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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars94
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 26 September 1998
I got this book 3 years ago during a time when I did not want to see many home truths that were blatantly obvious to all but myself. I read it then and almost threw it out the back door. However, I am mighty pleased with myself for keeping it. I now realise how ignorant I was then.
After much growth and acceptance of my past and present personal experiences, I have read this book again and have seen the messages in a different light.
It was not easy to see the truths of myself but I have no doubt that I am here to learn lessons in this lifetime. For all the things that has happened to me, I have jumped tremendous hurdles in my 25 years so far. I work with many people who lack clarity of direction in life now and I see a trend in what the theories in this book offer.
I thoroughly recommend this book to one and all, however I hope that we all know well enough that there is nothing on earth that gives us all the answers. There is no black and white, only shades of gray. Be wary of taking this in place of a bible cos, that would be a dishonour to the author. See it for what it is and take the coloured glasses off. Perhaps then we can have a better view of where we are and why we are here.
This book does not make the whole equation. The balance come from us knowing who we are appreciating ourselves for being us. We are who we make ourselves to be. It is our destiny to use the tools given to us to help us be who we are meant to be. Everyone is given different tools. It is up to us to decide if whe make us of it. It will become clear if we open ourselves without judgement.
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on 26 November 2000
I would not normally even approach such a book, if it were not lent to me by someone whom I trust and admire so much.
I consider myself a skeptic, but found the information given incredibly accurate, and specific.
This book is a little unsettling as it does not fit with my understanding of the universe. I deny neither the rational nor the mystical, yet this book's placing between the two was uncomfortable for me. It is beyond my understanding that what seem such arbritary divisions of people can be so squarely and accurately categorized. But if the universe fitted entirely with my dull and tiny understanding, there would be no life either.
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on 25 May 2004
I picked this book up whilst browsing in a bookstore; I almost put it straight back on the shelf when I realized it was "numerology" (i.e. hokum in my experience); but on impulse, I kept on reading; and in thirty minutes I was riveted. I cannot explain HOW this works; but there is an uncanny accuracy to the insights this book reveals. I found myself with a wry grin recognizing very specific, very pertinent themes that were congruent with my experience. I have now bought the book, as I feel it might prove very helpful in understanding my wife, my children and others' life tasks. Don't let your cynicism stop you reading this book; pick it up, apply its method, and let your heart judge its value. I think you will be (pleasantly!) surprised...
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on 25 January 1999
As a numerologist and psyche consultant, I use Mr. Millman's book in my daily work. I take over 300 calls a month from people who are looking for answers and "The Life You Were Born To Live" assists me in providing them. My path is that of a 34/7 who has learned to "trust, be open and have faith in the spiritual process." I'm committed to service and supporting others in finding their highest good. I recommend this book to my clients as a tool for developing better coping skills in life. I wish it were required reading in high schools.
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on 24 June 2002
I learnt the basics of numerology some years ago and whilst not understanding why it worked have used it as a tool of insight. When I picked up this book and bought it I had no idea until I got it home that there was any association with birhtdates at all. This book has served to instil even more faith in the significance of birthdates in life lessons. Those who cannot accept what they read may find that the issue is something they've either moved past through growth or are yet to accept about themselves. The book is a tool I will continue to use. Claire - 34/7
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on 25 October 1998
I am truly thankfull that Dan Millman has shared his wisdom with others like me.I really changed my life around and noticed the things i didnt like about me and was aware that i could accept and realize that only i could create,and destroy what i want and dont want in my life.The knowledge that Dan has shared in his book is simple lessons which we already knew but didnt reconize.Thank you Dan Millman..
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on 3 February 2001
This book was recommended recently by a friend in Sidney, I borrowed it and couldn't put it down. Somehow it was a best seller over there and it took me a couple of weeks to get hold off my own copy!
I can just say that I completely agree with the statements of "A reader from Nashville", "Joy", "Leila" & "A reader from New Zealand"!
Although I'm a sceptic mostly, I'm a firm believer that numerology is of the - if not the - most accurate way of describing the path etc. of a person. Dan M.'s book is based on the life path aspects of numerology with some differences, such as "adding" "10" & "12" numbers. It is still uncanny how accurate it was in depicting my number (I couldn't say if it's exactly as accurate as numerology, or even slightly more so!) and I'm convinced that "J. Balbirnie" will see exactly what I mean when the time comes. Dan M. says himself at the end of his book, that one reader wrote to him, first thinking his book was rubbish, it however ended up making a lot of sense to him a few years down the path!
Excellent reading, I highly recommend it!
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on 13 July 2008
I have to admit that Having read Dan Millman's peaceful warrior books I hesitated at the idea of finding your life purpose through the numbers of your birth date. Surely this has been done before with numerology??!!! So I worked out my own,read up and thought "wow that's me alright" & "how true" then " hmmm wonder if I'm just gullible?" so I tried it on family, friends and particularly those I don't know so well and blow me down only 1 out of 18 people didn't agree with their description. The 17 who did agree were really surprised at how true it all seemed and a number of them decided to buy the book themselves. So there you go, me and 17 of my family and friends think it's brilliant, a way to cut through the junk in your head, see the best you can be and leave the worst behind.
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on 13 July 1999
I'm not a believer in numerology or astrology. However, when given the challenge, I found it difficult to disprove the rather uncanny descriptions of life paths in this book. When I was first introduced to this book, I assumed it was all hocus-pocus and a complete waste of time. Now, I am glad I took the time to read it. Overall, Mr. Millman has written a good book and I encourage everyone to read it. You don't have to believe everything you read but you just might find strangely accurate details about your life.
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on 10 June 2008
Look at the Universe, either we know everything about the Universe or we don't ... either way it is mind-boggling.

Alot of people for a long time were passionately opposed to the idea that the world was not flat, despite the evidence in front of them.

It seems to me, despite our recent prowess as a species, that we do not know or understand everything about this Universe in which we live.

Whatever the source of the content of this book, the evidence that it rings true to life's experiences is compelling. All my closest family and friends match very well to their profiles.

My recommendation is to read this book with an open mind, without concern for justification of the content, just enjoy the journey and see where it leads, you may well surprise yourself and enter a part of the Universe up until now you were unaware of.
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