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4.3 out of 5 stars2,365
4.3 out of 5 stars
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I don't normally like to compare books in my reviews because I prefer to look at them on their own merit but because this was recommended for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey I'm going to make a comparison this time. I'm one of those people who ended up completely addicted to FSoG, I had a lot of problems with the writing style - the constant repetitions, the bad grammar and the poor editing to name a few - but I could not put it down and devoured the entire trilogy in record time.

I needed something to fill the FSoG shaped hole in my life and Bared to You was highly recommended. It is another book that was originally self published by the author and has now been picked up by a major publishing house after it became a big hit on Amazon and there is no doubt in my mind that it will appeal to FSoG fans. In my opinion Bared to You is a million times better that FSoG in a lot of ways - Sylvia Day's writing is so much better, there are no conversations with the inner goddess that made me want to scream, I liked Eva a lot more than Ana and the sex scenes are much hotter. So you'd rightfully be thinking that I'd recommend the story to FSoG fans.

However, I can't say I found it quite as addictive as FSoG. Yes, I devoured Bared to You. Yes, I stayed up until 5am in the morning because I couldn't but it down. Yes, I am definitely going to be reading the next two books in the series. Yes, I did fall for Gideon but I don't love him quite as much as I love Christian. Perhaps that will change as I get to know him better throughout the next two books but we'll have to wait and see. I still can't stop thinking about FSoG even though it has been nearly two months since I finished reading it and I don't know what I would have done with myself if the next two books hadn't been available for me to devour immediately afterwards. While I'm excited that I only have to wait until October for Deeper in You that wait isn't going to kill me. I have to say that I love both books as much as each other but in different ways, neither FSoG or Bared to You is perfect but they are both compelling and not to be missed.

One of the things I liked most about Bared to You was the fact that Eva and Gideon are both as messed up as each other. They both have terrible issues from their pasts that have deeply effected the way they behave in the present. This seems much more realistic to me and I like the fact that they are both going to have to deal with their past and make changes to their attitudes if they want to have a chance at a successful relationship. This isn't a case of one person having to "fix" the other, it's a case of two deeply hurt individuals who might have a chance at healing each others pain and working towards a happy future together.

As much as I loved the email exchanges between Ana and Christian in FSoG I loved the banter between Eva and Christian even more. I love the way she is adult enough to stand up to him face to face or over the phone. She is no simpering virgin but rather someone who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. Gideon is very possessive and should come with a stalker warning, especially at the beginning of the story, but Eva won't put up with any of his crap and in her own way she behaves just as badly at times with her own jealousy problems. Gideon is rich, powerful and successful, sexy as sin as well as dark and dangerous - I don't know many women who wouldn't find themselves attracted to him. The chemistry between him and Eva is intense and the pages literally sizzle when they are in a room together. Their journey may not be an easy one but you feel like they have something worth fighting for.

If you're looking for a scorching hot contemporary erotic story with a gritty romance between two damaged people then I'd highly recommend Bared to You. I'll be eagerly awaiting the next instalment and in the meantime I'm definitely planning on checking out some of Sylvia Day's other books.
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on 21 August 2012
On the front cover of my book there's a little sticker that says, "If you liked Fifty Shades of Grey, you'll love this." Well, I loved Fifty Shades so I knew I wanted to read this, especially if it was being compared to this but you know what I didn't expect? I didn't expect to love Bared to You more, but I did. So...move over Christian Grey and make way for Gideon Cross!

Wow....just wow. I can't believe how much I loved this book and I'm kicking myself for not reading it sooner. This book is always going to be compared to Fifty Shades of Grey, they have the same rich, hot, alpha male's with troubled pasts and female's that can bring the males to their knees, but the different is there's no BDSM relationship. Now before you Fifty Shades of Grey haters start, Bared to You is so much more than Fifty and you may find that, if you try this you might enjoy it too, so don't be put off by all the Fifty talk.

What I loved about this book was the fact that it felt very realistic. Eva isn't a innocent girl that doesn't know about sex, she's a women that had a troubled past and she like to be in control of her life. She won't settle for being controlled by her family or Gideon. I loved that about her. I loved that she won't allow Gideon to control her but instead, makes him see her as an equal. Now Gideon, he's a rich, powerful young man who loves to be in control in and out of bed. Eva really changes his life, he finds it hard to let people in because of his dark secrets he is hiding and boy, do I want to know his secrets. Despite Eva and Gideon's obstacles, I really think they make a fantastic couple. I'm really rooting for them and I'm very eager to see what the next two books have in store for them.

The story itself is heart-wrenching, packed with emotions and passionate scenes. It's beautiful and touching and let's not forget the hot scenes between Eva and Gideon. Sparks literally fly off the pages when you read this book and it will leave you begging for more.

If I haven't convinced you to read this book yet, then I'll leave you my three favourite quotes...ENJOY!

1) "I can't go long without you either, Eva. You're an obsession..." - Gideon

2) "I'm an animal with you," he murmured. "I want to mark you. I want to possess you so completely there's no separation between us." - Gideon

3) "You forget who submits, Eva," he said gruffly. "I've given up control for you. I've bent and adjusted for you. I'll do anything to keep you and make you happy. But I can't be tamed or topped. Don't mistake indulgence for weakness." - Gideon
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BARED TO YOU is one of those books I’ve looked at many times on shelves at the library and book stores with mild interest but never really with enough to compel me to pick it up. I’ve been trying to branch out from YA this past year and try new genres in particular romance in all its shades and the massive interest in Sylvia Day finally convinced me this series would be worth trying and WOW is that interest justified!

BARED TO YOU is about Eva, having recently moved to NYC with her best friend Cary; she’s looking forward to a fresh start after recovering from a very dark time in her past. Unfortunately her over-wrought mother is a little zealous in her protectiveness of her daughter after feeling like she failed her so desperately in the past but Eva is determined to strike out on her own and starts a job as an executive assistant at a firm in the Crossfire building owned by enigmatic billionaire Gideon Cross. A chance meeting between the two sparks a passionate affair that tests their emotional defences to the limit and beyond.

It’s not often that I am so captivated by two people and root for them so deeply but Sylvia Day really made me care for Eva and Gideon! I warmed to Eva immediately and really liked how despite the fact she is one of the 1% and is privileged to the max, she’s not spoilt. She appreciates the position she is in due to her background but is eager to work and make a place for herself based on her own merits. She’s also deeply caring and protective of her friends, especially Cary and I loved their dynamic although I doubt I would be quite so forgiving of some of the more extreme aspects of his lifestyle! She’s put up walls for the darkest of reasons and despite the immediate chemistry with Gideon, she refuses to give her heart to the undeserving and boy does she make Gideon work for it! While their sex life could rival the heat from an active volcano and is just as explosive, the emotional side of their relationship is quite sweet and passionate and makes you want them to find peace and happiness in each other.

Gideon Cross…hello primal hunk of goodness – While he definitely embodies a lot of the more infuriating alpha male characteristics seen in these novels – demanding, stubborn, and controlling – there’s an intense vulnerability that Eva brings out in him which is just wonderful. I loved the moments where they connected on a deeper level than just sex. This brings me to the sex…yeah…wow! I don’t think I’ve read quite such a descriptive book with such steamy scenes but boy can Day paint a graphic and <ahem> affecting picture…we’ll say no more!!

One thing that really stood out for me and made me fall in love was the writing! Sylvia Day has the most beautiful, eloquent style that enthralled me. I loved her descriptive passages that really made me picture New York and I felt like I was right there with Eva and Gideon (but like not at steamy times because that would be awkward!!!) This book is high on drama and really puts you though the ringer but I loved every minute!

Sexy, emotional, highly passionate and oh so addictive – BARED TO YOU is a definite hit for this girl!
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on 11 November 2012
I'm not sure what to say here. This was an experimental read, if you like. I'd seen lots of people reading and loving it, and even though I was half-way convinced it wouldn't be for me, like a petulant child being left out of a game, I wanted to know what all the fuss was about, and wondered if I just gave it a chance, maybe I'd fall under its spell too.

I didn't. I didn't hate it either, though. I don't have any angry, hateful feelings I need to vent about it. To be honest, I don't feel much. I find myself slightly indifferent. I was somewhat annoyed at how it ended since I don't want to read any more and answers were not provided on certain things, but that's something I can learn to live with because I don't care about the characters enough to lose sleep over it. Also, I found the repetitiveness of Eva's running away and her jealousy irritating.

It think it all comes down to one thing, which is that the sex was just too much for me. (I know, I know, it's erotic romance, what did I expect). Well, I guess I expected not to be so bored by it. It started off quite well; the scene in the limo was particularly steamy, and at that point I was still hopeful I might enjoy it. Nine-hundred sex scenes later, however, it had quickly gone from titillating to tedious and tiresome.

I can't really talk about the plot as there isn't much of one aside from the twisted, obsessive relationship between Gideon and Eva, and the sex. (Oy, the sex). And once I was bored with the sex, there was so little left for me to grasp on to.

It's ironic that a book that is suppose to be so sexy was the biggest turn-off to me. I would literally look at how much of the book was left and think (hope, pray) that surely there can't be any more sex scenes in it now before the end. There's got to be some other big thing that happens at the end, right? Like maybe the answers I wanted? But nope.

I'm sorry to those lovely Goodreaders who helped me decide to give this a go when I was dithering about it. I feel like I've failed some kind of test. But in the future I think I stick to my hunky highlanders and fearsome knights. Romance vs Erotica every time..

2 Stars ★★
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Ok I hate comparing books but I cant do a review of this without mentioning Fifty Shades of Grey the similarities are too much to even pretend they are nothing alike. Young girl, falls for a rich hunk of a man in his late 20's who just happens to have a deep dark secret from his past that he is unable to talk about. The only real difference between the two females in these two tales is that unlike Ana, Eva has also suffered her share of abuse.

I read (and loved) FSoG several months ago, before I was aware of the hype surrounding the series, and since then all I've heard is "If you loved this then you should read Bared to you"... "It's way hotter than fifty"..
I started reading this book around 11:30pm and sat up until 1:30 reading it and when I woke at 6am I decided to pass the time reading some more. Yes I found it interesting, and I did struggle to put it down, but I wouldn't class it as hotter than FSoG.. AS hot as maybe. It is written better though.

Both Eva and Gideon accept they are not perfect, in fact they both admit they are possessive and they accept this of each other, but it doesn't miraculously erase their insecurities. There is no denying that these two people are damaged, and in Gideon's case we are still left wondering how and by who.

Something bared to You had that FSoG was missing was the best friend, Eva's room-mate was very much present. Was there to help offer advice or even just a shoulder to cry on. Yes he was just as (or more than) scarred by his past, but he was ever present. There is plenty of room for growth for all characters involved, i just hope that future instalments doesnt see them "cured" after one therapy session together.

I am looking forward to reading the second instalment in the trilogy Reflected in You when it is released in October.
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on 26 August 2012
Definitely not for anyone who has read and loved FSOG. The central characters are not as likeable as Christian & Anastasia and barely have a redeeming feature between them. Not brilliantly written either. The ending just screamed "follow-up" for more money and what was with the discussion page at the end?! Rubbish.
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on 11 July 2012
Firstly I have to confess that I haven't finished it yet, but I felt the need to write something, though that might be because I have only had four hours sleep. I bought the novel yesterday, started it at around 10.30pm expecting to be falling asleep within half an hour but at 2.30am I was still reading until my husband 'suggested' I turn the light out. When he came back into the bedroom after his shower at 6.40 this morning to find me reading my Kindle again he asked me if I was reading Fifty Shades of Grey and I told him it was something better.

This has humour, an admission of lust that develops into more; it feels real and I have developed a bond with the characters, not just a desire to know what will happen next, how far they will go. I'm only half way through, so it could all be downhill from here, but if you like a good novel and are not embarrassed reading about sex, then you should read it.
Have to keep this short as need a comfort break and a coffee before I go back to another session - could someone ring my husband and ask him to bring me some eye drops home because I'll probably need them later; oh! and a take-away!
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on 5 August 2012
Bared to You is being touted as the new FSOG. There are very obvious comparisons between the two, there is no denying it. It is worth noting the Sylvia Day thanks E L James in the acknowledgments so I assume it was very much intentional.

Gideon is the mega-rich owner of Cross Industries and Eva is a new employee. They meet, their eyes meet...and so on. It is pretty predictable (as are all these books really but that's not why we read them!). I was hooked after a few chapters. As others have said the writing is much much better (but then Sylvia Day is an established author - E L James was writing for fun on a fan site). The characters are more rounded with both having their own serious issues from the past (and the madness that is Eva's mother) that will need to be overcome before there is a happy-ever-after. Even the secondary characters such as Eva's flatmate have issues. That's probably the biggest difference from FSOG - Eva is a well-rounded strong character in her own right. She has life experience and a mind of her own and isn't afraid to show it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would say of all the books I have read after FSOG, this by far comes closest in terms of story and the all important sex scenes but it is an excellent book in it's own right without the comparisons. I can't wait for the 2nd book to come out!
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on 29 July 2012
I was a fan of the fifty shades series, so for me this was a great book but I would not read this if you didnt like those as the story is along the same lines, I think this was better, it had a better story, better characters, and better sex scences whoa! hot hot and then some! already hooked and pre ordered book two and three, great back story and second characters Cary, was great and I hope he gets his HEA at some point in the series cant wait for book 2.

Gideon Cross is a rich sexy man with sad,heartbreaking secrets he meets Eva on her first day at his company and the two are instantly attracted and drawn to each other they crave each other like drugs, both of them are flawed and damaged, with secrets from their pasts that could ruin their already fragile relationship, both have issues with relationships and both can't stop wanting the other the whole book is great, I couldnt stop reading it dying to know what was going to happen next its more steamy than fifty shades with a better story and hotter characters, I like that Eva can hold her own and that she too has her own share of past problams rather than it all being the male character like in fifty shades, dont get me wrong there would be no crossfire series without fifty but I must say Sylvia Day has done a better job with book one
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on 28 October 2012
this book confused me slightly, it seems to advertise its self (or rather people advertise it) as another fifty shades of grey, and whilst i loved the FSog series, i really couldn't get into this book. Im currently working my way through the second and i feel it doesn't have the same pull as FSoG.
I found the book to be very dull, and i really cant get into it. The book centres on the relationship of eva and Gideon, and that they were both abused, eva by her step brother Nathan and Gideon by a mystery person. Every so often a mention of nathan crops up, and you think he might appear but he doesn't (well at least he hasn't yet) There is a part of the book after Eva has been for dinner with her mother who seems to freeze in the street, we then read Eva asks Gideon for the security tapes, and personally i thought this would see us introduced to Nathan, but it just leads us to another chapter.i feel the book really doesn't make the characters very 3 dimensional, the sex scenes are very samey with little to no variation, bar where they have sex, limo/bed/bath. I don't think we get enough information about what happened with Gideon to make him such a mess, but plenty of eva's issues, its almost as though the author hasn't decided fully on what she wants to do with gideon, and bar his muscles, we don't get much of a description, and i think its the lack of a description that makes me feel the characters are very 2d. I herd it advertised as another BDSM book, but it really isn't, there are elements of controlling behaviour from Gideon but nothing like we see from Christian. The book mentions how Gideon hates his family, but then on the next page its the next day, it feels like huge chunks of the book are missing, and whilst this is obviously done to make a 'page turner' it just really annoys me!
will i read the third book ..... most likely, but i dont find it a page turner, more a chore. My main issue with this book or rather the series is i don't think if flowed very well.
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