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on 19 August 2003
Try not to be put off by the format of this book, nor the fact that when you are reading it, especially for the first time, you may not be able to take large sections of it in. Please just continue and eventually you will come onto a section that will suddenly mean something to you personally. I was tempted not to buy this book and read instead books that have been written as a consequence of others reading this book...I am so glad that I was brave enough not to opt for this shortcut. 'A Course in Miracles' is a personal journey and a journey that no other author can take for you. If your life's journey has taken you to the moment when you clicked onto Amazon and you typed into the search option...'A Course in Miracles', then this will be the moment that your life will change for ever, you will discover that your life and the lives of the people that you meet can be different and that there is a practical power you can harness that practiced over time will bring you peace and happiness. Don't let the moment pass you by. As the authors of this book would is a choice between heaven and hell. Best wishes to you all!
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on 18 October 2006
Please do not be put off if you buy this book and find the text almost impossible to understand. Virtually every student of A Course in Miracles has this experience. I found it much easier to begin my studies of this amazing spiritual course by doing the 365 lessons. They may seem very odd and irritating at times but at least they are easier to read than the text and after studying the lessons for a while you should find the theoretical text more relevant and more enjoytable to read. I have now been studying A Course in Miracles for over seven years on a daily basis and it has answered every question I have ever had about suffering on this crazy planet. Moreover it has actually shown me very clearly how to get out of this suffering!
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on 13 October 2008
This book has provided the answers I have sought to all of the problems I have had over many years. It has got to be the best book on modern spirituality ever written. It's very deep and at times requires careful study, but it all makes so much sense you will feel yourself lifted with each page.
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on 6 January 2005
Firstly, this is not an easy book. It took me four goes to finally get through it. It can be turgid in its prose and repetitive in its content. Its subject matter can be, at times, wildly difficult to grasp. And yet . . .
Yet it may just be the most important book ever published.
I walked away from the Bible and orthodox religion some years ago. There was just too much that I simply could not accept. Too many unanswered questions.
But this book has a wholeness, a completeness which leaves no question unanswered. The logic of the case it presents is faultless.
Buy this book by all means. And dont get demoralised if you cant get through it on the first try. Or the second! Remember me! This book starts where the Bible leaves off, and I do not mean Revelations! This book is a philosophy of life, a guide and an explanation. You owe it to yourself to read it.
But do not expect it to be easy!
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on 27 August 2007
This book is the beginning of the end. This spiritual text is by far the best (and worst) thing to happen to me. Given in it's own words describing its self as radical, it has the ability to turn everything you ever believed into a mist of obscurity, by this I mean it goes against the grain, and so do you should you embark on this awakening the book describes.

Beautifully written, very uplifting, very new age, although subscribers to this material would not like that label. It does at time get a bit biblical, which is fine if you can roll with such punches, stick with it though because this book in my opinion, is the new bible.

If you can muster the patience to start this book and read it straight through, you will get an insight into the thinking of a `higher mind' at work. If you were to take all the great philosophers of the beginning of time till now and were to ask them if they agreed with my assessment, in my humble opinion, they would. And now I'm going to find a quote from a film...."Look, all I'm asking, is for you to just have the tiniest bit of vision. You know, to just sit back for one minute and look at the big picture. To take a chance on something that just might end up being the most profoundly impactful moment for humanity, for the history... of history." ...this my brother, was part of a speech written by Carl Sagan, the guy who inspired Stephen Hawking...but for many reasons, some obvious, some obscure, very fitting to describe this book I think.

If you start the awakening process...I hope you stick with it...ACIM is the will change your life...I swear to God...
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on 21 December 2009
This is not a book you read but a course you do. I have started the course about 9 months ago, and read the text within about 4 month. The text has 667 pages in the paper back version. This amount of text would normally not take me more than 3 weeks to read. But ACIM (A Course in Miracles) is not just a simple book. It talks to you on various levels.
First I percieved that it took every single belief I had about God and the world away. It felt as if my entire world was turned up side down. As my understanding of ACIM grew everything was returned but in purified form.
The main themes are that everything we percieve is illusion, which we lock ourselves into by our fear. The goal is to undo fear and unleash love. This is achieved by true fogiveness.
The lessons are spread over 365 days, which start easy and lead you step by step away from a fearful worldview.

This book is not for everyone. But the ones who chose to "do" the course experience profound changes in their "worldview".

I always recommend to read the "Disappearance of the Universe" by Gary Renard first. That having said, some find "The disappearance of the Universe" so controversial, that they do not give ACIM a chance. Others recommend literature by Eckhardt Tolle or Marianne Williamson as an introduction.

Anyhow, give it a try. It is definetely worth it. J.
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on 3 July 1999
This book, which is currently being translated into some 20 languages (Spanish, German, Portuguese and Hebrew editions are already available, with a Chinese edition to follow within the year) has been called a successor to the New Testament. In my opinion it is vastly superior to the Bible itself, since its presentation of Truth is entirely free of the ego-based distortions and contradictions that are so evident in the latter (e.g. sin, guilt, fear, judgement, selective "salvation", how God could "allow" suffering, etc.). The result is an entirely cohesive thought system that will lead anyone who applies the teachings consistently to a lasting inner peace. Since the Course comes to us from Jesus himself, it has a unique authority (in our culture, at least) and can be read and accepted with confidence and assurance. As the Course itself states, it is the application of the teachings that will enable the learner to realize that they are true. As a student of the Course for the past 15 years, I can only say that working with the Course has changed my life beyond recognition. I commend it to anyone who would seek, find and embrace Higher Truth and find their own way home.
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on 14 May 1999
A truly inspirational text. Although Christian in language, the timeless truths here can apply to anyone of any denomination. The Course has clarified many areas of my thinking, especially the conflicts that arise from living an Ego-centred life. Many, many times I felt my self saying "Of course, of course..." as the many difficulties we all face in our lives were described in clear detail, and then simply explained as arising from the basic incorrect thinking and functioning of our Egos. As a very Ego-driven person myself, with high goals and striving for achievement as my basic philosophy, some of the Course was hard to swallow at first. However, the logic of the arguments could not be faulted and I began to see all the conflicts and difficulties as arising from the "me-versus-you" approach to living. Another basic theme of the course is that all depression, feelings of inadequacy etc. come from our feelings of being powerless and alone. The Course encourages us to see ourselves as created wholly perfect with limitless power and in Unity with all things, and by doing so any feelings of depression, lack or limitation simply melt away.
Truly Inspirational.
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on 7 January 2006
A Course in Miracles has changed my life forever. It is beautiful Sense Itself. It is true that it is involved and not everyone may be ready for it just now. We will be led to read whatever we need now.

This book teaches that our willingness to learn is all we need. It took me years to finish the text, but it soon began to fall into place. Persevere beyond the first few pages which lay out all the principles. The book is so involved because it addresses the many complexities of our self-defeating ego mind in order to enable us to see the Truth, which is SIMPLE.

Reading 'An Introduction to A Course in Miracles' will give you a good footing to begin on this mind-expanding, Heaven-revealing course.

"...the Holy Spirit shares the goal of all good teachers, whose ultimate aim is to make themselves unnecessary, by teaching their pupils all they know."

The Teacher Who speaks through the book is infinititely patient and is ready for our learning challenges even as we encounter them. Read it now if you can, or perhaps try again at a later date. It teaches that we learn of our abundance by giving, and of our perfection by forgiving because this reflects the way of Truth which we seek. Here are some quotes on our part as learners of the course:

"Your part is merely to apply what He has taught you to yourself, and He will do the rest. And thus the power of your learning will be proved to you, by all the many different witnesses it finds."

"The understanding that you need comes not of you, but from a larger Self..."

"Make fast your learning now, and understand you but waste time unless you go beyond what you have learned to what is yet to learn. For from this lowest point will learning lead to heights of happiness, in which you see the purpose of the lesson shining clear, and perfectly within your learning grasp."

"You are not called upon to do what one divided still against himself would find impossible...But be you thankful that only little faith is asked of you."

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on 15 October 2009
I bought this book, having found a reference to it in the book "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, which I highly recommend.
First of all, I got slightly confused by the format of the book. The title says, that it is a combined volume. What that means is that it consists of three parts. Part 1 - the text, which explains you why you are not happy, and how to fix that; part 2 - workbook for students, contains 365 lessons, you have to work on each lesson in a course of one day; part 3 - Manual for teachers, contains answers to some questions you might have, once you completed the course and became the teacher yourself.
I got my paperback second hand and in decent condition 5 months ago. At the moment I am on lesson 57 (I thought I'd accomplish the course in a year and will be in clover by the Summer 2010 - dream on!). The covers of the book curled up and it is bristling with bookmarks.
It is HARD WORK! But what hard work wouldn't you do, if you wanted to recover from terminal illness? Yes, one has to be pretty desperate to embark on this journey, and I was. Desperate for the peace of mind, desperate for the understanding of the world around me, desperate for being whole instead of being torn into pieces. If you feel the same, buy the book.
What is hard about it? The density of the information. One page is enough to send one's brain to sleep after the effort made to comprehend it. Besides, our minds are so cluttered with mental blocks of all sorts, and those blocks want us to stay that way for ever. But keep on reading, most importantly - keep on doing the exercises!!! - and the changes will start happening in your perception of the world. It'll make you happier about yourself, and therefore about everything and everybody.
Another constant struggle is the Christian religious terminology. I am neutral to any religion, as long as it stays away from me, and this book is far too Christian in it's wording to my liking. However, at the core it is true, and I put up with the annoyances of the style for the ultimate good.
This course is deeper than many spiritual and self-help books I ploughed through, and made a huge impact on how I feel about myself. On the other hand, I came to it at this stage of my life with some views I formed with the help of other authors. It is all part of the procces of becoming who you are. I'd say, definitely buy it, and if you are not ready for it now, you'll come back to it later.

PS. A couple of months after writing the above review I found something better than this book. I watch Abraham and Boshar on youtube, and they talk about the same thing in a much, much, much more comprehensible way than the book, AND without all the christian add-ons.
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