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4.5 out of 5 stars33
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 September 2011
Despite having been a small part of this project (p 85-86), I had no idea what Sean was attempting. I didn't have a clue that there would be so many influential zombie authors involved, including a foreword from Eric S. Brown. I thought it was just going to be a follow-up of some kind to The Official Zombie Handbook by The Ministry of Zombies. I couldn't have been more off the mark with that assumption. I review zombie literature every single day, and yet I've read nothing that could even come close to the brilliance of this particular compilation by Sean Page.

It's divided into eight major sections:
Part I - Know Your Enemy - The Walking Dead
Part II - From Survival to Fightback
Part III - War Against the Walking Dead - Lessons From History
Part IV - War Against the Walking Dead
Part V - Weapons of the War Against the Walking Dead
Part VI - Tactics For War Against the Walking Dead
Part VII - Victory over the Walking Dead
Part VIII - Further Information and Recommended Reading

I was absolutely floored by the magnitude of this book. It's no wonder it took him over year in the making. Calling War Against The Walking Dead a guide is a serious disservice to the voluminous information so meticulously organized; calling it fiction seems just as egregious, when you consider the months of research that is crafted within the pages. Seriously, comparing the ZSG to WATWD is like comparing a stone tablet to a Kindle.

Page has successfully created the most unique zombie community experience available in book form; the text is authoritative and comprehensive, supported with maps, charts and other illustrations. WATWD is an all-embracing, high quality chronicle that will have zombiephiles around the world rethinking the zombie prose. I can only hope that the zombie cinematic community takes note as well.

Indisputably, Severed Press, the Melbourne based publisher, has definitely made a name for itself with the release of this monumental addition to zombie literature.
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on 7 December 2011
We're read our survival guides, played our zombie killing first person shooters and we think we have an idea of what to do. In fact, those who are clued-up and have followed Sean's advice in The Official Zombie Handbook (UK) have their 90 day survival plan well and truly sorted. But what happens once we stumble out of our fortresses after the initial 90 days?
Somehow we've got to take this country back from the flesh-eaters and in the chaotic collapse of the world as we know it we need an orderly roadmap to get us back in control. War Against the Walking Dead is just that roadmap.
More than just a survival guide it explores the research of many esteemed scientists, supported by historical examples, to provide infallible advice on the practical application of military doctrine against an enemy without fear, remorse or a heartbeat. It teaches us how to take back our world, house by house, street by street and shire by shire - to free ourselves from an occupation of the undead.
From communing with the spirits of the recently deceased to understand what makes them tick, small and large-scale combat maneuvers and the terrifying discovery of the devastating phenomenon of the ghoul meta-horde, to the practical application of the microlight. This book is encyclopedic.
War Against the Walking Dead yields a very British brand of dark comedy, laughing in the very face of fear, to lift a text with otherwise deadly serious undertones. It is an essay in the exploration of traditional methods of warfare, coup and insurrection in the context of a world overrun by the undead. It is a crowning achievement that should be in every zombie survivalist's library and its text might mark what could just possibly be our finest, or last, hour.
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on 31 March 2012
I was so excited to begin reading War Against the Walking Dead - there's so much focus on the actual zombie apocalypse and short-term survival, the idea of a guide focused more on long term survival and prosperity was really interesting.

War Against the Walking Dead is broken up into several sections - Know Your Enemy, From Survival to Fightback, Lessons from History, War Against the Walking Dead, Weapons, Tactics, Victory and some great references to websites and further reading.

With sarcasm that would make me proud, Mr. Page also uses an element of humour that prevents the book being a dry, tactical manual but instead makes it serious with moments of light relief. Some of the section headings in particular made me snicker: Transmorphers - Zombies in Disguise (yeah, I heard the Transformers theme in my head when I read that!) is my favourite example.

Particularly interesting for me were the sections on dealing with other survivor groups - religious nuts, power-crazy barons, cannibals - the ideas on how to best interact and deal with these groups are reflected in so many zombie books, but War Against the Walking Dead offers far more practical advice than just 'run awayyyyyyyy'. There is also a mention of roving 'entertainers', court-jester style - an interesting way to boost morale or make a living!

War Against the Walking Dead is a great book if you are interested in the practical side of surviving after the zombie apocalypse, with some excellent ideas on how to fight zombies tactically, find great locations to rebuild humanity, and how to best utilise your survivor community for both prosperity and fighting. So if you want to be prepared, grab a copy and read up, and then keep it close by - this should be one of the first books you have on hand when the dead rise!
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on 21 November 2011
This was only my second zombie book purchase but I am a horror fan. Overall, this is a well-researched & sometimes humorous zombie war fighting guide. It is aimed at Z-War/Walking Dead fans. This book has more piccies than Mr Page's previous one which I think is good as it breaks up the text.

The first few sections look at updates in the world of the zombic condition (is it real or not? Sometimes you do ask yourself as fact & fiction blur here!) Expect maths, mediums & some very unusual tales in this section. Conspiracy theorists will go into overdrive.

The next sections cover the obligatory historical case studies - there are only 4 or 5 of them but again, they are detailed & read well, each covering some part of the zombie war.

The remaining sections look at fighting back. This book assumes that the zombies have already taken over & now you are looking to start the war against the dead in the UK or whatever country you are in. There are experts on hand with advice & some crazy/dangerous case studies! I like the fact that the planning starts pretty much from just you in your home all the way to creating a zombie fighting army.

Take the time to read the reference section at the back as this is one of the funniest parts of the book. There are contact details for everyone from a `go to guy' in South East Asia on zombies to some general in the Chinese Army. Are they real? Some are I checked - the others who knows!

I think this is probably aimed at fans of the upcoming Brad Pitt Z-War film & will suit anyone who likes hardcore zombie war planning. A good present for anyone with who knows that zombie fan who `has everything"!
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on 7 November 2011
Do you believe there will ever be a zombie type pandemic spread across our world? Do I?

With my love of zombie fiction, well...........................I guess I must! So getting a review copy of this book simply made my day. I received the paper version of this book, as I still prefer the feel of a book in my hands when I read.

I've read a lot of zombie tales in my time, and I have especially sort out various zombie survival guides. Now, with certain guides I have read, I found the information provided was very well thought out and was quite interesting, but they never really gripped me and I often found myself lightly scanning through many paragraphs, looking for something more gripping. Also, the so-called survival techniques and advice never really related to me, a person situated in the UK. So I really do have to scream out to you, what I found with `War Against The Walking Dead', captivated me like no other guide has!

I went into this book expecting the standard tales of zombies through history, advice on weapons and supplies, and how to stay alive within a war against the dead, just like I've read in many other books. Now although, yes, this book does contain similar information, it took the whole thing to the next level and provided so many more insights, more depth, more relevant information and quality humour, but above all, how to actually start fighting back once we are overwhelmed by the hordes of the dead.
The detail about what to do and how to do it is just pure brilliance in every sense of the word.
I found myself questioning what fact was and what fiction was. I can honestly say there are certain parts where I still wonder if such events took place, and I'm not talking about hundreds of years ago, I'm talking about now, in the last year. Experiments, studies, accidents, did they take place as the book suggests, or is it fiction? I seriously do not know. And throughout the entire thing, that is what impressed me the most, the fact that the book is written so well with such creativity, that it completed captivated my mind and allowed me to immerse myself in a world that Sean T Page has created.

Is this happening now? Are the zombies on our doorsteps waiting for that opportunity to strike?

This is one of the best zombie guides I have had the pleasure of reading and would thoroughly recommend it to all. Not only is the content surprisingly accurate and interesting but the cover art is enthralling and the material used for the cover is strangely different to the touch, compared to normal book covers.

You will find that it will take you a while to read this book, but not because it is hard to get into, but because it is so engrossing you'll want to make sure you completely take in every single well written word!

One line I just have to quote is - "Four psychics and a zombie (without Hugh Grant)", just one of many small humorous insertions that I loved!
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on 16 November 2011
Like many prudent souls I spend much of my free time preparing for the impending zombie apocalypse. Many books are being published on the subject, to warn and inform. This is surely the best to help people in the face of the forthcoming outbreak of the walking dead that will reduce humanity to only the hardiest, luckiest and best prepared survivors.

After reading this volume, what can I say? Sean T Page has produced an exhaustively thorough and scientifically validated guide. It's impressively readable and consistently well supported with consultation from experts around the globe, and offers practical advice tempered with real world considerations.

Throughout the book achieves a minor miracle of balancing a factual, empirical tone with a robust sense of humour that makes many nods to the treatment of the undead in popular culture. 'War Against The Walking Dead' is peppered with nuggets like, "The dead will never stop their drive to feed on humans," and similar phrases which office computers should display randomly upon booting up first thing in the day.

The author has an intriguingly precise eye for the terminology of the subject - inhumo, zombiology, bug boy, homo zombiens, it's all good. This is a meticulous, exacting and funny book, with regular nods to the classics of military history and sociological observations.

Zombie studies - or zombiology - has been elevated to a new level.

"Remember, squashed brain for the zombies, compassion for the living."

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This is a survival guide to give you lifesaving tips in the event of a Zombie apocalypse. It is divided into 8 sections:-

Part 1 - Know Your Enemy - The Walking Dead
Part 2 - From Survival to Fightback
Part 3 - War Against the Walking Dead - Lessons From History
Part 4 - War Against the Walking Dead
Part 5 - Weapons of the War Against the Walking Dead
Part 6 - Tactics For War Against the Walking Dead
Part 7 - Victory over the Walking Dead
Part 8 - Further Information and Recommended Reading

It is written in a very informative manner and should be the go to guide on everybodys shelf. The author has included charts and diagrams and has backed everything up with words of wisdom from the Ministry of Zombies. It is written in a nice easy style and at no point did I feel it was too 'text book' for me.

I enjoyed this and will certainly keep it on my shelf as THE definitive reference book when the Apocalypse hits. For anyone who would like to have all the information to survive and overcome the Zombie Apocalypse in one easy to read volume - look no further.
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on 21 November 2011
I bought this a few weeks ago & the cover sat looking at me menacingly for a week or so due to work. I finally got stuck into it over the last week & I was surprised as I really enjoyed it.

I've read a few zombie books & this is one of the most detailed - you gotta love the detail to like this one! There are some cool illustrations in it & whilst the content can be heavyweight survival stuff - there are plenty of gags in there to keep in moving along. Some of them are very well-hidden in.

This is a zombie war book rather than a 'lets see how long I can survive' book. It's a brilliant present for any zombie nuts in the family. Thoroughly recommended for any horror/zombie fan but not if you are just after a joke book.

Best part is the case studies & stickman diagrams. Worst bit, it's very very detailed - you gotta be into this! (saying that I now know how to build an anti-zombie militia army which may be useful later on!)

All in all, good zombie fare which walking dead fans will love.
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on 10 November 2011
This is a follow up to "The Official Zombie Handbook", which tells you what to do in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. Assuming you made it past the first 30 days (details on drawing up a 30 day survival plan are covered in the first book) this latest publication from the official "Ministry of Zombies" tells you how to go about organising survivors and fighting back against the living dead. It covers everything from defensive strategies against attacking zombies, to first contact protocols with other surviving groups, complete with a handy checklist of the sorts of survivors you DONT want in your camp.

If you like reading survival books by the likes of John Wiseman and Cody Luskin and are into your zombie films, this ones a must, which combines elementary survival techniques with a large dose of humour, referencing the numerous films or Fulci and Romero and many of those post apocalyptic films like the Mad Max movies.

Zombie fans should definitely check this one out!
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on 22 October 2011
All the previous guides I've read concentrate on just surviving the outbreak but at last we have a book where we learn how to fight back. I must admit to having an incredible fear of the Undead but even I was starting to think there may be a glimmer of hope. I really enjoyed the style of the book, I'm not too keen on the tongue in cheek guides and the serious tone actually makes it feel more real. I found all the fightback scenarios easy to understand even although I have no real military knowledge, and was able to picture them quite clearly in my mind. Its also probably the first guide where I've kept skipping backwards and forwards while I've been reading due to many points that were raised earlier keep springing back in the different scenarios. This is a welcome and very fine addition to my zombie collection and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending it to any fan of the genre. A very strong five out of five.
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