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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars71
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 17 February 2004
For someone on a spiritual path this book is amazing. A book to work with for meditation and growth. It is well named. Channeled information from the authors guide is very detailed and informative.
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on 18 May 2010
This book is one I will recommend to many people. It is an inspiring and uplifting book, it is so even if you are not on a Spiritual path, I am and found this wonderful. It has brought me joy and a happiness I never knew existed. Thank you Sonaya Roman
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on 29 October 2015
This is a truly wonderful book, not that it is very well written, because sometimes the author does repeat the same thing a few times too many but the message contained in it is very powerful. This is a book that puts a lot of things into perspective and it has helped me a lot during a very difficult period in my life. I loved the mediations as well, which you can find at the end of each chapter. I was also confronted with the fact that what we sometimes label as mental illness is maybe nothing else than the void we all go through many times during our lives, which is more apparent for some people than for others. When the old is gone but the new not yet established as a reality it can create a very difficult time for many people. They don’t feel themselves anymore, don’t know what to think, don’t know what they are after and sometimes have trouble dealing with the closeness of a life partner as at that time they need to rediscover themselves, rather than mix their aura with someone else’s. I have been in such a situation of sharing my life with someone who fell into a very deep crater, so deep that I couldn’t deal with it but I have also learnt that sometimes we need to go through our changes on our own, as painful as that may be.

My interest in this book came from something that happened last year when a friend talked to me a bit about working with light. Without much knowledge I something incredible happen and I wanted to know more about it. I now understand that sometimes our growth goes through such a huge upward curve, making it impossible for those around us to keep up, meaning…. some relationships we valued have to end, which is very sad but looking back we later see that they were holding us back in a terrible way, which was not good for either party. The good news is that in our new, higher vibrations we attract new people who are more in tune with the new us, and who become a very valuable part of our lives. This book also helped me see when I have to let people go. As much as I love to help people, sometimes instead of helping them we hinder them and hinder ourselves in the process. There are so many invaluable lessons in this book….. Spiritual growth is a fascinating subject and as the author says…. One of the most important lessons of this book is: “The light you send to others will come to you multiplied”, so let’s send a lot of light, let’s fill the world with light and let’s fill ourselves with light!
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This practical book teaches you how to connect with the wisdom of your Higher Self - with the Light and bring it into your daily life - by living it and expressing it. The process brings you into a state of Oneness and you being to live your life from this awareness, divinely guided and expressing the will of God / the will of your Higher Self - rather than the will of your human ego. You merge with divine, like a drop of water merges with an ocean and are then able to express infinite love, power and wisdom of your Divine Self. When you do live from this state of consciousness, you become centered. Non-attachment, which is also dealt with in this book - becomes in a way a natural side-effect of the entire process - because the only thing you desire, the only little prayer that you have is "Thy will be done". When you live your daily life fully aware of, and feeling and expressing the presence of your Greater Self, you don't need to hope or believe that it is there - you KNOW it, and you TRUST it wholeheartedly - you know that it is your best friend and that it has your best interests at heart - so you let it express through you freely - and you know that it doesn't matter what may come or go out of your life - whatever you may ever need will be always supplied to meet all of your needs. In this way, your begin living an effortless life. You neither have any need or desire to manipulate others, nor are they able to manipulate you any more - because you are now true only to your Greater Self (to God) and all that you desire to do - wholeheartedly - is let Its will express through you and your life, because through your own experience, the moment you surrender to Its guidance, you very fast learn that that's the better way, and the easier way to live one's life. Why struggle through life like an individual drop of water, when you can have an entire ocean take care of you. And how could you possibly not love it more than anything else in the world, when it is always there for you to do everything for you, to fill all of your needs. In the process you become so deeply and madly in love in God (your Greater Self) - not because some book suggested that you should do so, but because you have realized that it truly is your closest and your best friend - that it is Your Very Own Magnificent Self.
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on 17 March 2000
This has to be the best book I have bought yet. My reading of the latter part of the book particularly, focused heavily on aspects of my own life and inspired me to step back, observe and ulitmately change. Spiritual Growth and indeed ones' Higher Self, defines who we were, who we are and who we want to be. This book guides us towards enlightenment and teaches us how to be at peace with ourselves and all that share our world. Since reading this book, I have changed my outlook on life, I am getting positive results and have chosen to lead by example.
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on 17 February 2012
There is something quite extraordinary about this book....and that is that every time you read it it offers the reader something deeper and more meaningful.It really all depends on what you are working on in life at the moment you read the book. When I originally read this book a few years back, I thought it was wonderful and packed with so much information.As I was ready to make significant changes this year, I decided to pick up the book again as I was in serious need of guidance.This book has provided me just that, it felt like it had been written with me in mind, I just wish the book was longer as I didn't want it to end. In comparison the other books in the series seem extremely basic in content compared to this book.I have read so many self help books and most are the same information presented in different packaging, and at best they are inspirational but very few become a guide to the reader as a part of their journey,as this book has. So what I would say is only read this book if you feel compelled to do so, because that is when you will get the full benefit of it. If you're just reading it out of curiosity, then you might find the book packed with information that can be initially a bit overwhelming.My copy is old and worn and it is along with two other books what makes up my personal development bible. The meditations at the end of the chapters are really brilliant, I have tried all of them and I can say that I have had the most marvellous results and epiphanies. But it is as they say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Make no mistake this book is a powerful teacher(and guide) in disguise, so use it only if you are truly ready to start creating an inner landscape that exceeds your wildest dreams!
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on 10 September 2012
Well, what can I say, before reading this book I had never heard of Sanaya Roman or Orin, but her books kept popping up in Amazon's suggestions based on my previous purchases, so I read some of the other reviews which made this a very tempting purchase. I am now deciding which of her (or their) books I will be reading next. This is the first book that has actually given me a sense and feeling of a warm peaceful joy that flows through me as I seamlessly absorbed the words. It has such a beautiful flow to how it is written, and being perfectly honest I still ask questions about the whole channelling aspect of this book, was it really written by a "higher being" etc., but really this is irrelevant, just read the words on the page, and practice what is written, and there is no way that you will not see your life improve almost immediately. I hope my passion is shining through in this review, unfortunately I have not quite mastered the flow that you will experience while reading this wonderful book but I hope that this little piece will persuade at least one other out there to make a great life choice, and purchase this amazing work of art!!!
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on 13 September 2010
This is an easy to read book and does what its title says - gives information on finding your Higher Self. Although Im not a novice on the subject I still like to read all sorts of books on the subject because you never know what little gem you might learn. Would recommend this so long as you are not expecting too much!
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on 11 September 2010
This was a very enjoyable book, easily explained,not full of jargon but not insulting to my intellect either.I would recommend this fully, will be a book that I will go back to dependant on my needs, for certain.
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on 19 April 2011
l bought this book very recently as it was recommeded by my spiritual mentor. l have to say it is well worth the read if like me you are on high speed of your souls growth.(evolving spiritually very fast and hungry to learn) It has certainly helped me better understand my own journey amd make sense if it along the way, when at times l've been so hard on myself this book let me take the pressure l had put on myself to get things done in all ares in my life all in one go like today.! When really it is about letting go and allowing the universe to help you.! if only WE ASK!!! Definitely worth the read and you do not have to agree with the book 100%, Challenge it if need be and go with only what "feels" right with you and rings home everything else in time will just slot into place in one's life. Good luck with your own journey & don't ever lose faith a wise teacher once told me & happy reading.! :)
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