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4.5 out of 5 stars395
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 27 January 2008
I love this book! I got it as a birthday present along with an icecream maker a couple of years ago, and the recipes really taste just as good (if not better,) than the store bought tubs of Ben & Jerry's, plus there are a whole host of flavours in the book that aren't sold in Britain (at least I've never found them and I am a massive Ben & Jerry's fan!) and therefore would never have gotten to try without this book, for instance, Pumpkin, Eggnog, Vanilla Malt Chip, Kiwi, Mint Oreo Cookie (my workmates' favourite), and my all time personal favourite, Banana Peanut Butter. They also include the recipes for lots of different sauces, and different ideas for sundaes. The fact that I have to halve the recipes isn't any trouble at all, and for the most part finding substitutions for American ingredients isn't too much trouble and often it's easier to find the exact products than I first thought it would be, Oreo Cookies are readily available in Supermarkets for instance, along with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Even better, it usually turns out cheaper to make a batch of icecream than to buy a tub, and you get more in one batch than you do in a tub too. Just about the best birthday present ever!
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on 3 July 2008
After buying my Cuisinart Professional Ice Cream maker I ordered three books from Amazon to help me in creating ice cream to die for!

I find that the Ben & Jerry's book is the one I use the most. I was initially put off by the use of raw eggs rather than a traditional custard base but realised that as ice cream is frozen it is not the same as using raw eggs in say a mousse or mayonnaise.

The method for making the most of the ice creams is very quick - no waiting around to chill cooked custard. I find that I can reduce the quantity of sugar slightly in the recipes with no effect on the results.

Lastly the texture of the ice cream after being hardened in the freezer for a little while is the better than the recipes in my other books.

I think this is a worthwhile purchase for anyone making an ice cream maker as Ben & Jerry's, Haagen Das and Green & Blacks ice creams are probably what you are tring to recreate.
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on 4 November 2011
This book is a must-have bible for ice cream aficionados. It walks you through the history of Ben and Jerry's and, FAR more importantly, the following ice-cream making concepts:
(1) Ice cream bases (supremely important for when you want to create your own extravagant concoctions)
(2) Types of sweeteners and how they affect consistency
(3) Egg use and the lack thereof
(4) Overrun (% of air whipped into the ice cream)
(5) The formation of ice crystals
(6) The use of Flavourings, Salt, Liqueur, Fruits and Cookies & Candies - when and how to add them, and how they'll affect the final product

All their greatest hit recipes are in this book, from French Vanilla to Butter Pecan to Cherry Garcia to... well, I could go on for a while! There's also a selection of recipes for Sorbets, Sauces, Sundaes as well as non-icecream stuff like Cookies, other baked desserts like Brownies, and a section on Drinks.

This is a thorough and extremely delectable compilation.

(1) All the ice cream recipes in this book yield 1 quart of end-product (~950ml, 2 pints, ~4 cups). Adjust accordingly!
(2) Every single ice-cream recipe requires the use of an ice cream machine, so if you're planning to use rock-salt and a baggie, you'll probably have to modify their procedure a fair bit.
(3) All measurements are US-style (cups, ounces, tsp/tbsp)
(4) Some ingredients may not be easily available where you are. Just replace them and experiment!
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on 6 March 2005
A word of warning - if you like Ben and Jerry's ice cream, you'll find they taste even better when you make them yourself!
I've owned this book for a few years now, and it is definitely my favourite ice cream book. Even simple vanilla ice cream is amazing. It's fun and interesting and makes ice cream making seem really easy (and it is!)
Yes it is all in american measurements, but nearly every kitchen shop sells cup measures nowadays, and it's usually not too difficult to find the UK name for an ingredient (or a good substitute!).
In fact I think I might go and make a batch right now!
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on 20 April 2006
Great ice cream and the recipes are really easy to follow, once you have made the conversion from US cup sizes.

There is a "base recipe" which seems to be the cornerstone of 95% of the ice cream recipes and it is far simpler to make than working with a custard base, as a lot of recipes do that I've found in other books.

Others have complained that some of the ingredients are difficult to find, but I think they are missing the point in slavishly following the recipes - that is what R and D is all about. Have fun and experiment - you won't be disappointed, after all, this is only about making ice cream! If you feel you really have to, a little research on the internet will enable you to order some of the less well known ingredients, or give you the UK equivalents of them

A word of warning, however: American ice cream makers must have double the capacity of my English one, so unless you want to make enough for about 10 people, halve the quantities given in the recipes.
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on 19 July 2005
Got Ben & Jerry's book a few months ago going off the reviews. Family consists of mainly grown ups and one little 8 year old. Since making this ice cream they will not have anything but. Vanilla ice cream seems to be the main one at the moment, tried putting in crunchies, toffee crisps, bounty etc. Even tried the buttered Pecan recipe which we tried whilst in America recently, very nice!
Just ordered myself an ice cream machine, fed up with putting the bowl in the freezer everyday, which takes up quite a bit of space. Hopefully this machine will churn out even more?
Hoping to try one or two of the recommendations that have been made by previous purchases of this book. Highly recommend this book, no cooking and straightforward.
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VINE VOICEon 27 July 2005
Having bought several ice cream books to accompany my new machine, this one is my first choice. The style is accessible, the recipes are uncomplicated, the ice creams are delectable.
Most use uncooked eggs so if you find that problematic, make an egg/cream liaison first, chill it, then proceed as usual. The quantities yield 1qt but I halve the recipes for two very generous servings. My only picky observation is a ringbind spine is easier in the kitchen than the glued spine, but this is really immaterial. Oh, and you'll need a set of measuring cups for quantities.
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on 21 May 2003
I bought this book 5 years ago but have only recently bought the ice cream maker.
The recipies are fantastic and as a student the affordable way to gorge on the good stuff.
For those difficult to find ingredients I suggest trying a website such as cybercandy which imports sweets from all over the world and also does american baking ingredients (such as the canned pumpkin).
Definitly worth investing in this book as it has many of the classics.
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on 26 October 2004
We bought this book about four years ago, I think, and it has been VERY well used indeed.
Other reviewers have complained that many of the ingredients are hard to find, but I think this is ignoring the book's main strength: it has the very rare virtue of being non-prescriptive. Once you've mastered the main principles, which takes about ten minutes, off you go!
We've made Cherry Garcia; then we decided to put more cherries in than they suggest; then we did it with chopped up peanut brittle instead of chocolate... We've made the raspberry ice cream; then went on to reducurrant; decided to try mango but the mangoes were off so ended up making prune and cinnamon...
Not only is this a recipe book which gets used time and again (I recommend Ben's chocolate ice cream), it is also a book which gives you the confidence to INVENT your own stuff. Our copy is well-scribbled-on, with records of all the different ideas we've tried, and I bless the authors with all my heart. So you can't find Oreos (which I assume are a kind of biscuit)? P-p-p-pick up a Penguin instead! As Ben and Jerry say, there's no such thing as a bad batch of home-made ice cream. Regard that as a challenge if you like, but go ahead and do it.
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on 25 July 2004
This is an essential book for anyone interested in making ice-cream! Despite difficulties with some of the ingredients, like interpreting what the hell graham crackers are, it does guide you through easily how to make the basic ice-cream to the more extravagant of flavours like Cherry Garcia, Banana & Peanut Butter Flavour! The ingredients are all easily obtainable and can be adapted for any ice-cram maker.
I would be lost without this fun Ice-Cream Bible!
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