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on 1 February 2003
The Golden Thread of Time by Crichton E M Miller is one of the most profound enlightenments about our history and religion to come to light since the science of investigative archaeology started.
Miller has not just posed a theory, he has revealed a working artifact that proves his theory in exceptional detail.
What is surprising, is that the scientific community and the popular press have not made this amazing discovery public.
The cross is the most well known icon in the world and to find that it was an ancient computer revealing the complexities of geometry, calls into question the competence of scientific and religious authorities.
Well written and personal, the author goes on to show that our ancestors not only could design pyramids, cross oceans and keep time.
He also reveals how the ancients thought both spiritually and practically and it seems to me that they were far more civilised and in balance with the world than we are today.
To read this book will change the readers perspective completely, because any rational person will find it hard to disagree with.
A classic.
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on 24 November 2005
Crichton Miller is a man on a mission. His mission is, in my humble opinion, far more important than the Victorian search for the source of the Nile or the 60's race for space. It is more extravagant than the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb and in my mind of more archaeological, scientific and historical importance than just about anything else you care to mention.
To comprehend why I say this we need to just consider a few points. Firstly, how many of us agree that our Mother Earth is warming? How many of us are aware over the short lifetimes that we have had so far that the climate has been altering year after year? I know for myself, living in middle England that we no longer have the snowstorms I knew as a child; that Autumn is moving into Winter; Spring is coming sooner and Summer is stretching itself out like a lazy lion in the Sahara. In other parts of the globe huge waves crash onto idyllic shores and destroy the lives of thousands of humans; whirling tornadoes break and batter whole States in America and ice mountains the size of Ben Nevis collapse and crumble into the warming waters. There is one thing that is sure - the world is changing around us as we live and breath. Whether you believe this change is man-made or by the power of the solar Father in the sky; whether you think the leaders of political parties and corporate empires are making the destruction of the world a reality or it is simply a cycle of nature - one thing overrides the argument - we cannot escape it now.
And so, what to do, where to go, to whom do we turn? What will you hide away in your secure dug-out? Will you hoard tinned food and a tin opener? Or bottled water? And when they run out, what then? How will you hunt for food then? Should you carry a gun? And where will you get the bullets when all the shops have been removed by that passing ice-flow?
You will need to travel. You will need to move fast and over long distances. You will need to know the weather cycles and the times of year and you will need to know your way around. How are you going to do this?
You see what Crichton has stumbled upon may seem on first viewing to be fairly mundane. But, the closer you look and the more you find out, the more you become consumed in the intricacies, both exoteric and esoteric, of the workings of the artefact and the universe in general. This incredible discovery will one day change the world and help mankind to grow strong again. When we find ourselves in the stark reality of a nuclear winter; a solar consumed desert; a frozen wasteland - then and probably only then, will mankind remember this fight of Crichton Miller's to make known the secret tool of the ancients. The reason is quite simple. Only by using this device, which requires no electricity, gas, petrol or any power at all will we then, be able to discover where and when we are. This may seem incredibly trivial to us now, but imagine standing in the middle of a barren landscape of brilliant snow or sand and needing to find your way home. How will you do this without your GPS? A compass only points north and there are two issues with this. Firstly north may move magnetically, and this will cause chaos as we are already discovering with our modern electromagnetic systems. And secondly the compass cannot tell you the time of day, month or year. The wonderful Celtic Cross that Crichton re-discovered is all any future survivor will need.
Read this book, keep it close to your heart; understand the workings of this cross, because one day, it may save your life. If you value your children's or grandchildren's lives then pass on the information and knowledge of the stars, let it be locked in their young minds and hearts. The future of humanity may again depend upon the wisdom of the ancients, who kept this knowledge for us locked subtly away. Crichton has re-discovered the incredible science and simplicity of our ancestors who too needed to escape the oncoming deluge over 12000 years ago. Did mankind recover again because he had the cross?
I thought I would never hear myself say this to anybody - but take up the cross, it may very well be your saviour.
Philip Gardiner, England, 2005.
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on 17 February 2009
Disappointing. The subject deserves a much better book.
There is an entire planet full of genuine archaeological research to draw on for evidence to support Mr. Crichton-Miller's research. He chose instead to refer mainly to the writings of "pseudo-archaeologists" many of whose theories have not been able to withstand critical scrutiny.
In addition, the standard of proof-reading was abysmal and the numerous errors made it a very irritating read.
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