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3.8 out of 5 stars12
3.8 out of 5 stars
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Reading the first few chapters of this book, I became increasingly annoyed with the agressive archtypal Alpha male intend on dominating his woman. However the developing relationship between Kyra, an accountant from Earth, and Zor Q'an Tal, High King of Tryston and Emperor of Trek MiQ'an Galaxy, had in me absolute stitches. There are parts of this book I am desperate to reveal, however I won't spoil your experience by divulging too many details!! All I'll say is watch out for the unusal birthing experience endured by the ignorant and primitive Earthwomen and the subsequent changes to their bodies - I chuckle now as I type.

The language is less delicate than your average sci-fi romance but it gives the book an edgier feel and the lovescenes though no hotter than something written by JOY or KENYON sometimes involve more than the usual 2 participants. This book is therefore not for the softer, more sedate romance reader. You won't cuddle down in a chair with this book, instead you'll be using it to beat your man around the head to make him obey your commands!!

The world BLACK creates, with its strange alien races and outrageous customs is extremely well written. Yes this is a sci-fi yet BLACK never lets the reader lose the belief that this is somewhere REAL. All I say is that if this is the case then beam me up Scotty. As Kyra shows, adjusting to a new life on an exotic planet is difficult, but the advantages she has definitely make up for the uncertainty of a new life literally a million light years away from her previous one. This book is a great find and I'm off now to order the rest of the Trek Mi Q'an series - thank you very much JAID.
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on 28 October 2012 much as i loved this book the writing got on my nervers !! All the 'twas .. etc got really annoying... im not Shakesphire so i dont read like him lol... the story was really good but i dont do the slang.
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on 24 May 2004
The Empresses new Clothes is the story of Kyra, a human tax accountant, and Zor, the Emperor of the gaxaly in the seventh dimension. Kyra is Zor's sacred mate, so in the tradition of all dominant males, he kidnap's her. She's definitely not happy about first. But as her love for her sacred mate grows, and Zor introduces her to the sensualpleaures of the flesh, Kyra grows to be happy with her new home. We also get to look at Kyra's best friend Geris, and her sacred mate Dax, Zor's brother.their relationship is developed later on in seized. This was a funny, well developed book that was so entertaining to read.
Definitley worth reading especially if you like Dara Joy and Christine feehan.
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on 2 November 2015
I am not even going to write a review as it's not worth the effort.

What I will say is that this is a badly written piece of trash and for the life of me I can't understand who would give it 5 and 4 star ratings.

I have read hundreds of erotic ronance but this is definitely one of the worst books I have read.

Save your money and avoid it
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on 4 January 2004
This has got to be the ultimate of all romantica novels. First you cannot go wrong with a Jaid Black story, she writes very hot romantica. Secondly, this story - the first in the Trek Mi'Qan series - introduces you to quite a collection of characters and worlds that anybody worth their salt would beg to go visit.
If you have never partaken in the romantica experience then this is a good place to start - you will not put this book down once you start!
The only drawback is that once you read one you MUST read them all! Which to a reader is really no drawback at all!
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on 9 April 2013
Almost tossed this book aside cus it was slightly boring down the line and I was getting fed up of all that "'twas and tis". But it picked up at the end. I gave it a four cus it's a well written book.
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on 26 March 2014
Potentially, this should have been a good read, for I like Sci-fi stories. However, this one had almost no story at all, and was simply a never ending description of kinky sex both between male and female and between females. It was so badly written, that one's mind started to wander to the poor grammar, and the incorrect use of the apostrophe in defining the singular possessive in nouns ending with a "s". It was wrong so many times that it became annoying, although I did note ONE correct use of a possessive ending with an "s". I understand that Sci-fi often extends beyond the laws of physics, but beyond the laws of genetics? If there was so much sex on this group of planets, why was there not a population explosion of nuclear proportions? Not very likely, even for Sci-fi!
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on 7 October 2004
I bought this book after reading reviews on it. It took me 1 day to read it & it is brilliantly amazing. This is my 1st Jaid book & I have ordered all of the rest of the series as well as all her other books. I totally agree with all the other reviewers, you cannot put this book down & you have to get the rest. It is extremly funny & is red hot. It definately reminds me of one of Dara Joy's novels (Knight of a trillion stars) & Like Lorgin from (KOATS) Zor is hot, not to mention his brothers, especially Kil. At Kyra's 1st. birthing scene I howled with laughter, then again when Geris gave birth. No wonder she was angry at the name Dak wanted to name their daughter Pyg.
Jaid's new books are going to be an automatic buy for me in future. There are so few authors I buy without a recommendation first. Chris Feehan & Dara Joy are a couple like that & now Jaid will go on my list.
Thank you Jaid & keep them coming.
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on 15 June 2011
this book was a great romp. some seriously hot hot hot sex, phew. some very funny one liners. some action. all the right ingredients. a fun read. thouroughly enjoyed it. have ordered 2 more books. have to say though they are pricey as books go.
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on 13 June 2015
Not as good as the reviews said but i did finish it and it got better as it went on no sure if i would read the rest of the series, the writing was hard work to read some of the way the men were speaking was just daft.
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