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4.2 out of 5 stars252
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 30 April 1997
In this life, some of us read many books and some of us read very few. And yet, even those with the most expansive reading lists rarely come upon a book that truly changes their lives. For me, at least, this book was one such gem among the millions. I sat down one Saturday afternoon, intending to read only the first chapter. I put the book down about four hours later in a state of wonder and awe, alive with the confidence that I could positively alter my life. What I found was that this book solidified a lot of what I had been thinking about for several years. After reading this, I felt like everything made perfect sense. I felt like I could gain the strength to meet the world on the level that I wanted to. And I still do. This book was an inspiration for me to begin to change my life in wonderful ways. Several months later, and after having read another of Mr. Millman's books, "No Ordinary Moments," I have begun to bring myself out of my self-destructive habits. I have stopped biting my fingernails; I am no longer addicted to Coca-Cola or related products; I am more in touch with and more capable of expressing my emotions. Most important of all, however, is this: for the first time since about eight years ago, I am beginning to have a positive self-image. This may not sound like anything particularly wonderful, but this book and its author have the power to change lives, and the fact remains: my life IS changing. Regardless of who you are, I recommend reading this book. Even if it doesn't bring your world into perspective or make you effect change in your life, it will at least give you another interesting view of the world, one with which it is well worth your while to be familiar. Even if it doesn't change your outlook on life, it is a wonderful and uplifting story. For anyone on any spiritual journey, or anyone that wishes to realize the potential of their life, this is a worthwhile read. I cannot think of a book that I would recommend more highly.
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on 31 January 2005
I read this book over a weekend and could not put it down. It is well written, easy to read, helpful and inspiring. For example, if your past is holding you back in any way this book helps you to free yourself by showing you how to live life in the here and now. It has helped me in many ways and I am now going to read Sacred Journey.
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on 11 March 2006
I first saw this book in the library, and was attracted by the cover. Since then I have read this book several times and so have many of my friends. No book can change your life unless you are willing to put some work into changing yourself or getting in touch with yourself. This book has helped me to get back in touch with my intuition and the magic and wisdom in life. Its true, there are "No Ordinary Moments"
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on 7 May 2004
I first became attracted to this book simply from the many positive reviews but also because i am taking a gradually increasing interest in philisophical literature. This book was truly amazing. All matters and questions covered are easy for anyone to relate to in one's everyday life, and have great significance. There is a prominent metaphorical sense to the relatively autobiographical novel thats most captivating. For anyone who has considered how to discover happiness or simply wondered upon such matters as the significance of life and questioned its true importance then this book is for you. Even if your just looking for an intriguing book about something different then I highly recommend this.
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on 8 April 2006
As a devoted reader of Carlos Castaneda I was worried that this book may be another diluted mock-up on the subject of spiritual Warriors. I was DELIGHTED. This is a book I would give to anyone to read for pleasure and to those following the path of the spiritual warrior. I have been on this particular path myself for about 12yrs and feel I can comment fairly on this book. I wish I could give this book 10 stars or more. As Dan Millman recounts each experience, he adds fictional stories as an extra teaching method, so the message really gets through. This is the teaching method used by Spiritual Warriors and Millman has made an excellent job of it. ENJOY!
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on 18 August 1997
A friend recommended this book to me and it changed my life.
This is a well written, easily read book of personal growth. Initially I set out reading the book as a story and soon found that I became a part of it, living and feeling the story as it unfolded. I now own a well thumbed paper back copy.
Dan, the author and world class athlete tells his own story of spiritual growth as he meets the challenges of life helped by the sometimes obtuse council of his mentor. It's a book which once you pick it up, even on the third or fourth read you just don't want to put it down and each time you read it new gems of wisdom will become apparent in the writing. We each have our own vision and purpose in life, just remember - "there are no ordinary moments".
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on 16 March 1999
This book is my Bible, whenever life is getting me down or I just need to realign my sights I read it again. It's the only book I've read more than once, probably six times by now and each time I find something new in it and it starts me thinking. Everyone has a Socrates somewhere, it isn't always as obvious as Dan's friend but someone, somewhere is watching our for each of us. Throughout our lives we have many teachers, often they are disguised or appear when we least expect them however, we must always be ready to learn so we don't miss a valuable lesson in life. This book will teach you a few lessons. Read it once at least and then decide for yourself.
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on 1 July 2007
I am naturally cynical about self-help. I am a man brought up in a mining village in the North East of England where talking about emotions wasn't done; people simply got on with life.

I had no cause to question my morale values or belief systems until my wife and I had our third child when our oldest was only just three. Things have become extremely hectic. Every day is filled with activity leaving little room for thought or expression.

I was so busy doing stuff that I had begun to lose sight of who I was and what I stood for. No matter how busy I was, I always tried to read for ten minutes before finding that much-needed sleep in a house of restless babies. Dan Millman's Peaceful Warrior series helped and continues to provide a morale compass for my wife and I as we continue to get through the 0600hrs breakfast and the 0230hrs evening feeds; we've even begun to enjoy them.

I recommend Peaceful Warrior to anyone whose has lost his or her way and is looking for a little well-purposed guidance.
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on 3 December 2005
This is the most inspirational short story I've read in along time. A friend of mine recommended this book to me, and the moment I opened the first page, I couldn't put the book down ! There were so many profound lessons taught by the teacher Socrates that makes the individual challenge current belief systems for example lessons on '....losing the mind to find your senses' and redefining perceptions of being 'self centred' as opposed to being selfish are two of the many lessons in this wonderful story. After reading the book, it inspired me to put into action some of the practical lessons. However, to get a greater understanding of the philosophy behind the story, you will have to read about Taoism and other eastern philosophies. The story is a brilliant introduction to the world of spirituality for the initiate, and is a great catalyst to greater understanding.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 February 2010
Dan Millman was a top gymnast on his way to the Olympics. Life seemed pretty good. Still, something wasn't quite right. Something was missing.

Then, one night, Dan stopped at the local gas station for late night snacks. They say that when the student is ready, a teacher will appear. As fate would have it, that very night Dan met a man he came to call Socrates. To the outside world, Socrates looked like a guy working at the gas station. In reality, he was a mentor, a warrior, a teacher.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior is the story of how Dan Millman's life was changed. How he learned to take care of his body. How he learned to quiet his mind. How he learned to trust and just let go.
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