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on 21 August 2013
This is an extraordinary book on many levels. It focuses so many things that matter today in a coherent and very readable way. Whether it's the conspiracy angle, the paranormal stuff or the evidence for the genuine power of focused thought and proactive participation, it really does all seem to 'make sense' in these pages, as the subtitle suggests. The prophecies for this current era are also put into a very relevant context, now that we're past all the end-of-the-world hoo-hah of the whole 2012 thing. This new version of Truth Agenda manages to show that we all still need to be very aware of big changes that the years ahead could bring.

Had an old version of this book, which was great, but this trumps its predecessor on all levels and I loved the new chapter at the back, which gives a very helpful reality check for alternative thinkers in a way which supports them but also identifies some of the flaws of letting high ideologies get in the way of common sense.

Love the new, brighter cover too, and there's lots of additional info and new photos inside which will keep these pages relevant for a long while to come. All round this comes highly recommended. I seem to feel good when I flick through it, and more positive about the human race, which is probably as much as anyone could hope for from a book; a must-read.
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on 19 August 2013
I recently read Andy Thomas's excellent 'Conspiracies: The Facts - The Theories - The Evidence' and was pleased to find that this new updated and expanded version of his reportedly classic 'The Truth Agenda' had just been published. I dutifully obtained a copy and have been completely and utterly blown away by this book. Not only is it so beautifully presented, with copious colour photos and very attractive layout throughout, but its approach and tone is pitched so spot-on that I cannot imagine reading a book that could provide a better overview of where conspiracy theories, liberty issues, apparently paranormal events and consciousness research all meet in the middle.

Being more drawn to the real-world global cover-ups angle, I was prepared to reserve a little cynicism towards the more 'alternative' subjects covered by 'Truth Agenda', but instead I have come out with a new respect towards things that plainly just cannot be explained away with a wave of the hand. Thomas is very adept at simply offering possibilities to consider, rather than giving dogmatic absolutes of the kind that some books seem to force on readers. His arguments are always backed-up with very well-referenced evidence (the references and detailed notes at the back take up around a deserved 50 pages by themselves), so that it is almost impossible not to come out thinking that there must be something to UFOs, psychic phenomena, religious apparitions and even crop circles after all. The active cover-ups that appear to be operated to distract the world away from things like this seem very obvious once pointed out by books as clear-thinking and unsensationalist as this one.

On top of this, Thomas's very convincing round-ups of the reasons as to why so many people now doubt the official stories of key events such as 9/11 or the Moon landings (the latter helped enormously by well-chosen photographic examples) leave the mind reeling. The growing social restrictions on our freedom and the growth of surveillance states are also brilliantly discussed, without ever falling into polemics. The world revealed by the application of the book's 'truth agenda' process is certainly not a comfortable one to consider, yet the level-headed, very lucid and intelligent discussions of what the motives might really be behind the ruling elite's New World Order project and what the average person can do to balance it leave one feeling strangely empowered and positive. Indeed, the great difference between this book and many other serious conspiracy tomes is that Thomas spends the closing quarter of the book offering hope for humankind through the power of collective action and collective thought, and therefore fear does not overwhelm; rather, I found myself punching the air in celebration at the positive feeling I was left with.

Anyone even remotely interested in trying to understand mysteries and cover-ups should start with this book, which may possibly be the finest guide of its kind, and it makes an ideal companion piece to Thomas's 'Conspiracies'. It is totally accessible and every page is thrillingly compelling. At the same time, at 404 pages, those already steeped in the subjects won't be disappointed either, as it offers many new and sharp insights which will help reinforce and hone the arguments of any truth seeker, be they armchair theorists, campaigning activists or simply mystery aficionados.

Indispensable and crucial reading for our times.
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on 11 September 2013
This book is a must read for those wanting to 'dip their toe' on the topic of Conspiracy Theories and Global Coverups and for those already well immersed in the topic. It's well presented with some great photos and it's very well written. The 'Notes' and 'Further Reference' sections in the Appendices are packed with further info and useful links that will keep a truth seeker busy for decades! If you've read the 1st and 2nd editions this is a must for you. If you're looking for a thought provoking present to give to someone....this is it!
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on 20 May 2014
I love the Truth Agenda! Such a vast and complex subject broken down into digestible sections without ever losing the integrity of the research and evidence. The author's voice is so clear that you immediately feel in completely safe hands, without ever feeling lectured to or in anyway guided into how to think. Rather, the evidence is presented in a scholarly and objective way. I also like the way that there is an overview in the last chapters and that the philosophy of what is happening globally is studied in a deeper way, this felt really heartfelt whilst still retaining that objective style. There is passion beneath the words, but it is a passion for the subject and to share it, rather than a passion to impress an opinion onto another- a trap that too much writing on this subject falls into. This is a truly unique book and one that is very important and relevant to the times we are living in.
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on 27 November 2013
This book was bought for me as a present and having amassed quite a collection of similar books i was initially reluctant to read the whole Tome so i started browsing from random pages.
Before long I was hooked and not because it contained subject matter i was previously unaware of, but because of the thoughtful writing style,
colour illustrations, diligent referencing, layout, margin tabbing, font, folios and the choice of silk paper.
For an individual who is new to this subject matter it is essential reading and will save you many years of internet research and excess disinformation.
It really is a well considered masterpiece in every respect and one i would recommend to people above all others in this genre of reading.
I have since purchased 3 more to distribute amongst my friends and would encourage anyone who can afford it to do likewise.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 2 October 2013
Reviews must contain at least 20 words about the product To insert a product link use the format: product-title (What's this?)

What's this nonsense about ? Surely one can write a competent meaningful review in less than twenty words. This is the sort of NWO manipulation we should be on guard against. What on earth ...

Ahem. Andy's book ...

As you may have gathered, I tend to rant and get emotional when faced with various negative aspects of things. This book doesn't. It lists facts, discusses them, presents different viewpoints, and does so in a well-written humorous style. Buy then pass on !
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on 9 September 2013
I have been looking for an accessible book on conspiracy theories and related mystery subjects and out of all the ones I have been flicking through, this is the one! This is a 'can't put it down' book which is a surprise for a subject that is often written about in a dry and dogmatic way. I also think that the way it is written appeals to both men and women equally, probably because of its attractiveness - not only in its style - but also its colourfulness and the fact that it's not all doom and gloom. If you're tired of reading sensationalist claims, especially on the internet, this is such a well-researched and balanced book that you can quote from it with confidence.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 24 October 2013
The Truth Agenda, now in its third edition, is simply still one of the best books around if you want a balanced well-written discussion on the mysteries and conspiracies that surround us.
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on 24 October 2013
Thomas doesn't condescend, or patronise...he treats his subject like a grown up. Whilst we all know how suspect the controlled media is, who owns it, what agenda they have, he carefully dissects just what is going on - and leaves us to judge. If you are a newcomer to the New World Order, or simply unhappy with what is going on around you, take a look at this. Thomas asks questions, invites you to think, invites you to question, above all invites you to take an interest in saying 'enough'.
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on 23 November 2014
As always, Andy Thomas is unbiased and highly informed, presenting the facts clearly and never venturing into conjecture. Conspiracy theories can get carried away, but this book stays with facts, and is all the more fascinating, and shocking, for it.
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