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on 5 March 2004
Book analysis was never like this when I was a humble A Level student. Most of the things that I have wondered about are here and a lot of things that have passed me by even though there is a Harry Potter book in my possession at all times. The great lady herself said that each time we re read a book we will find something new and this book does the hard work for us, teasing and tugging at the fabric of the story until it spills its secrets. I really can't write anymore right now. I and ths wonderful book are going to read books 1 to 4 all over again.
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on 17 November 2014
idiots giving this less that 5. The one on book 5 etc come after in the series.... As a he Harry Potter fan and an educated person who enjoyed these children's books a lot along with Stephen Fry's reading of the books and the films.... I wanted something bit is actually very informative and makes you realise that again you were not wrong there was a lot going on in this and much more cleverness than you had imagined... unless you understand Latin and French and Greek and worked out he meanings of names or much else the book says not just nicely summaries then this book is NOT for 9 year olds..... it is actually avery god well written book that keeps to the excitement of the novel that does exactly what it sets out to do to ..any teenager or any A Level English Lit can clean a lot from this ( I have one of those two ) is not for 9 years olds..yes some reviewers are wrong out here..for what it sets out to do and those reviews of people that made that reviewer but the book are all right!!! Maybe they came straight from reading Hegel or in depth Quantum Physics appears or something...but truly a great read and highly informative on a lot of things you may have missed..... the true cleverness of Potter comms out in this and it is a well written gave me a real insight talking in the queues for book five in a long line of hundreds of people on a Friday night.... people were listening to my insights and knowledge on Potter.... ( in typical lecture fashion ) and a lot of it I gleamed from here....forge the rest go with the majority 5 out of 5.... it is great book. Some people are never happy...This book made me realise just HOW really good Harry Potter really is and how clever JK Rowling really is....... as a writer I predicated the insights in this book a lot. Get is well quite few Potter books about the books and this ages as one of the top ones I ever read in fact the one that sparked off a real in depth look into it........ it verified all along what I knew JK Rowling knew what she was doing..Great for extras you missed reading it through. Meanings of names and complicated twists and all and allegory and all it is all in here nicely written..also an enjoyable read this not like a lot of the dull Philosophy books about it.. Ideal for any true Potter fan who want a real and good first or not...genuine quality introduction .I would not be without this book in any Potter criticism library or the others in the series... Essential really and still the most fun read....
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on 11 August 2004
This guide to the first 4 harry potter books is a great buy for any HP fan. With easy to follow and easy to read hints, tips and major spoilers, you'll realise that there is just so much more to the world of harry potter than meets the eye. Then buy the Guide to the Mysteries of Book 5, to predict what will happen in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! Read it with the HP books, and you will discover why JK Rowling has become the literary genius we alll know her as!
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on 26 February 2005
Reading this book was a tough job, because there is a lot of information in it, you have already figured out when reading the books.
Anyway there are also a lot of interesting viewpoints on Rowlings clues and how to read them. Having read this book I am simply going to read the Harry Potter-books once more, feeling that I am able to get a lot more out of them. Who is Snape really? Why is Lupin teaching "defence against vampires" right after Snape has taught "defence against werewolves"? How do we know, if the childrens' assumptions are right or not? Well, Hermione is always right except for if she gets emotional. Ron is usually wrong etc. Rowling has set up certain rules for herself - and the book has figured a lot of them out. My notes after having read the book was only about 15 pages - but they were worth it. Now I know a lot more than most others about Rowlings hints.
P.S. It is a fan book, not a student book on university level.
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on 10 August 2004
I was encouraged to buy this book on recommendation from a few people, but I found it very disappointing. Many of their 'clues' were things I had already worked out through reading the books five times, so there wasn't much more information I could glean from buying this.
Don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to brag and say 'I knew all that already', it's just that from the reviews I'd seen, and the info I'd had from others made it sound like there was more information to it that there was. Either that, or this book is aimed at children rather than anyone older than a teenager.
I found many explanations were aimed at the American audience, with a piece on "Sherbet Lemons" and how in the US edition they went under a different name.
If you have already worked out a few things from the Harry Potter books, don't expect to learn much more through buying this book!
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on 5 February 2005
Not impressed with this book - unless you are buying it for someone under 10yrs old. And of course it doesn't cover book five so all the fun of guessing is taken away if you have all ready finished book five. The author constantly repeats himself - to bulk the book out maybe???? Poorly put together.
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on 4 May 2015
A few errors, fun finding them. Dont buy this book at full price
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on 8 February 2005
Personally, I loved it, because it brought a lot of different theories up, some I hadn't even considered. It can be slightly tiresome as the book analyses each chapter, highlighting important comments. So if you're solely reading for Harry Potter theories, maybe you should head over to a HP fansite (though their theories probaly won't be as strongly backed up).
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