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4.6 out of 5 stars39
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 May 2009
When a book is this useful and valuable, it's hard to find words to describe it, or that do it justice. There are already many reviews of this book on the Amazon US site,, so I won't repeat what is already there, other than to say the testimonials of those who have read it on that site undoubtedly speak for themselves. I found it very easy to read, hugely informative, backed up by scientific evidence that makes sense, and I think it is criminal that it is kept out of mainstream medicine, although it is easy to see why this occurs as it is a huge threat to the pharmaceutical companies.

I also highly recommend the DVDs, Dying to Have Known, The Gerson Miracle, and although I have not seen it yet, The Beautiful Truth is apparently also very good. There are trailers for these on the Internet if you do a Google search. They all relate directly to this book, and are all available from The Gerson Institute and other outlets.

This book makes some aspects of conventional medicine look like quackery, but it does not mean that this book is not based on sound medical expertise. It is, and this is evident in the content, the history of the Gerson Therapy - Nobel Prize and former Gerson patient Albert Schweitzer, M.D. quoted, "I see in Dr. Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine" - and more recently, highly respected medical doctors around the world who are replicating the success of the Gerson Therapy in long-term studies. For example, Dr. Takaho Watayo, recently appointed to the post of Professor of Clinical Medicine at Chiba Medical School, in addition to being one of Japan's most prominent surgeons and Subdirector of the Ohtsuna Hospital in Tokyo.

A book by Beata Bishop called A Time to Heal is also a highly recommended book giving a personal account of this therapy, and has been translated into seven different languages at the time of writing this review.

I recommend reading the book for yourself, watching the DVDs, and then making up your own mind, but don't let anyone else make your mind up for you, and especially don't listen to so-called medical 'experts' who, in trying to back up their claims against this therapy, only show their complete ignorance of it! If you've read the book and familiarized yourself with this highly effective form of therapy, that has actually been curing people for many, many years - including people for whom mainstream conventional doctors have sent home to die - it's a lot easier to spot people who don't know the first thing about it who claim that they do. Please, if you're going to debunk this therapy, at least demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of it. It's surprising how many of its critics cannot do this! Oh, and also explain the many people who have been cured from so-called 'terminal' illness by it.

In conventional medicine, if someone has 'recovered' from cancer and has been in remission for several months, or a year, or two years, this is apparently 'cured', or 'in remission'. In contrast, as a result of the Gerson Therapy, you will find many case studies of people cured from cancer who have outlived it by twenty years, and more! Now that's what I call cured.

They do not claim to be able to cure everything and everyone, but the results sure are a hell of a lot better than things like chemotherapy, which does a hell of a lot of damage to an already sick body. (In a recent poll I read, 75% of doctors said they would not have chemotherapy themselves! Thankfully, there is an alternative - this book.)
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on 8 May 2014
I highly recommend this book. It's absolutely fantastic! I can not emphasise enough how much I would love every human to own a copy! Very informative and lots of learning.
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on 6 April 2013
Bought as a last resort when the doctors gave me up for dead, Followed the diet and avoided the toxins suggested I also bought The recommended Norwalk juicer (very expensive but industrial quality), within a week my previous drug controlled Hyper tension was cured and my blood pressure remains more or less perfect round the 120/80 or thereabouts. That was a bonus, the diet is not easy to fully adopt but when you've got no alternative you should be able to and when you really look at what Gerson is suggesting it begins to make good sense. My hopeless prognosis has now been re-assessed and I'm receiving chemo therapy which Gerson is against but my wife and I are convinced that Gerson's recommendations which we adopted 100% worked. Worth reading even if you just want a healthier lifestyle.
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bought this book on the recommendation of Andrew W. Saul.

I'm glad I bought it and I feel I have come away from reading it with some useful information, although I have found out that I am too ill and do not have the financial resources to follow the program fully.

(Like many people with severe M.E. any type of overexertion makes the disease worse, and this would include drinking juices hourly and having to interact with the juice bringer hourly, plus the enormous input and overexertion etc. in a weekly enema would be impossible, let alone 3 or more a day. The juices would also be far too high in carbohydrate for many of us, and we would feel more ill still from avoiding protein - as would others with mitochondrial diseases.)

However, I have bought the best quality juicer I could afford (NOT the $3000 one recommended!) and have been using it a lot, and have boosted the amount of vegetables I eat each day considerably too. I plan to do maybe 30% of the program. The book actually warns against this, and says that the program must be followed 100% to work. But you can only do what you can do I guess and it all helps, so I still have my little ember of hope and this program is part of that, although I'm also dong several other equally important things (a full orthomolecular program including high-dose vit C etc.).

One would have to be VERY VERY wealthy to follow this program fully incidentally. Expenses include a full-time carer for 12 hours a day to juice and do food prep and enemas (this cannot be done by the patient), a one-off expense of $3000 for a juicer (and no that third zero isn't a typo!) plus the cost of 8-10 kg or so of all organic fruits and veg each DAY, plus the costs involved in 3 daily coffee enemas.

I have to admit I was quite disappointed about how much the book only talked about each part of the program in the context of cancer. The amount of information about chronic disease was just tiny. Quite often it would be explained that you need to avoid X or take Y 'to shrink tumours' - but often no explanation was given at all as to why those of us facing non-tumour related disease should also do X or Y. This is important to know when you are considering giving up a food for years, or stopping a supplement you believe is important and I feel this was a big problem with the book, for chronically ill readers.

Another big problem I had with the book was when it said to avoid reading other health information as much as possible, as only the Gerson program was correct and everything else, just about, was wrong. Such an attitude is just.... unhelpful and doesn't inspire confidence in the authors. Knowledge is power.

(It's quite strange that while Saul recommends this book, the Gerson people warn against anyone reading and following HIS very very good books, or anything like them! I think that is a shame, and perhaps a bit arrogant.)

The recommendation to take highish doses of some B vitamins without taking some of all the B vitamins, as almost every orthomolecular expert recommends, also seemed a bit of a worry.

I'd have loved a section in the book for what to do if some of the contra-indications for enemas apply to you or you are too ill for enemas. Enemas are said to be contraindicated for those with cardiac insufficiency and diarrhoea (which would include all M.E. patients!). Can you use FIR saunas instead to some extent, I'd like to know?

I'd also like to know what those of us with severely reduced circulating blood volume that benefit from and need extra sodium (such as those with M.E. and also POTS or NMH) or even IF this can be combined with the extremely low sodium Gerson approach?

Overall this book was useful reading, if significantly flawed, and not something that could be followed strictly by all patients. Worth reading certainly but perhaps with just a grain of salt, for several reasons.

Jodi Bassett, The Hummingbirds' Foundation for M.E.
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on 28 June 2013
The book that everybody should read! after reading it you know why you get cancer and how you can cure it yourself.
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on 7 October 2011
if you have any disease, this is a proven method with a long 50 year success method, of common sense NUTRITION, but in the form of juices search youtube, loads of evidence don t miss reading this book if you even have terminal pancreatic cancer or melanoma, read about dr max gerson and how he rolled out his cure for his own ill health and discovered how he started curing many many diseases with his protocol, he has now died and his daughter charlotte carries on with his work, BECAUSE IT WORKS<.
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on 10 March 2016
Great book. Well written based on decades of experience and is robustly supported by countless references to medical research papers. A must have for anybody wishing to adjust their diet to be nutritious and health giving as well as an essential reference if you are unfortunate enough to have to require the full therapy, which although is incredibly demanding, has a huge success rate and is a better prospect than the alternatives. Since adjusting my diet to include juices and coffee enemas and lots of organic food (cooked and raw) we have seen huge improvements in our battle with CFS / ME. We even experienced healing reactions as described in this book including night sweats which has been reassuring that we are on the right path back to health and wellness. Happy reading.
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on 7 October 2010
I liked a lot the book. It presents an approach to healing that I had never seen before. There are however some drawbacks: I do not have very clear where to buy all the pills you need and the specific vegetables that are required are not easy to find. In any case it is good to know about this approach.
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on 30 March 2012
Having read other books about the Gerson Therapy, I was already convinced by what I learned about it and changed my way of eating. I am not a physician so I won't even try to explain why this therapy is so wonderful, and how it does what it pretends to do: heal cancer and many other illnesses.

Everybody should read this book and then decide for themselves. There are nowadays a lot of natural therapies "on the market", but I believe they all find their source in the findings of Doctor Max Gerson. Of course the medical world was not happy with him, and still isn't. Doctor Max Gerson had many ennemies in the medical world the day he started writing about and applying the therapy on patients with great success. This is sad for him, but even more for all the people that died, not knowing they could have lived much longer if they'd known about this therapy.

This book is great, very complete, you'll find all the information you need to understand why this therapy works, many testimonies, and the second part is the cookbook part.

If you have health problems, or you know someone who's ill, or you just want to change the way you eat, because you don't really feel well in general, this book is a must.
The therapy is not easy to follow, but worth it if you are a desperate case.
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on 15 July 2011
An amazing piece of reading material that can totally change your life as it has mine. I haven't stop talking to all I know about it.
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