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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 19 November 2010
Together with Carroll Quigley's `Tragedy and Hope', Eustace Mullins' `burnt' book reveals crucial and all important aspects of the world we live in. Our Western world was and is governed by an extremely tiny oligarchy through their total control of the Federal Reserve System.

Federal Reserve System
As E. Mullins perfectly explains, `the FRS is not Federal; it has no reserves and it is not a system at all.' He calls it a criminal syndicate. `There are people in this country who have the power to make an entry in a ledger that the US government now owns them x billion dollars and to collect the principal and interest on this `loan'.'
T. Jefferson's nightmare became a reality: `A private central bank issuing the currency is a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army.'

Oligarchy (better: one man)
As John Moody wrote in 1911,' Seven (!) men in Wall Street control a great share of the fundamental industry and resources of the US.' (Three from the Morgan group and four from the Rockefeller group.) But, as the author reveals, those were answerable to the London Branch of the House of Rothschild.
E. Mullins is naming the names of those people who control the banks which in turn control the FRS (and the media).

Tremendous power and manipulations
After 35 years of existence the assets of the FR banks increased from 145 million $ to 45 billion $. With those assets they financed two world wars, the Bolshevik revolution (gold transactions) and the Nazi Party.
The FRS manipulates the money supply: the money that people need to pay for food and rent or that employers use to pay their employees.
The FRS manipulates interest rates and the business cycle (J.M. Keynes). In 1929, a sudden shortage of call money drove the call rate up to 20 % and generated a Wall Street crash. Insiders however had been warned beforehand and had already sold their shares.

Origin of wealth, theft, presidents
One is amazed about the sources of wealth of some respectable families: the opium, slave and gold trade, but also theft. During WW I, 10 billion $ worth of bonds of the governmental War Finance Corp. were surreptitiously destroyed, while 24 million $ of bonds were duplicated.
Three presidents who opposed the FRS were murdered..

Where stands the professional guild of economic and financial writers in all these matters? `The rest is silence'.

This book is a must read for all those who want to understand the world we live in.
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on 4 March 2010
Eustace Mullins was a tireless fighter for getting the truth out about the nature of the "World Order," especially the banking aspect. He had no interest in such matters until his mentor the poet, Ezra Pound, asked him to look into it. Ezra Pound was jailed for years as a political prisoner. Mullins was an outstanding disciple to Pound and displayed the true spirit of Mentor & Disciple.

Mullins states in the forward of this book that there are other similar ones arround with similar titles that purport to be writted by him but actually were not. This is the genuine book by Mullins!

For a relativly small book, it contains quite a broad picture of the money masters and their history to power. It's essential to understand this history to make head or tail of what's going on. Particularly interesting is how he connects the power base actually being in London and not the U.S. itself. After reading Mullins you wonder how it is that this huge scam could have been pulled off? It stands testament to how lazy and unengaged people can be - but that's how they want us! Although this book's title seems to imply its solely about the Federal Reserve, actually it about a bigger picture than that, just centred around the Fed. For me the best chapters were:
The House of Rothschild
The London Connection
The Hitler Connection
World War One
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on 5 June 2011
Ordinary people have no real way of ever knowing the truth or otherwise of the various conspiracy theories that abound, that's why they exist as a kind of outlet for all our uncertainties. The theories have interesting features in common though. Most noticeably, that there is a hidden power behind the visible hierarchy, that we know absolutely nothing about, and that this power today is almost certainly financial. Secondly that the extent of the power isn't known, and may cause wars and other international upsets, such as the kind of stock market tomfoolery that we allow for some reason. That much seems true in any case. Our next question then shouldn't be whether this power exists, but whether it will act for or against our own interests. We as `normal' people after all can never share in this power, that much we should be certain of. unless we take care of matters ourselves. In the best case, the power is morally completely neutral, interested only in gain as an end in itself, but in the worst case its purpose is more sinister. I don't yet know myself, and maybe can never know, but we should all at least make some effort to look harder at the world. I don't believe its accidental that so much mental effort today goes into the entertainment industry, because it's the chief means of sedation and distraction.
I have no idea whether the facts of Mullins' book are indeed facts. Men however, have been known to have secret meetings, in fact certain men like nothing more than a secret meeting. In a way the truth or otherwise of Mullins' assertions are immaterial, because the fact that these major doubts exist about the integrity of our governments is enough. Its dispassionately written and has a ring of authenticity, but what does that mean after all? It gets 4 stars for being stimulating reading.
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on 4 November 2013
Unfortunately the book is real and very well researched. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out because privately owned central banks are fundamentally flawed and will end up with most of the population in poverty whilst the controlling elitists have total monopoly. You have to take your hat off to the crooks who schemed up the federal reserve act, it was a genius scam but now we know the game, its time to hand all that money back guys. When the average man wakes up and understands that he has been robbed in broad daylight he will not be happy. Having seen some of Mr Mullins video he conducts himself very eloquently
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on 12 February 2016
If there is one book to read on the problems that we are experiencing at the moment it is this one. This is not conspiracy theory, this is meticulously researched, documented fact. The corruption that all governments and people in positions of power wield are explained. A difficult book to read if you are looking for a story. These are facts. Corruption at the hear of the USA, corruption at the heart of the City of London and the now commonly used word "banksters". RIP Eustace. Great man.
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on 4 December 2015
Must read, simply a must read. Talk about no frills factual in your face truth. RIP Eustace you did mankind proud, not you lot still alive read his books and wake up.
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on 6 April 2013
Highly recommed this book to enyone as it exposes the secrets of the banking monopoly and world day and lots more.
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on 26 March 2015
Excellent! Totally fascinating and gripping read...couldn't put it down.
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on 3 July 2015
This item was as described and arrived in the allotted time slot
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on 26 January 2016
Times change but Man's faults are the same.
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