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4.6 out of 5 stars41
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 5 May 2009
I am one of the despairing classes. Your recognise my kind if you're like me. A centre right voting individual who although is pleased by the impending self destruction of the Labour party despair that the left wing establishment is now so powerful that almost nothing can be done. That Cameron will be in office but not in power. That the growth of the state now renders all effective political control a contradiction in terms.

Well The Plan is just that. It is a well explained, and most of all surprisingly simple 30 point plan to save this country, or at least get us into a position where the work can begin. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn what can be done to fix Britain. I read the whole book in one sitting, and now I'm back on Amazon to get another copy I can send to my MP.
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on 28 May 2009
This is a short but powerful book that is probably going to change the face of politics - not immediately, but by stealth. David Cameron is already mentioning chunks of it in his speeches (naturally without attribution to Carswell and Hannan) prior to the 4 June European and Local elections in the UK.

It's all about returning power and influence to a more local level and taking it away from Europe (how many MEPs can you name?), where over 80% of our legislation now originates, and from Westminster, where party whipping has reduced the debating of new laws to a stately dance.

This is one of the most important political books in a long time - I highly recommend it, whatever your political allegiance.
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on 10 June 2010
This book gave a clear and easy to read account of some carefully thought out ideas for governing the UK. I can recognise some of them in the Conservative Party manifesto and think that they should all be implemented (as and when the nation's finances have recovered, for those with costs attached).
Even for someone like myself, with no political education but with an interest in politics, the ideas were reasonably easy to grasp. However, the last part showing how the ideas could be implemented did not add to my understanding, although I concede it showed that the authors had thought through the process.
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on 14 February 2013
If only the electorate could be persuaded.
If only a government would.
My personal view is that governments do not have the inclination to confront the problem and the bureaucracy will not allow a government to do this.

I much regret that it will in all probability take a revolution to achieve this.
I do not believe that any government will even allow the people a referendum on our membership of the EU.
When you hear the people sing a song of angry men, then we may have a chance.
I dare you to read this book and not be changed by it.
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on 15 January 2013
Ever since the war, the UK has been drifting down a gradually steepening slope towards economic and social instability. It accelerated alarmingly towards the brink during the later Labour years, when this book was written. The coalition is doing little to halt the slide. This book is very perceptive on analysing the problems (some presented rightly as quite alarming and astonishing), and, more significantly, full of selective and specific ideas on what should be done. Major issues are localism and the opposite trend of the EU. At every level of government the realities of power and responsibility are confused and fudged, leading to tough times for politicians (at least those not blindly enslaved to the failed systems in place) and a mixture of frustration and apathy for the electorate. The implementation of some of these ideas make sense to this reader as a way of restoring accountability and involvement. Sadly, there is still a long way to go for people to wake up to the facts. The general background of ignorance and prejudice against such a largely common sense approach means these plans are sadly unlikely to be tested in real life. Still, a recommended read, deserving recognition as a landmark to be taken seriously by all who are interested in politics and current affairs. It has remarkably weighty content in a compact and compelling format. I am by no means a politician, simply a concerned individual interested in following the news.
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on 15 November 2014
It must be unique in modern politics to have two politicians capable of articulating an intellectually coherent and consistent set of policies. No doubt their ideas were derided as "right wing", when the central underlying theme is democratic accountability. Perhaps this is right wing, inasmuch as socialism is incompatible with pluralism, either economically (nationalization and the creation of state sponsored monopolies), or politically (we see the specter of "false consciousness" being raised by the left even in today's impoverished debate as the reason for the electorate's "wrong" decisions.) For me this book's value therefore is in this articulation, rather than any realistic prospect of this programme being implemented, unfortunately. I look forward to the next one - let's continue to challenge the conflicts of interest modern politicians have created, and which determines much of today's political debate!
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on 11 July 2009
I found this book to be a breath of fresh air.

Like many other people living in this bankrupt, bureaucratic, surveillance state, I have long despaired of the systematic dismantling of freedom and democracy during the tenure of Spinmeister Blair and the Liar Brown. My suspicion has always been that it would not be until the economy finally collapsed that voter apathy would be broken and the breathtaking mess New Labour has made of the UK fully recognised. Well, the money has now run out, the good times are over and the shocking extent of the disaster comes into focus.

So what to do? Don't emigrate yet. An answer could just be in The Plan.

This is a commonsense blueprint to reinstate true democracy to the United Kingdom within 12 months of an incoming government commencing work. In a concise logical review, the 2 authors set out a clear mandate for political change through `localism' that has the potential to re-invigorate the political process and re-engage voters in decision-making that will actually make a difference to our lives.

It is one the most exciting books I have read in a while, providing positive workable ideas to claim back and restore the country, that most people who live here, actually love. My blood pressure alternately soared (when confronted by how much citizen's freedom has been casually discarded by treacherously incompetent politicians), then lowered again as solutions were offered to rejuvenate the malaise. Some ideas are certainly easier to swallow than others, but are always well argued and thought provoking.

Inevitably, the question you are left pondering at the end of the book is, is there a mainstream politician bold enough to fully implement The Plan? And that, I genuinely don't know. I have begun to look closely the Manifestos of the political parties to see who comes nearest.

Things (as it used to be said) can only get better.
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on 11 February 2012
Feeling stymied by the political situation? This book triggers thought and allows the entertainment of hope.
Something must be done beyond our pusillanimous, evanescent, half-arsed take on what has coalesced as a form of pseudo-democracy.
Read and be brave. Ideas worth spreading.
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on 6 November 2008
What I think I like most about this book, is it shows how do-able Direct Democracy is. All that is required is the political will. I very much hope to see The Plan, echoed in the various party manifestos at the next general election.

Minor point, The Plan is printed on good quality paper, which was an added bonus.

I'm glad I bought it, and I suspect I'll be giving copies as gifts this Christmas. :-)
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on 26 March 2013
A well written and well researched book setting out a utopian right-wing vision of how to fix all the ills of the UK. Each element is well laid out and plausible. In parallel I have also been reading 'Chavs' which sets out the left wing-view of society. Reading them at the same time indicates that neither has the monopoly of 'what is right'. Both gloss over aspects that would balance the perspective. If you wish to understand the views and opinions of the two sides then reading these two books will give it to you and also help you to appreciate the middle-ground.
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