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on 23 February 2004
This book, the 3rd in the series (currently 10+), although a little outdated (published 1995) is a must have in the Kryon series. It presents information, concepts and theories which if you have been searching for a Kryon book, will not fail to amaze and astound you.
For those new to the works of Kryon may I suggest reading a few channels on the official website in order to see if this book is for you.
Its gets my 11 out of 10 (along with each other of the titles)
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I love these books, since Kryon's message is always uplifting.In this book we are instructed to say: "I co-create in the name of Spirit the ability to be in the very center of my contract." This will help us to get in touch with and get on with the very thing we came here to do this time.Those who choose not to change at this time may find that their problems actually become worse. This is because of their feeling of being victimized by the planetary changes ("which they cannot identify as planetary changes") and this will lead to more fear and anger. Their life spans will shorten dramatically - this is not a punishment but what they agreed to in the planning sessions they attended before they were born.Kryon keeps telling us: "Dear ones, we know you by name. We know what you have been through, and what is happening in your life right now." He washes our feet symbolically. He deeply honours us for agreeing to come here at this time, He says: "The work you are doing is amazing when viewed from any place in the universe. All know of your path, and we stand in awe." He informs us: "All of you (those who attend the Kryon sessions and read the books) are aware of Spirit in a way that the others are not." Therefore, we "are in the higher grades", since we "have done more homework."When we concentrate on healing ourselves, the healing of the planet will be automatic and will happen simultaneously. (That's a relief!) Our self-discovery and our inner work will bring these planetary changes. This is because the Earth is us. It will respond to our work as part of the body responds to our overall health. As we improve and take the gifts of spirit in the new energy, we will be given "great insight to new physical ways to implement planetary clean up and peaceful co-existence." We "toppled governments" with our inner work, and made millions aware of environmental issues.The book is composed in part of questions from readers and Kryon's answers to these questions.The new age human is peaceful. This is because he or she sees the overview and understands what is going on. It's the kind of peace we feel even though things around us are in disorder. Other attributes are responsibility and the fact that we are "enabled". We have a grasp on self-healing, and that "the marriage of the intellect and the spiritual and the intelligence to the biology is critical". We are those that can "hold the magic". The torch is being passed to us. The final attributes of the new age Human are patience and tolerance, and we will learn these over time. The book comprises a channelling about the Beatitudes, which I found quite enlightening. There's also one about the neutral implant (a basic, important theme in the Kryon books), and the chapter includes letters from those who received it, explaining their experiences. (I must say here that though I requested the implant, I'm not sure I received it. I'm still not clarified about the implant - I feel we get dribbles of information about it in the various Kryon books and I hope soon to have the complete information.) For many the implant information in this book may suffice. We're also told that we need to take action after receiving the implant and not just hang around waiting for our life to change. (This may be what I've been doing.)There's a helpful section about the inner child. "The inner child is the answer to the healing of a depressed adult."As regards ascension, Kryon states that 144,000 of us are needed to become ascended masters. (Isn't that the number Jehova's Witnesses think are going to survive Armageddon? Strange! They think it's going to be some of them, of course.) This is a relatively small number (I find it shockingly small). I find we receive extremely conflicting information about ascension from the various sources. Kryon says ascension "requires great sacrifice." I didn't find this statement very encouraging. What exactly does he mean by this, I wonder? The book also includes a letter Lee received accusing Kryon of belonging to the "dark forces" and Kryon's reply to this.Also, Kryon gives us several edifying pages about the light. In this section he provides us with more explicit information about who he is. "I come from the great central Sun, the creative love force that represents the light". This light is "the part of you that is always connected to the great central love source of the entire plan of creation". He ends his exposition on light as follows: "Therefore you are indeed part of God"!There is much more wonderful information in this book. It ends with two sections about the power number 9944. Apparently, Kryon has proved to a non-believer mathematician that he is a channelled being, since his mathematical information was not previously known, but is apparently true. I skipped these mathematical sections, since I found them totally incomprehensible.However, nonetheless, I would strongly advise you to read this Kryon book! Enjoy!
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on 5 November 2011
i've got the book. Good value for money. I already started to read it. Great staff.thank you very much :)
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on 29 September 2015
An important read.!!
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on 30 August 2003
I have said it before, and I'll say it again.
These people, in my opinion, are charlatans.
It is foolish to trust people whose motivations are clearly profit orientated - especially when there are HUGE inconsistencies involved.
Spirituality and capitalism do not mix.
Borrow these books if you must, but DON'T waste your money on lining the pockets of Lee Carroll and Jan Tober - (or their little entourage of psychologists and business people!)
Wake up.
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