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4.1 out of 5 stars31
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 2 October 2009
This well-researched book examines the claims that we must cut our CO2 emissions to save the planet. Wishart points out that the Medieval warm period, 800-1300, was 1-2 degrees C warmer than the 20th century. Michael Mann, who provided Al Gore with the `hockey-stick' graph which supposedly proved that the 20th century was the warmest ever, now admits, "the mid 20th century was comparable in warmth, by most estimates, to peak Medieval warmth (i.e. the so-called `Medieval Warm Period')."

The New Scientist states, "Solar forcing may have been largely responsible for warming in the late 19th and early 20th century, levelling off during the mid-century cooling." The earth indeed cooled between 1945 and 1976, despite record GDP growth of more than 4% a year and rising CO2 levels.

A 2009 article in Geophysical Research Letters said, "Increasing Total Solar Irradiance between 1980 and 2000 could have contributed significantly to global warming." The 2004 Symposium of the International Astronomical Union agreed that the sun caused most of this warming. It also concluded that the sun's activity would soon lessen and so that the earth would again start to cool (as it has done since 1998). Between January 2007 and February 2008, the earth's temperature fell by 0.59 degrees C (the Met Office's Hadley Centre's figure), or 0.75 degrees C (the Goddard Institute of Space Studies' figure).

On estimates of sea-levels by 2100, the journal Science said, "increases of two metres are physically untenable." The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's Fourth Assessment Report estimates a rise of 13 centimetres by 2100, dropping its earlier estimate of 30 centimetres. Al Gore said six metres!

Antarctica's temperature averages 46 degrees C below zero. So, unsurprisingly, it is not melting or warming: in fact, it has been gaining ice and cooling since 1980. The Arctic is losing ice, but overall sea ice levels are nearly the same as they were in 1979.

Wishart shows how giant corporations and the EU use climate change to profit from emissions trading schemes. Enron and George Soros both fund green groups.
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on 30 August 2009
In many ways I am probably not one of Ian Wishart's target readers being from a scientific background and a having campaigned against the hyping of man-made global warming. "Preaching to the converted" springs to mind. However, in spite of having widely read around the subject, I learned a lot from "Air Con" and was particularly informed by the author's investigation of the political and financial interests behind the global warming scam.

This is a book that, without hestitation, I would recommend to anyone who wants to become well informed about climate change issues and to anyone who would prefer not to have their hard-earned wealth squandered into the coffers of carbon-trading dealers. I found the book very readable with the science presented in terms which, I consider, would be easily understood by non-scientists.

For those who campaign against the use of climate change scares to tax and control the populations of Western democracies this book is a vital source of useful information.
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on 4 November 2009
Ian Wishart joins that increasing list of reasonable people
who are questioning the 'settled science' on Global Warming
or, as it has become due to recent temperature falls, Climate Change.

The incompetent "science" being carried out is staggering.
Computer models that don't work. Research data being ignored if
it does not fit the model. Scientists being ignored if they
don't 'tow-the-line".

Never mind the facts let's get a good headline !!

The biased guesswork and 'tweaked data' being forwarded by the IPCC to Governments
as fact is staggering. All of it is quite easily torn to shreds
in this excellent book.

Just as I was wondering how they were getting away with it in the light of
the truth being so available and how could our leaders be so gullible
it became clear that they are
mostly all in on it !!

Think of them all now as Tax Collectors in green suits.

The mother of all taxes is on the way if 'Copenhagen' goes through, and because it's for the
good of the planet you will all be willing to pay anything to stop
the polar bears from melting..or whatever.
This is an excellent way of making the UN (and Al Gore's carbon traders)
masters of the planet and rich beyond imagination. It will do nothing for the
planet; it will carry on warming up and cooling down as it has for
millions of years, along with the Polar Bears.

From Chapter 16 you will feel a chill run down YOUR spine, and it
has nothing to do with climate and everything to do with big business
and governmental control.
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on 24 May 2010
A very interesting book
It's a shame that so many of the references are web sites and newspaper articles. The original peer reviewed work would have been even more compelling.
This book should be compulsory reading for all national figures involved in the legislation to "control" Global Warming (sorry "climate change".. as we seem to be cooling at present!!)

I'm sure that this book is as one sided as the warming "prophets", but given you can create such convincing arguments that the phenomenon is not Man Made, there is considerable scope for doubt..

It is a given of the movement that there is scientific consensus and that "the science is settled"

It seems not only that this is absolutely NOT so, but that the most push is coming from those with a very definite personal interest who stand to gain hugely from measure being suggested to achieve "control". It also seesm that discussion and debate is pretty ruthelessly supressed by these parties, which should, in itself, arouse suspicion!! If the science is settled, then it should speak for itself.
I am passing on my copy to interested friends and relatives.

Sadly, this is not and "easy" read, but the division into topic chapters helps a lot. I guess a commentary on such a technical area was never going to be "light"!! The writing, however is good and clear, and the argumenst well presented in a non-dramatic way

this is an excellent starying point for anyone who has (like me) begun to have uneasy doubrs about te Global Warming story
I recommend everyone to read the book, and then try to findout more for themselves
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on 26 October 2009
A challenge to everyone whatever your global warming beliefs: buy this book, read it, ponder over it and pick the holes in it if you can!

The author may not be a global warming expert, he doesn't have to be. What he has masterfully done though, is compile scientific (yes, scientific) evidence which not only challenges, but debunks the entire "concensus" view surrounding "global warming". When politicians state that the "science is settled" and we "don't have time" to debate further - summed up by Gordon Brown's recent (Oct, 2009) announcement that we "only have 50 days left" - after reading this book, you'll understand what the real reasons are behind their rush.

This is a timely book. I just wish it was compulsory reading.
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on 31 January 2011
After someone challenged my belief in man-made global warming , I set about doing some research to disprove them. What I found astounded me, as I researched a great number of scientific reports on the subject. This book saves you a lot of the trouble and exposes many of the myths and poor science that exists on the subject. Well written by an investigative journalist, which gives you a perspective on how governments and organisations have a vested interest in keeping things the way they are. I also recommend Christopher Booker's (Daily Telegraph)"The Real Global Warming Disaster" (An excellent read) and Lord Nigel Lawson's "An Appeal to reason" books on the subject. They have made me realise that the subject is far from a done deal. I wish our leaders would read these books and start asking a few questions.
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on 9 November 2013
For someone who has read widely on the subject of Global Warming ( nowadays weasel-wordedly changed to Climate Change ) this is a REALLY good summary. It' has a 5 star rating because of its serious depth and if you want to understand how mankind is being misled by a few unscrupulous people, many politicians and by a lot of unscrupulous companies out for a fast buck @ your expense ... This is where you will find the material that may cause you to dig deeper. The main source for rising temperature statistics is in TOWNS where latent heat from buildings and traffic causes temperatures to rise. Universities are in towns ..measurements take place in towns ... QED. Other measurements are made @ airports, thousands of sq Metres of black asphalt = higher temperatures therefore they're not reliable either ! CO2 is released by the warming of sea water. SO when the climate is warmed by SOLAR activity, CO2 is freed and the amounts of CO2 measured in the atmosphere go up. The IPCC has put the cart B4 the horse. CO2 doesn't cause warming ; warming causes CO2 ! CO2 caused Global Warming is one monstrous SCAM ... and you're paying for it through your taxes and electricity bills ... LEARN THE TRUTH and tell everyone else about it.
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on 10 December 2009
So many conflicting reviews about the causes of global warming give little opportunity for the average person to understand the true reasons hidden behind "the green curtain".
Whilst I favour the cleaner air brigade I wanted to know officially how the findings for proposed measures were made and what research had been carried out in order to reach decisions that would have a heavy financial impact on all concerned.
Having read with great interest the independant findings of Ian Wishart published in his book "Air Con" I am gravely concerned that this generation will suffer serious financial hardship but receive little reward for their effort.
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on 23 January 2014
This book is excellent if you are looking for a good summary of the climate science behind the Global Warming controversy. However, I was hoping for more light on the social/psychological aspects of this extraordinary phenomenon. Ian goes into great detail about the power and greed side of things, although for the sake of balance he should have included some of the dirty tricks of Big Industry, and not just those of "Big Green". There is almost nothing in the book about why Global Warming became a fanatical, quasi-religion for so many people, and for me at least, this is one of the most intriguing aspects of the whole business.
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on 9 January 2010
Having recently read Ben Goldacre's excellent analysis (Bad Science) of scientific misinformation, I have become wary of any 'extreme' analysis of what is considered a mainstream scientific belief which global warming quite clearly has become. Goldacre convincingly, in my view, shows how widespread the process of cherry picking can be in creating a dangerously convincing argument which cons the reader into assuming that it is true. Unfortunately, much of Air Con is just that - a cherry picking 'con'.

My intention in reading the book, and hence my biggest disappointment, was to gain, like most, a balanced appraisal of the evidence for and against global warming - if you wish balance then do not read this book! My suspicions were aroused early on but came to a head on pp98 when he argues that glaciers are, far from retreating, gaining ice in many areas of the world. He quoted a 2005 report from the New Zealand based NIWA which states that in 2004 NZ glaciers had gained much more than they had lost. However, he conveniently fails to mention that the same website has three more recent reports stating that NZ glaciers are actually shrinking - breathtaking and very dangerous for the uninformed reader. The World Glacial Monitoring Service website indicates that over 80% of world glaciers are in retreat! Similarly, his reference to the earlier opening up of the NorthWest Passage by the likes of Amundsen and others fails to mention how inordinately long it took compared to the ease by which a yacht can access the area and make the passage today in the Northern Hemisphere summer because of retreating sea ice. There are similar examples of cherry picking throughout the book. Wishart's structure and writing style also have the effect of limiting the effectiveness of his argument - the number of quotes, quick fire paragraphs and rambling approach clutter the reader rather than articulate an effective, convincing argument.

I also took the liberty of looking further into Wishart's background. Wishart is described on Wikipaedia as 'a conservative Christian who generally advocates right wing values......[and is} critical of the teaching of evolution'. He is also described in some - admittedly unfavouable reviews - as somewhat of a laughing stock in the NZ journalistic world. I would still have read the book even had I known that his starting points are somewhat suspect! The lack of an impartial, critical reviewer on the back cover also adds to cynicism of the overall quality of his judgements.

On the plus side, I do think he raises interesting points about the origin of increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere - if, as he states, car and aircraft emissions, for example, are less than 5% of the overall emissions then surely ordinary members of the public should not be 'caned' by rising taxes to combat this problem?

I am not an expert on the subject of global warming and will continue to search for more neutral analyses of the subject. I thank Wishart for opening up my search but would not recommend this as a starting point for stimulating a reasonable understanding of the subject.
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