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4.4 out of 5 stars249
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 19 October 2011
I don't usually read chicklit, but a friend recommended this to me so I thought I'd give it a try. I was hooked from the very first page. I loved the idea of the vicar's randy wife which made me laugh out loud. I also liked the backdrop of the crazy world of daytime TV and its larger-than-life characters. As a working mum, the main character, Stella, and her feelings of constantly being pulled in all directions really resonated with me. But what I really liked about the book was that it had both humour and pathos. A cracking debut novel and I look forward to reading more by the same author.
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on 3 May 2012
I was seriously disappointed when i finished this book :) i wanted it to carry on because i was enjoying every page so much º. The book has brought to life the main character making her so real that certain things she does is exactly how you would react and think in the situations. I found myself wanting to share snippets from the book with family and friends, especially the moments when i sat laughing out loud as my husband watched a boring film. This book is a chick flick in paperback form. I fully recommend this book if you want to giggle, feel every emotion going and enjoy a bit of cake!
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on 8 October 2011
Fat Girls & Fairy Cakes by Sue Watson won me over in the first couple of pages.

It centres on Stella Weston, who works as a TV producer with the boss from hell. I was laughing out loud at so much of the story, from the goings-on on location in Rochdale while filming the religious gardening programme, to the disastrous encounters with Diego the doctor, and the numerous clever one-liners.

The story has some very touching moments, too. Stella's marriage is rocky, she struggles to make a success of a new venture and troubles beset her closest friends. But Sue Watson handles these aspects with great warmth, leading her main character through the serious stuff, and eventually out the other side.

An absolute joy to read, Fat Girls & Fairy Cakes is one of those books that you just don't want to end.
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on 6 July 2012
fab fab fab other reviewers sum this book up really as it was a fab read very entertaining was alittle slow at first but if you stay with it you will be pleased you did i certainly am. it
had you laughing out load throughout.. it also had some more serious parts which brought the odd tear to your eyes.. but all in all i loved it and would truly reommend to anyone looking for a real good chick lit.ENJOY
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on 8 June 2012
I tend not to read 'chick lit' books these days because I've been there and done it - I've moved on I guess. So when my husband bought me this for christmas, I didn't jump for joy, but I did feel an instant intrigue towards its cover and towards 'Rickshaw Publishing' who I hadn't heard off....after this success I imagine that will change! Anyway, I finished it last week and it was a breath of fresh air to me. It lightened my mood, made my stomach flip with excitement when it was time to hop into bed with it and I laughed and cried (once only because I'm hard) lol! I was gutted when it was finished. Sue has a real North West humour and as a Liverpuddlian, I totally got it. We've also all worked with bitches during our time so there's probably not a woman amongst us that couldn't related to Stella's dilema in the book. I predicted a slightly different ending but I think the one we got was more realistic and less pie in the sky which is where a lot of books of this genre end up. Congratulations Sue. Brilliant Work!
PS not slagging the genre, I'm just saying that some chick lit can be absolutely predictable but this one was not!
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on 29 August 2012
I can't recommend this book enough. Having spent my life reading tales of perfect heroines that never have weight issues or break out in spots - I couldn't wait to read a book with such an intriguing title. The heroine is a real woman and her journey rolls between hilarious and highly emotional. I cried with laughter only to find myself choking back tears of emotion as I turned the page. This is a story of triumph in the face of adversity but nothing runs smoothly and that's what makes the heroine so engaging. I hoping for a sequel soon!
Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes
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on 12 October 2012
I love a good chick book. I love a laugh! this had both with an enormous dollop of the weepy stuff. I found it slow at first but once I got past the first chapter or so I just could put it down!! had a very late night as I just to finish it!! very emotional in places and hysterical in others!! the wedding is a riot! loved it! loved it! loved it! So disappointed when this is the only book by this author. more please!!!!
*** WARNING *** made me want to eat cake, yummy creamy very scrummy cake. not good if you on a diet!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 November 2012
As many of you already know I read a LOT of books. Sadly, there are many writers out there who are great, but just don't get the chance as the competition is fierce and us readers can be a critical bunch! Every now and then the same author's debut novels keep popping up and somewhere along the line Sue Watson's name came up to the point I clicked on the author page. When I read her paragraph on her author page, it kind of made my mind up that I really wanted to give her book a go.

Overweight TV Producer Stella is currently working on a gardening programme and that's how Sue's book starts. In the first two or three chapters I realised that I absolutely loved Sue Watson's humour. Her characters just radiated brilliance and I fell in love with the `not quite perfect' Stella. Stella is trying desperately to manage a career, a disgruntled husband and a young daughter. Stella's boss MJ is determined to make her life hell and some of the scenes you read concerning MJ are hilarious. It's difficult to say too much without plot spoiling, but I will say that we see Stella do her best to ensure MJ never humiliates her again!

When Stella makes huge changes to her career, she has the support of her two friends Lizzie and Al. I must just say that Al deserves a lead of his own in another book as he was just brilliant in this one. Although the storyline may be a little clichéd, the writing and comedy value made it a winner in my eyes. I read the book in a day and am really looking forward to her second book. I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping that she creates a book that is just as funny as the first.
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The lead character for this book is Stella. I loved her right from the off, and could really find myself relating to her a lot, perhaps why I liked her so much. She's a hard-working mum who loves her job, but is constantly feeling guilty that she isn't there enough for her daughter, and that her marriage is suffering too. After a particularly bad incident at work, Stella jacks in her telly job and instead resorts to being a stay at home mum, but finds she still needs to work to make ends meet. The other main characters are Stella's best friends, Al and Lizzie, and they are great too. I wasn't so keen on Lizzie because of some of the choices she makes, but the other friend, Al, the typical gay best friend was fantastic, and I actually thought Watson wrote the relationship between he and his fiancé Seb perfectly, it was a touching love story and the twist towards the end was shocking and really made me love them more!

I think a lot of mums out there will be able to relate to Stella, and her problems. For example, when she's away and she calls late at night wanting to speak to her daughter, but not being able to - yes she knows she's wrong for calling so late but there's that irrational mum instinct that makes us need to talk to our kids whenever we want to. There's the problems with her marriage, and her struggle to pull herself together afterwards, I could certainly relate to that and loved how Stella decided to make something of herself with her business afterwards. I felt that Watson really did know what she was talking about with the cake business, and I loved how Stella started making pretty cakes out of her kitchen and then realising what a talent she had. I have a few friends who have done exactly the same thing as Stella, so I know that's a realistic story! But I just loved that Stella was a normal woman, and for that I think Watson did a great job writing this.

There are lots of things I loved about this book, and I can most definitely recommend it! I found the characters were realistic and likeable, especially the fab Stella, and not only was the main story fab, I found the sub-story within of Al and Seb's relationship fitted in perfectly and was lovely to read about alongside the main story of Stella and her cakes. I enjoyed reading about her success, and loved the way she handled herself after the things that happen to her. I found the book hard to put down because I wanted to see what Stella was going to do next, and I was sad when I turned the last page. However, I will be recommending this book to anyone who loves a great story with fab characters, because it's so enjoyable, and I loved every page. I defy you not to want to scoff a cake whilst reading it too, yum!
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on 12 September 2011
When a book mixes chick lit and baking, two of my favourite things, together, you already know I'm going to be hooked before I even open the book. Fat Girls and Fat Cakes combines both together in one great big mixing bowl that had me laughing, and running to my local store for a big supply of cakes! Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes is Sue Watson's debut novel, and let me tell you, I already know there are big things to come from this author.

Stella Weston, has a successful career in TV, where she works long hours, has constant stress placed on her from the boss from hell and could probably stand to lose just a few pounds. Stella is constantly battling to find the right balance between her career and her family life, which consists of husband Tom and daughter Grace. Things aren't looking so good when the boss from hell decides to relegate her to working on a gardening program where she has to contend with a nervous vicar, a nymphomaniac wife and Britney wannabe gardener Gerald. Stella has always been able to find comfort at the bottom of her mixing bowl, and lets be honest who hasn't? However when even baking cannot save the day Stella decides that she must conjure up the courage to quit her job and find out if she can really turn her passion into her career.

I was instantly drawn into Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes as soon as I started the first page. The character of Stella is so warm and relatable that I felt as though she was actually one of my friends, and at times forgot that she was just a character in a novel. I found myself laughing along with Stella as well as feeling her pain and routing for her to follow her dreams and find happiness. I particularly found that I was able to relate to the comfort that Stella is able to find in baking and in eating the cakes and goodies that she creates. How many of us after a stressful day have turned to the chocolate or cakes as a way of making ourselves feel better? I know more of us than we would admit! I also loved the supporting characters in the novel, with Al being one of my favourites. His humour and flamboyant character are a welcome relief when the novel has more emotional moments. The storyline flows so easily that once you get started with this novel you will have a hard time being able to put it down. I especially loved the way in which each chapter has its own quirky title such as `Sex In The Dark', which really had me wanting to read on to find out what happens next. There is also mention of Strictly Come Dancing, the TV show, in the novel, which I think is great timing for this novel. The new series is just about to begin, therefore linking this into the novel was great timing for Sue Watson.

My only issue with the novel was that I did find it a little difficult to get into at the very beginning. I found that the character of Stella came off as not particularly likeable over the first few pages, with the way she places her career before her child. Once I got into the novel, however I found that the novel flowed well and that I began to fall in love with the character of Stella.

Overall I loved Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes and would recommend this novel to anyone who loves chick lit and wants a light read. The novel is filled with humour, emotion, bitching, baking and love, making it an enjoyable read. Go and get your copy of Fat Girls and Fat Cakes, but remember, you may want to have some treats in the cupboard before you begin this novel as I can guarantee you will be craving the cakes! And who knows, this may just make you want to get into the kitchen and start baking!

Chick Litaholic
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