued to your reading device well into the late night hours. I cannot stress how comprehensive this book truly is. The information found, is well researched and documented through various medial publications providing a solid backbone to the message being portrayed throughout the book. In other words its not something made up that has no baring on your life as is the case with many other books in the market today.

The vegetable acidity chart came as shock to me when I saw some of my favorite foods at the top of the list. It ‘s also great that this book is available in digital format, that way I can reference anytime I want on my kindle.

Words to describe this book are Informational, Comprehensive, Descriptive, Eye Opening, and Profound in so many ways that truly should be shared with everyone.

On a personal note I lost my Grandfather and Father to Cancer. As a society we need to not only invest money on cures, but also need to take a proactive approach to helping people live healthier lifestyles. This book is an amazing first step that I personally will reference over and over. Totally worth the investment and I Highly Recommend to all.
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on 19 April 2014
I'm about 20% through this book so far, and it really is horrendous.

The author repeats the same points again and again, sometimes she'll even repeat the same sentence with different words. We get it, you believe an alkaline diet is the way to go.

She claims that since tomatoes and oranges are very acidic, they make your body a more acidic place. This is complete nonsense, after these foods are broken down they make the body more alkaline. I really don't know what she's doing writing a book about this when she obviously hasn't the slightest grasp of any of it.

She just throws in that you shouldn't eat garlic every day because it's "quite dangerous", with no explanation or rationale whatsoever for saying that but it's supposedly an example of how "moderation" is a good thing. .

It's stupid and wrong. She obviously mustn't have heard that WHO advocates taking garlic once a day to prevent cancer.

There's lots of filler figures and stuff in an already small book. It's so terrible that I really can't believe anyone wrote such a book and is actually charging for it, I'm going to try to get my money back.
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on 6 July 2014
Impressive! This phenomenal edifying book is absolutely exquisite. The various areas covered in this enlightening guide is spot-on, nothing is amiss. Amazingly this well expressive author has articulated a ground breaking guide worthy to possess. From beginning to end such an illuminating research is well written and organized. Certainly this condense book is easy to follow and understand. Unquestionably, this eloquent author has carefully graphed each chapter to amplify her cause which is to be healthier and kill cancer cells. I am totally mesmerized by this stimulating book. This is a must have!
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