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on 7 February 2010
One of the mysteries of life is the alliance between Islamist extremists and leftists such as Trotskyist revolutionaries. According to their dogmas they are violently opposed to each other, but everywhere such extremists are to be found giving each other mutual support. This is disguised by the tactic of adopting organisation names which obscure their origins and instead invoke some universal good. For example they will claim to be Anti-War (who isn't?) whilst in reality supporting the most brutal war-makers around. Whatever the answer, understanding this 'Unholy Alliance' will shed light on what truly motivates these extremists.
Horowitz's book does not do too much to explore the causes of this bizarre phenomenon but it does a fantastic job of documenting it and will be an eye-opener to almost everyone who reads it, even if already rather well-informed.
In my opinion it would be foolish to be active in politics these days without a good understanding of the topic Horowitz covers. I recommend this book most highly.
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on 14 June 2008
In this brilliant and extensive work , David Horowitz provides a dammning critique of the radical left in the USA , and their evil alliance , based on hatred of America and Western civilization , with Islamic terror.

"Unholy Alliance' is chilling in it's exploration of the depths to which the left will sink , Horowitz deals with the sick and twisted thinking that has led to the Hitler-Stalin Pact of the 20th century , the close alliance between the extreme left and Islamic radicals.

These are the same forces that supported the Soviet Union and it's proxies during the Cold War , denouncing the USA and the West as the source of all evil , and excusing the crimes of the Communist Bloc.

Despite the fact that on face value the Left and the Islamic fundamentalists differ diametrically on social issues , such as womens and gay rights , these differences fade into insignifficance as the two forces of evil are united by their hatred, defining the USA and of course , Israel, as the source of all that is wrong in the world today .He quotes leftists who claim that Islamic terrorists are 'basically forces of national liberation' or that 'the real terrorists have always been the United States of America'.

Horowitz presents a dammning critique of the so-called 'anti-war movement , which was created in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks to attack the USA after the USA was attacked , to defeat the war on terror , to prop up brutal dictatorships like that of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and the regimes of Iran , Syria, North Korea and Cuba.

The book explores who was behind the the 'anti-war movement' , or more accurately the movement to defend and protect the Saddam Hussein regime: The massive anti-war protests in North America where organized and funded by International ANSWER , a front for the Stalinist Workers World Party. The Workers World Party defends Stalin's purges and has in it's sordid history , supported the Soviet invasions on Hungary , Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan , supported Pol Pot's genocide of the Cambodian people , congratulated the regime of Red China on the Tianmen Square massacre , fully backs the regimes today of North Korea , Red China , Zimbabwe , Vietnam and Cuba , fully supports suicide bombings against Israeli men , women and children , and the violent destruction of Israel , in other words it is an outfit of unrelenting evil.
Not only does International ANSWER openly support Saddam Hussein , and defend his excesses , they also described their protests as commemorations of the 'Al Aqsa Intifada' a campaign of suicide bombings and shootings of Jewish children , launched by the Palestinian Authority , after walking out of the Oslo Peace Talks in 2000.
Another stalwart of the anti-war demonstrations , was Not In Our Name , a front created by the Revolutionary Communist Party ,a Marxist-Leninist group aligned with Communist China. NION , like ANSWER openly supported Saddam Hussein and the HAMAS and Hezbollah terrorist organizations.
Horowitz also outlines the career of the hate-monger Noam Chomsky who has supported tyrant regimes and terrorist movements , as part of his campaign of hate against America , and his dedication to destroying Israel and anihilating it's five million Jews.

An example of the hypocrisy . Marxist lawyer Lynne Stewart, has defended Islamic JIhad terrorist kingpins as part of a crusade of 'movement advocacy'. Stewart has stated : " I don't have any problem with Mao or Stalin or the Vietnamese leaders or certainly Fidel locking up people who they see as dangerous. Because so often dissidence has been used by the greater powers to undermine a people's revolution" So Horowitz so rightly points out : "totalitarian repression - complete with firing squads and gulags is fine for Communist states as far as Stewart is concerned , but criminilizing acts that aid and abet terrorists in a democracy is not"

The book also has a chapter on the struggle of the Islamic world , together with the nihilistic Left , against tiny Israel, and a chapter on that revolting hatefest in Durban in 2001 , known as the 'World Conference on Racism' which was nothing other that a Nuremberg rally against Israel, Jews and Western democracy , adressed by terrorist leader Arafat, , and the leaders of such bastions of freedom and human rights as Sudan , Libya , Iran , Syria, Cuba , North Korea, Red China , Zimbabwe , who all recieved standing ovations and red carpet treatment
The genocide of the Black South Sudanese , the occuaption of Tibet , and the tyranny of Robert Mugabe , where all ignored , or openly celebrated!

Reading the book, one shakes ones head , wondering if there is any evil the hard left will not support.
It is clear to see that those forces who oppose the modest claims of the Jewish people to a small homeland , are the same forces who oppose democracy and freedom throughout the world.
today it takes the form of the battle for the soul of the world between the believers in Judeo-Christian/Western/democratic values on the one side and the hard left/Islamic alliance ,whose ultimate aim is the total destruction of Judeo-Christian and Western civilization , on the other.
Throughout the world the universities are dominated by these same forces who justify every tyrant regime and terrorist organization as part of the battle against the cardboard bogeys set up by the left : 'colonialism' , 'imperialism' and 'globalization'.
Thus they will use the struggle against `colonialism', 'imperialism' and 'globalization' to justify and encourage the killing of Israeli women and children, and totalitarian brutality in regimes such as Red China, Cuba, Libya , Syria , Zimbabwe , Venezuela etc.
It is no wonder that these forces which have no respect for human life will terrorize those who do not conform to their sick and twisted ideas.
Let us pray that George W Bush , (may G-D bless him for removing Saddam and his Nazi regime from power) will continue to be firm in resolve , in the war on terror and tyranny and that the West and Israel will in the words of Churchill 'never surrender' . May the forces of darkness , the Islamic terrorists and their Satanic Marxist allies be defeated and destroyed.
G-D bless the USA and Israel.
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In this revealing work, Horowitz explores the hellish marriage between IslamoFascists and the highly networked American Left. These ideologues who once sided with the USSR and other repressive communist regimes have now wholeheartedly embraced radical Islam.

Their agenda emanates from the extreme left but their influence extends far beyond, also encompassing liberal discourse and the mass media. It seems that this radical agenda has now succeeded in capturing the heart and soul of the Democratic Party.

Unholy Alliance exposes and dissects the Left in fine detail, seeking for answers to why it has made an alliance with a reactionary and oppressive religious ideology. Also why it tried to undermine the War on Terror by opposing the liberation of Afghanistan and Iraq. The fracture of the consensus in American politics is another topic discussed here.

Part One, A Defining Moment, takes the investigation from 9/11, the response of the Administration, and the Left's response to that. It shows how the Left declared war on the War on Terror and started organising demonstrations long before any action was taken, becoming the vanguard for Saddam and the Jihad terrorists.

Part Two explores the Mind of the Left in a series that includes communist forerunners, the transition after the collapse of communism, the New Left, the Utopian Idea, the Nihilist Left and the Anti-American Cult. Throughout the book, prominent personalities are highlighted. Among them is Noam Chomsky, discussed with reference to a New Yorker profile where this nasty professor's malice and distortion of historical facts are pointed out. Chomsky's less strident but equally deceptive intellectual twin Howard Zinn also features. His plodding bestseller A People's History of the USA is a prime example of anti-American propaganda.

The main areas of Leftist infestation today are academia, the mass media, literary circles and Hollywood. There is a powerful fisking of Norman Mailer and his detestable piece about 9/11 for the New York Review of Books.

Part Three takes a closer look at the alliance with radical Islam and how it operates. It is shown to be an update of the Nazi-Communist entente. The introduction of communist thought and methods into Islam began with the Khomeini revolution in Iran. The last decade saw the Islamic transformation of the Palestinian struggle, which was completed by year 2000.

Chapter 16, The New Radicalism, revisits the UN's Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa. This is where an array of dictators and tyrants met for a freakshow to condemn the West and where the Nihilist Left first showed its true colours. Israel, the USA and the UK were the only countries attacked by a bunch of the most oppressive regimes including Sudan and Zimbabwe. The atmosphere was moreover permeated with Jew hatred.

This conference brought together the radical Islamists with American NGO's and other Leftist organisations. The Ford Foundation funded it. Months later this coalition would re-emerge as a global movement against the War on Terror. From it also sprang the World Social Forum that first met in Brazil in 2001, another organisation dedicated to anti-capitalist nihilism.

Parts 4 looks at the War at Home by discussing the Anti-War protests and revealing by whom they were funded and organized. Homeland Security and the assault on the Patriot Act are further subjects. Part 5, A Nation Divided, demonstrates how the Democratic Party shifted from supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom to becoming vicious opponents using tactics unprecedented in a time of war. The transformation happened in a few months, as revealed by the words of people like Al Gore and Jimmy Carter.

The chapter Anti-War Democrats indicates how prominent leftists have achieved power in the Democratic Party. The epilogue deals with the 2004 presidential campaign, providing plenty of damning evidence from the rhetoric and tactics of the Kerry side. Horowitz concludes with the observation that there are now Two Americas that matter: An America that embraces its heritage and vision, and an America that has seceded from both.

Unholy Alliance demonstrates convincingly that the American Left today is far more dangerous than loony. The book concludes with 34 pages of notes and a thorough index. I also recommend The Anti Chomsky Reader by Horowitz and Collier, The New Anti-Semitism by Phyllis Chesler, Uncouth Nation by Andre Markovits, Eurabia by Bat Ye'or and Anti-Americanism by Jean-Francois Revel.
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on 25 December 2010
David Horowitz used to be a "loony lefty". Despite being White and Jewish, he belonged to the Black Panther Party during their *worst* phase, when the Panthers had degenerated and become a racketeering crime gang (they even murdered their own party treasurer, another White person, when she uncovered some illegal drug dealings).

Horowitz, to his credit, left the Panthers after this. Less creditably, he then joined forces with the loony right!

"Unholy alliance" is ostensibly a book about how the American left supports Muslim fundamentalism and opposes Israel. An interesting subject, to be sure. I'm one of those rare leftists loony enough to *oppose* Muslim fundamentalism. Horowitz, however, never really delivers. His book turns out to be a truly demented screed of Cold War propaganda, delivered decades too late. Indeed, the author is so bad at spinning lies and distortions, that the book actually becomes entertaining. Well, at least up to a point. Two-thirds through, I decided not to finish it...

It's a well-known fact, that the United States (in itself a democracy) supported a whole string of right-wing dictatorships during the Cold War. Sometimes, the US even supported Communist regimes or movements, provided these were anti-Soviet. Post-Mao China and the Khmer Rouge (!) after their fall from power comes to mind. Nor were all members of NATO democratic. Both Greece and Turkey were military dictatorships for a period, but neither was excluded from NATO. It's obvious that whatever the "Cold" War might have been, it certainly wasn't a conflict between "democracy" and "Communist totalitarianism".

How does Horowitz attempt to prove the opposite? He claims that the Korean War was a conflict between democracy and dictatorship. But at the time, *both* South Korea and North Korea were dictatorships. So how could the war be a struggle for democracy? Well, says our author, South Korea *did* become democratic 35 years later! Therefore, the Korean War was about democracy...

I'm not kidding. He actually says this.

Many other arguments in the book have an equally surreal quality. The United States, we learn, overthrew Ferdinand Marcos, the dictator of the Philippines. What took them so long? And what about the People's Power movement? Weren't they at least peripherally involved? The author also hotly denies that the United States supported Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war. "We didn't support Saddam. We just sent him weapons". I suppose this is the loony right-wing version of Trotskyist "military but not political support"!

David H. also denies the genocide of the American Indians. Why, he opines, there are *more* Indians alive today than at the time of the conquista, so how can there have been a genocide? Well, David, aren't there more Jews alive today than at the time of World War Two? Perhaps the Holocaust didn't happen either. Or maybe it just wasn't a "genocide". Besides, the argument about more Indians presumably refers to the entire American continent. In the United States, the Indians are obviously outnumbered by Whites (and maybe even Jews).

And so it goes on, page after page. There is something anachronistic about a book that still today (long after the fall of the Berlin Wall) fights the propaganda battles of the Cold War. I suppose that's why the rest of the book plays the anti-Muslim card. During the Cold War, after all, Usama bin-Laden and other Muslim fundamentalists were "our" allies.

But of course, you will never learn about *that* unholy alliance from a book by David Horowitz.
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on 30 September 2013
I ordered this book because I had hoped to garner some further information about cause and effect of unrest. However, Horowitz devotes more time to bitching about other authors and seems determined to 'assassinate' Noam Chomsky. The general trend of the offering is from a very biased right wing point of view presumably directed by AIPAC. Not the standard one expects from " New York Times' best seller.
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