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4.2 out of 5 stars59
4.2 out of 5 stars
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on 18 January 2013
This book has a lot of reading in it and one you you would go back to every few days. Very insightful and interesting too.well done David Icke. This is the first book of David's I have bought and it's worth every penny.
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18 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on 10 August 2013
Wow, absolutely eye opening and the answer to all those un answered questions that almost dragged me to despair.
After reading Mr. Icke's Remember who you Are, all things became clear and made sense.
Now I know who I am, and it is such a powerful revelation.
Ready it with an open mind, and let it connect with the real you.
If you allow this book to reach your soul, you will find liberation.
I hope you do.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 7 May 2014
"Remember Who You Are: Remember 'Where' You Are and Where You 'Come' from" by David Icke is a book for those who (want to) believe that what we see around us isn't true, but something that someone else wants from us to believe is true.

By reading it, reader will be able to learn lot of interesting things about the secret world that exists around us.

And those revelations could make you sad or even furious depending on which type of person you are, or how much you'll believe them.
Or you'll be having lot of fun fully considering this book just an entertaining fiction.

The biggest question mark with this book is that author isn't able to prove all the things he stated inside, but for sure if only some of them are true we're living in a darkness some powerful people created for us.

He is saying that our world is creation of several secret societies that are led by an ancient race that was originally extraterrestrial, calling them "Babylonian Brotherhood".
They established all kinds of associations known from our past and present like Illuminati, Chatham House, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, International Monetary Fund, even the United Nations.

They also possess Internet and media, they have under its control secret services and religion, and their ultimate goal is complete world domination and population under control due to complete micro-chipping of Earth people.

When lots of years will pass, future generations will be able to discuss did we owe David an apology due to the truths he said about the illusion of life that we are living, or he would be long forgotten because all he was saying was just his imagination.
Today something like that isn't possible but certainly he's a courageous man whether he's telling the truth or not.

Inside this book you'll find all David was working on last 20 years, so if you want to learn about it, to see for yourself if it really can be true or is it just a funny fiction and entertaining conspiracy theory, I recommend you reading this interesting book.

Personally I'm not a supporter of such theories, therefore I'll place myself in the group of those mentioned previously in the text, which after reading this book will consider it a good time, still not believing much in such conspiracy theories.
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120 of 137 people found the following review helpful
TOP 50 REVIEWERon 27 February 2012
First, about the Gandhi reference in my heading: Clif High of the web bot reports/forecasts has recently (December 2011) and publicly identified David Icke as the Gandhi of our day.

Clif High explains that 'they' (the e-lite) are using the same techniques on Icke as they used on Gandhi. They are as afraid of him as they were of Gandhi. They are as reluctant to kill him as they were Gandhi. They went to great lengths to assassinate Gandhi via many removes but STILL it caused their empire problems for 15 or 18 years after they did that act and they are aware of it.

Clif High further explains that they fear the rise of the David Icke and Gandhi type: an individual able to harmonise with universe for reasons they are unable to understand. Such individuals usually aren't aware of their harmony; simply moving along with universe even though they will be considered fools, laughed at and vilified.

David Icke is such an individual. Clif High knows this - from the linguistics as to how the people are discussing him at the minion level (the servants of the e-lite such as heads of state) and above. He found exactly the same replication of language, in the idiom of its day, about Gandhi. So Icke is in tune with universe and they are afraid to touch him. They will annoy him unendingly but are unlikely to assassinate him because of the long-term repercussions.

For me, this answered a question I have heard many times, and indeed have wondered about. 'If he's right about all this, why is Icke still alive?' Many Icke fans (this includes me, going right back to his first revelatory book in the 1990s about the conspiracies, to which I responded at a visceral level, because it was the first to make any sense of the disgusting state of our world) will experience a gut-level response to Icke as 'the Gandhi of our day'. Yup, feels right.

Now about this book: Icke's new book is attuned, of course. After a brief recap of his past (basically, there is nothing in his life but his work to free us), Icke dives right through illusion to decode 'reality'. As he has said so many, many times: we are infinite, eternal Consciousness having an experience in a tiny range of frequencies that we CALL the `physical world' but that isn't.

Chapter 4 addresses the 'physical' holograph, making more sense than all that contradictory mainstream 'scientific' dogma: from DNA to the electrical-plasma universe and our sun as well as the long-ago cosmic collision and reconfiguration of our solar system. Chapter 5 offers esoteric details of the genetic metamorphosis of humanity; of the hybrid bloodlines and reptilian monarchy; and of the worship of Saturn and our moon - connecting many dots, as promised but this chapter will be a real stretch for those new to Icke's reality.

Chapter 6 expands on the new information from his last book 'Human Race', about our moon. Chapter 6 also introduces all-new information about Saturn, the 'master control centre' as well as the Saturn-Moon Matrix, similar to the matrix experienced in the movies of that name. Some of our 'junk' DNA has been harnessed to decode a fake (holographic) reality so we remain unaware of who we really are. This Saturn-Moon Matrix drives the thoughts, perceptions and behaviour of the masses as well as the 'bloodline' e-lites, who are the most locked-in because they were genetically created for that purpose.

[I've been grappling, for quite a while, with possibly one of the major questions of life, namely how did we come to be in this situation? For example, whilst psychopaths are not human and probably deserve extermination (as reptilian minds controlling human bodies, creating endless death and destruction - the book 'Puzzling People' is excellent on psychopaths, several of whom live in your own neighbourhood), there are many other factors to consider, including their lack of choice in their actions if they are genetically driven and their - and our - choices at a deeper level: to incarnate with the genetics, the family, the world we 'happen' to find ourselves dealing with in this particular life-experience. What underlying mind-pattern has created, or at least permitted, this experience?]

Except for the last chapter, suggesting what can be, and is already being, done about the ever-more-stifling control and manipulation of all humanity, the rest of the book mainly confronts usual themes but is also studded with revelations including the reasons/timing for the faked death of Bin Laden, the so-called 'revolutions' in North Africa and the Middle East, the earthquakes 'on demand', the real reasons for the Smart Grid technology (including Smart Meters), the end-times scam, and much much more. Yes, half the book echoes the information in his other books and his newsletters. So what? It's still valuable, it's obviously information we need to be reminded of. Otherwise universe wouldn't need to keep repeating it, would it?

Icke (and Clif High) perceive the new vibrations that are already changing humanity, evolving us towards our true potential. They know that heart-intelligence is powerfully transformative (check out `The Healing Code' by Loyd). It is as if we are toddlers right now and they are already seeing us starting to grow up. Wow! There's so much promise in all youngsters. Impossible to imagine what our world will become but what a wondrous change we're going to create together, freed from the negative controls, the exploitations and manipulations of the psychopathic e-lite!

This book is a must, as were all the other Icke books, despite (perhaps because of?) the repetition factor. Those who still believe the mainstream media propaganda about Icke won't have read this far anyway. If you have read any of his other books, you will want to read this one. If you are one of the many starting to wake up: welcome friend, and you too will want to read this.

Wishing us all fair winds, fellow readers.
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 22 August 2013
A great book. It makes you think about what's going on in the world. Even if you don't believe some of what David says, he certainly helps you think about love and peace throughout the world and how we can achieve this by sending out love. Thank you David for opening my eyes and may you open many more.
Gill Pye
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39 of 45 people found the following review helpful
on 12 April 2012
Yes, David is going over the same ground but it can't be said often enough, there is lots of new information here, especially the Saturn connection. If you only want to read two of his books to know what the man is about, it would be this one and Truth will set you free. The man is totally fearless, you may not agree with it all, but you will always find something that you know is right. No-one else does what he does, despite all he has been through, ridicule and all - luv U man.
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35 of 41 people found the following review helpful
on 5 April 2012
Icke's theories have been proving themselves right more and more by the day. A must read for anyone who is not afraid of moving outside of their comfort zone and dares to question old patterns of thought that have generated the very chaos our world is in at the moment.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 7 March 2015
£16 is a lot of money for a book.

A quick visit to his website reveals its is highly monetized.

For someone claiming to have undergone a Kundalini awakening he sure seems interested in making a load of cash which is inconsistent with someone in this situation.

If he was that desperate to spread his message he would reach more people by charging less for his 'products'.

A pattern emerges throughout the book, he takes an interesting subject which has been well researched and published by someone else, either on the internet or in book form, he plagiarize's that work then add's an extra layer of 'sensation' on top of it so he can claim it for his own work and grab a few headlines.

As part of this he is damaging and undermining the original research, as such you could conclude his 'role' is to undermine and discredit the work of other fine researchers in this field either 'innocently' to make headlines & money or as part of premeditated mis-information campaign designed to undermine & open to ridicule other researchers into these areas. In other words, he could be working for THE OTHER SIDE.

My advice would be to go to the 'source' for your information and avoid the sensationalized and self promoting version offered by Mr Icke.
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8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on 16 September 2012
I got this book not because I am a follower of David Icke or necessarily believe in all he says but because I actually find it vary interesting. Some of the stuff he says is quite hard to swallow such as reptilians controlling our lives, that the moon is not a natural phenomenon but is a huge spacecraft/communications centre which passes on signals from Saturn, or that the real world we see around us is in fact virtual reality, just like you see in the Matrix movies. I am not sure if he started this after watching the Matrix movies but he certainly likes the first movie in that series as he quotes from it quite often.

I saw the infamous Terry Wogan interview in which David Icke was ridiculed by the audience and by Terry himself and it made me quite angry that a studio full of "adults" could be quite so immature as to publicly ridicule a person just because he had differing views from others. I wonder how many of those "adults" in that audience would tell their kids off if they caught them ridiculing another kid because he was different. Unfortunately that's the two-faced society we live in.

David does his best to introduce us to the subject in easy to understand segments but some of it is hard to believe, yet even David himself says in the book that most people would find it difficult to comprehend. He talks about the supposed Mayan 2012 prophecy and 9/11 as well as other conspiracy theories, including the moon landings (at least those that were televised to the world) were fake, though does seem to suggest that man may have actually landed on the moon. He also talks about buildings being found on the dark side of the moon and speaks about a guy who told him he had been transported to a civilisation on Mars.

Pretty far out stuff but to be honest with you some of the things he says does make you think for a bit.. "what if..." (such as this world being like a Matrix and controlled from somewhere out in space, and much of the universe as we see it is just a holographic display).

If conspiracy theories interest you then I am sure this book would be a welcome addition to your library.

Do I believe in all he says? Perhaps not all, but like I said, it has got me thinking.

A note on the Kindle version:

There appear to be no proplems with formatting at all and there are plenty of pictures to be seen. I do tend to read it more on my iPad using the Kindle app due to the amount of pictures it has.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 26 April 2014
I am I thought an open minded person but how this has people giving it five stars is beyond me. The illustrations are very nice but the text is cramped and small. The content is mostly made up of a constant barrage of nonsense about a secret race of lizard men extra terrestrials controlling the planet to keep us in a state of misery so they can feed of our negative energy. That's the start anyway, what makes me angry is in all this not one shred of evidence or verifiable data is provided just jumps from one lunatic statement to the other. The fact that he's been compared to Gandhi is an insult to Gandhi. He in the first few pages alone accuses almost everyone imaginable of some secret plot to spread disharmony and such, I recognise some material from Immanuel velikovsky but taken way out of context and twisted to fit the notion of an ages long plot by reptilians , remember who I am? I think your more likely to be more confused and irritated after buying this. I know I am for lining his pockets.
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