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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars587
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Louise L. Hay is ahead of her time, and I found most of her CDs and Books EXCELLENT - she speaks with a warm, compassionate, encouraging voice, that is truly a breath of fresh air to anyone seeking self-help.

Her material come on CDs, Books and (One) DVD - She has helped Millions of people all around the world and her material is proven to the core, 35 Million Books Sold so far, Excellent....

if your depressed or anxious, nervous, shy, withdrawn etc. in need of a "little Spiritual TLC" or even "psychological pep-up", well Louise has the recipe, I found most of her material "sound", however I did not find every single cd I bought from her my cuppa tea, however most are "Superb"..... be careful what you choose, best read the reviews 1st.

THE BOOK "You Can Heal Your Life" - IS DEFFINATELY HER BEST SELLER, it has helped - "by showing me that I always had the tools to make a positive change, I just never knew how to use them", with Louise's help via putting the program into action, I begun to see a big improvement within a week. - "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" - I'm really glad I bought some of her Books & cd's, "This one is a good read & spiritually very rewarding".....

Read it thoroughly then pass it on to your friends to read, it really has a very energizing effect on all who read this book with an open mind, this book has received many 5 star reviews on the internet.

Oh! and get ready for change, because it will happen if you follow the book daily for the 1st 30 days. nothing in this world comes without a little effort, and a little effort is all Louise is asking.

Thanks for reading, if you found my review helpful please rate it - cheers!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 9 September 2013
This was the first book I read, all those years ago, when I embarked on a journey of self discovery and running away from a (very) dysfunctional family ( yes, we have them in France too **smiles**). It is a nice book, as a starter book. But, if you think of it, it is really common sense, but things you need to be reminded, from time to time, to feel better, like ''you are worthy''. I have never done the exercises in You Can Heal Your Life. I would have felt rather silly to stand in front of a mirror and tell to my reflection that ''I love you'', but I benefited from all the words of wisdom in it and the little thought provoking quotes.
This is a book that I would recommend to anyone who is going through a bad time, or suffers from lack of self confidence but maybe not to someone who is deep in depression, they would need professional help. But this book is good for someone who wants a little boost of the ego and feel better about themselves. I suppose if one does all the exercises, they would benefit better. But I did not do them and I still found it a fantastic books.
I am fond of that book, even though I do not need it anymore, I have it on my Kindle too. Maybe because it reminds me of my youth and of all the way I have walked. But to become who I am today, it is not the book which has done it. It is me, with a little help from Louise Hay.
This is something I like to tell people. A book will not change your life. Only you have the power to do that.
Louise Hay is a very inspirational lady. Her loveliness shines through her writings. I recommend all her books.
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on 19 May 2013
This book is my absolute favourite. I use it regularly and refer to the Illness section at the back for every ailment to help me make myself well again. I think it should be taught in schools. In my opinion this book is the new Bible and everyone should be aware of it's contents. It's truly wonderful xx
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on 11 July 2014
I bought this book on the recommendation of a friend. Louise is certainly an inspirational woman who has come through a lot of adversity (I have seen a video of hers where she talks about her struggles in life).

I could only read about half of the book before I had to give up, as I really struggled to read it.

I respect that the affirmations might work for a lot of people, and that is great for them. But for me personally I did not find them of any help. I certainly think that positive thinking is good but I found the affirmations a little bit 'airy fairy' for my liking. Affirmations just don't appeal to me. I am more a practical person......if I am in a difficult situation then I like to think of all the possible ways in which I can move my situation forward and then try those things. If I exhaust all my options then I have to 'admit defeat' or at least take the positive from the situation that I tried all I could. I found it hard to buy into the 'everything is as it should be' mantras because I like to have some degree of control over where my life is heading. And I don't consider myself to be a control freak!

Would certainly recommend for people who find that affirmations work for them. But it just wasn't the book for me.
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on 18 March 2005
This is the most wonderful, magical and life-transforming book I have ever read. It set me on the path to a new-found positivity, self-confidence, happiness and inner peace that I could never have imagined was achievable. It allowed me to see for the first time that I could take control of my life and start living my life positively, successfully and happily. For the first 35 years of my life I lived in fear, uncertainty, aimlessness, misery, disappointment, depression, hopelessness and helplessness, and I considered myself to be a disappointing failure in every single area of my life. I was weighed down with guilt and negativity, had no purpose in life and was devoid of all self-confidence. I've given all that negativity up and am in the process of rebuilding my life with a solid foundation of self-confidence, love, inner strength and happiness. Every single area of my life is improving - work, play, finances, relationships, health and energy levels. I am following a beautiful new path and it was this book which showed me the way. I strongly recommend it to everyone.
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on 25 December 2015
Take Louise with a pinch of salt. Anyone that implies a child brings abuse upon itself is a little bit warped in my opinion. A lot of these self help gurus always have to have an answer; it takes a lot of guts and intelligence to say 'I don't know.' Needless to say Louise is a pioneer in loving and looking after the world even if her ideas are a bit abstract to say the least.
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on 8 September 2013
I found this book easy to understand and I like the way it is broken down into sections. I'm not sure however that I agree with the author when she says we cause our own diseases to ourselves. I' don't think it's that simple. If it were a case of just think positive our hospitals would be empty!
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on 4 February 2009
This is an absolutely brilliant book! I was at first sceptic when it was recommended to me but decided to keep an open mind until I had read it. I am so glad I did, it has completely changed the way I view things, my work, my life, myself. Having suffered crippling depression over many years I have read many many self help books and books based on CBT etc so of course I was initially sceptical when I get recommended a book saying I can heal myself through thoughts etc. However I found this book completely different to those others and when using the positive affirmations on a regular basis (as regular as I can remember to!) I have found it to have really made a difference to me. I am definately happier in my outlook, I do not feel as anxious or overwhelmed by situations as I once had. I constantly refer back to the book for backup and I have found that by trying to find my own affirmations work better than repeating the ones in the book. I am delighted to have found this book!
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on 8 October 2012
well wot can i say about this awesome book!!!!!!!!i am a 34 year old labourer so you would maybe think that this is a strange book for me to be reading! .early this year i had an out of the blue stay in hospital which really scared me to say the least,and the following months i got myself all worked up asking myself why,why,why!my wife told me about this book and i have thanked her ever since.if read with an open mind it really can help to change the way you think and start turning things around for you,it has for me so give it a go you wont be dissapointed.
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on 5 November 2014
PLEASE do not buy this book by going on the Kindle sample as I did! Yes, the first opening section and few chapters make sense and go into how to love yourself BUT the rest of the book is ridiculous, homophobic, nonsensical and dangerous.
It saddens me that the book gets so many good reviews and people actually buy into this, there should be a crime against making money from brain washing people like this. If you have common sense then you'll see it for what it is and bin it.
The book is basically saying that any illness you have, chronic EVEN terminal is YOUR fault and it can be cured by affirmations...I'm all for people's beliefs, affirmations and possibly reducing your mental suffering of suck illnesses but Louise Hay has taken it way too far. My jaw hit the floor reading some sections, in particular the section on gays and AIDS sufferers being to blame for their own 'suffering'.
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