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4.3 out of 5 stars50
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 20 January 2001
Sublime philosophy abounds in this incredible tome.
Attemping to just 'read' and absorb this book would be the equivalent of attempting to stuff a sandwich seven miles high in your mouth. The centre of increasing speculation and debate- (As it should be) demonstrates in itself the potentially world-changing import this book possesses.
This book does not claim to be a religion unto itself, and only people broad-minded enough to get past the initial 'It's a cult' reaction will really benefit which is a shame. I am not a member of the foundation although I have been reading this for 4 years now.Detractors are fine and are needed in fact, although a lot of negativity levelled at this publication is inspired by ignorance and understandably a fear of cults and their horrendous impact on people's lives.
This book does NOT carry a disclaimer anywhere saying....NOW U HAVE READ THIS, U WILL GO TO HELL/NOT PROGRESS IF U DO NOT DO THIS/THAT/THE OTHER. THERE IS NO CHRIST-LIKE FIGURE, NO LEADERS.The foundation is a non-profit-making organisation. It is about taking the church out of the church into the world in general. Many things in the book are too fantastic to believe. Why should they not be? We live in a fantastic world. The Urantia book can do no real harm to anybody, and everybody should read it.
One more point I feel I must make- the language and terms used throughout sound ridiculous and at first read, I laughed cynically.
In fact I found out these terms are used because there is no equivalent in English and so many are derived from Latin. As is indeed-'Urantia' itself. Anyway, I like it. It's a great happening waiting to happen.
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on 9 April 2001
I'm nearing the end of a first reading of the Urantia book. While it's possible to raise all sorts of pros and cons, I feel it's never going to be possible at this distance to absolutely prove or disprove its provenance - only to make a personal judgement based on its content.
From my own perspective it feels like a homecoming following a lifetime of struggling to reconcile the many inconsistencies of individual behaviour, religions, society, work organisation, materialism, spirituality and so on - of holding off on belief in anything very much because I could not square the inconsistencies. It's already irrevocably changed my life and my outlook.
I've read quite a lot on spiritual, religious and academic topics, but have never before encountered anything like it. It sets out a cosmology, a history of the earth and of evolution, and in this context tells the story of and the reason for the existence of humanity. It at the same time beautifully sets out how life can if we heed the advice of our own indwelling piece of God be lived as a journey of spiritual evolution and progress. It is a source of joy on the big questions of God, life, death, and life after death; but is at the same time very clear that we cannot survive either individually or as a race as non-spiritual materialists.
Far from rubbishing the Bible, the great religions, science, philosophy, sociology and the practical problems of faith and survival at the material level it manages through subtle reinterpretation of meanings and insights to show the role and central importance of each to the continuing evolution and development of the human race, while at the same time pointing out the pitfalls of adherence to absolute ideologies based on any of them.
For me it feels like truth - the internal consistency, the wisdom, the simplicity, the insight and the humanity are sublime.
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on 7 July 1999
I purchased the softcover version about 5 months ago and have now read about two thirds of this enormous 2000 page work. This book is simply without parallel.
I remember thinking many years ago, 'Why do I have to wait until I die to find out the reasons for such and such...' Well I never did expect to get those questions answered in this life. But then, I hadn't read the Urantia book.
This book has managed to appear to assimilate the best from the world religions and philosophies to form an incredibly cohesive cosmic worldview. In fact, the way the entire book holds together in its self consistency, profundity, sublime morality, and sheer original brilliance has convinced me that it must in fact be a divine revelation, as it indeed purports itself to be. Indeed, after reading much of this book, the religions and philosophies of the world appear to be dilutions of the real thing.
Expect adequate answers to these questions, and more:
Who is God and what is He like? How does God 'interface' with our universe? How was the universe created, and why? How did biological life come into existence? Why is life progressing? What really is the detailed biologic and geologic history of earth? When did man appear, and what is his detailed history? What really makes man unique from other animals? How did the different races and cultures begin? What is involved in 'mind' and 'spirit'? How can God live in us? How does God communicate with us? What are the nature and kinds of celestial intelligences? What really happened in the rebellion of certain celestial intelligences? Why are there so many religions? Why does God allow suffering and injustice? Is there life on other planets? What is earth's ultimate destiny? What is our destiny after death? Who will survive? How does Jesus really fit into all of this? What is my ultimate purpose here? How can I be happy and fulfilled?
I have spent so much time pondering these questions on my own. As a Christian, I have become personally convinced of many truths (like 'Jesus is Lord'), but still there remained questions that I felt even the bible was not really clear on.
Well, now I can spend less time pondering and more time living out amazing truths that I could not have 'pondered into' in a thousand years. This book truly is a gift, whether one agrees that it was from superhuman sources or not.
If you have a friend who is spiritually minded with lots of questions, give them this book as a gift. Even if they don't believe it for what it says it is, they will come away with insights that would have taken a lifetime to learn.
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on 10 January 1999
Although I have not read the entire book (which is over 2,000 pages long), from what I have read, it's definately interesting, as well as a mind-opening experience. There are parts of the book that are really interesting, and then there are others parts that are confusing and hard to understand, which is why I rate this book 3 stars instead of 4.
This book is definately NOT for someone who loves pictures (there are no pictures to be found here), or does not enjoy reading, and learning. It's also not book that one can just breeze through easily. It requires one to think, and be inquisitive.
If you like to learn about different religious/spiritual beliefs, you might find this book worthwhile. I would also add that this book is for a mature audience. Don't be swayed by EVERYTHING you read here!
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on 1 July 1999
Doubt its' source, question its' Truth, be sceptical, or even mock it, but read it. Cover to cover.
Merges the belief systems of humanity, no matter what one's background is: Jew, Christian, Doukhobor, Materialist, Athiest or Agnostic. See p 1130: "While your religion is a matter of personal experience, it is most important that you should be exposed to the knowledge of a vast number of other religious experineces to the end that you may prevent your religious life from becoming egocentric..."
You want simplicity? Buy a colouring book or read a romantic novel. Not that it is completely complicated, a good portion is elusive.
This book does not offer itself as complete, nor The final source. It is but a step along the path of eternal growth in knowledge. Be prepared to re-read it.
A few words of caution on the last 1/3 of the book. This section is about the intimate and personal experience of Jesus' life here on earth. It may provide a depth of insight about the way many people think that you had never expected, and you could wind up much more connected to everyone on earth!
After reading this book it will be easier to accept the lack of uniformity of thought among the people of earth, and easier also to see the spirit essense that binds us and makes all men equal.
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on 1 April 1998
The Urantia Book is a book purported to be channeled by celestial beings as a revelation of the ultimate cosmic truth. Well, I don't think so. I think Dr. Mathew Sadler wrote all 2097 pages. Taken as a work of human imagination and creativity, a sort of vast mythological/historical novel -- the Urantia Book is one of the most impressive literary achievements of all time. The fourth section alone, perhaps the most detailed rendition of the Life of Christ, is stupendous. The rest of the book which basically is a cosmoslogy that expands far beyond the skimpy mythology of the Bible, is a masterpiece of storytelling and metaphysical speculation. There's hardly a page of this massive tome that isn't intriguing and thought-provoking. This is an incredible book. Having said all this, you might ask how come I didn't rate this a '10' instead of an '8'? Well, my literary complaints are minor: 1) The language at times is convoluted and pretentious. 2) The different "voices" sound too similar. My main problem with the Urantia book is really not with the book itself. The Urantia Book has become something of a new-age bible, and people are running around proclaiming it as absolute truth, and forming cults. I think it's obvious that the book is the imaginative work of a single author. To present this book as anything else I think is unconscionable, and probably immoral. As far as comparison with other works, The Urantia book lacks the humour of Mark Twain's "Letters To The Earth", and lacks the subtlety and simple elegance of Norman Mailer's "The Gospel According To The Son". But It must be said that The Urantia Book was a far more ambitious project that succeeded, perhaps succeeded too well.
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on 30 May 1999
This enormous collection of revealed information and wisdom is a must-read for any serious student of religion, spirituality or the cosmos. I have been reading it on and off for the last few years and consider it one of the most credible sources of spiritual understanding I've ever encountered- and I have been a serious seeker, reader and practioner of spiritual discipline(s) for much of my 48 years. On this long, adventurous, survival-of-the-fittest spiritual journey we've all embarked on we need a guidebook or two. This is one of them. Get the book. Read areas that are most appealing to you first. (It's pretty vast.) Take your time. Savor it. You won't be disappointed. It may change your life. If it seems to daunting at first, get Kelly Elstrott's introduction - "The Fifth Revelation" and go from there. (I haven't read Ellstrott's book yet, but from the reviews and excerpts I've read, it's probably a good place to begin.) Happy trails!
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on 16 October 2015
When you find yourself in that stage of life when you seek answers to the fundamental questions that other books cannot provide, do your self a favor and buy this book.

What are we as a species? why are we here? are questions you have before reading this book.

What am I capable of achieving in this short life that will benefit mankind?
How do I align myself so as to be a part of The Universal plan?
How do I make the most of using this life to prepare my soul for life beyond this life in the flesh? are questions you have when you are only half-way through it.

This book is awesome in its scope and the level and depth of each subject that it covers answers questions that you may have and shows you the support that is open to those humans who have faith in the divine.

Whatever you think you know about this planet and its history I would suggest you prepare to be enlightened by the contents of this book.
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on 31 August 2015
If you are a Truth Seeker, then this is the book for you. If you seek to know more about Jesus Christ, what he said and what he did, including the so-called 'missing years' and why he died, then this is the book for you. The first two parts are heavy going for the average layman like myself, but the second two parts, especially on the Lucifer rebellion, the Garden of Eden, why our planet is currently isolated, cut off from universe communication; plus new details of the birth, life and teachings of Jesus, are fantastic. And if you ever wondered what happens after we die, where we go and the part played by angels, this officially permitted and constructed universal revelation will fill you in beautifully. Just don't let the hard parts like the Forward bog you down; skip over it. There is a feast of spiritual uplift to follow.
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on 26 November 1998
The fourth part, The Life and Teachings of Jesus, has given me all the answers that the Bible never could. The first 3 parts explain the rest of the story. To the critics, well, I'm sure they can make a few bucks trying to discredit a good thing. So how shall I review a book that so inspired me, that it literally has saved my life and soul many, many times. Well, The Urantia Books has given me a deeper understanding of life, put love in my heart and a big, big smile on my face. And I don't see how anyone can call a book like that, bad. To the contrary, if more people really read it, this world would be a better place. The Urantia Book is the only book that has been able to answer all of my questions in detail, all of the time. I'm happy I found the Urantia Book (it's message inside), and you will be too.
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