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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 6 February 2007
while the book which comes with this deck is ok if a liite over simplified,but it is nice and potable and well illustrated. The main reason to buy this is for the mini Hanson Roberts deck which it comes with. The size makes it an ideal pocket size deck which you can carry around with you on a dily basis. It is printed on standard thicknes card stock whick makes the deck a simmilar width than a standard deck. This may put some people off, but it makes the cards extreamly durable. This seems to aimed at the person who actually reads cards, making the deck extreamly easy to shuffle. The size also makes the bigger spreads easier if you do not have a large table etc.

Some people argue that the Hanson Roberts deck is rather over cute and twee therefore not a serious deck, it is very pretty to look at and some of the children do look a little "moon faced" and the pictures stay very close to the Rider Waite. On closer scrutiny some of the immagrey is still quite powerfull for example the ten of swords looks as painfull as any other, the queen of swords is a very beutiful but aloof card and noticably the lady in the strength card has bite marks around her neck. I have always got very honest, acurate and often powerfull readings from this deck and its prettieness makes it ideal for readings in public ie on a train, so it doesnt spook passengers. It is also good for doing on the spot readings with friends. The low price makes this deck good value for money and an ideal starter for a beginner, but i would recomend buying a more in depth book. as you will outgrow this one quite quicky. Higly recomended.
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on 11 January 2010
This is definitely Tarot for those on the go. I wanted a beginners set for a friend and this drove my decision to buy this pack. It will not last perhaps as long as other packs but then it was a very reasonable price and it is fit for its purpose. I was particularly pleased with the speed of delivery and that fact that my friend could start using it without running into any complicated layouts that would have put her off.
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on 2 June 2015
I bought these as a beginner to Tarot. They are small cards which is what I liked. The book is good but as a beginer I would have liked a bit more instruction but for the price I am pleased with my purchase and find it really interesting.
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on 9 January 2016
Omg this is so cute. It gives only a brief explanation. However it does give you a good few ideas but there's several ways of doing them. I now look them up on the Internet. It will take me a while as each person has their own interpretation which in life if it says you need a rest you think of something you do reg that tires you. So I did do that and it gave me a good warning to in the love department. Well worth the money for a beginner like me. If you've watched penny dreadful. I love tv merch and all things supernatural. Even the show is my fav. So I have the penny dreadful deck now. I have not opened it as just got it from Xmas but I would love to compare and still use the little book as a guideline as well as the Internet.
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on 3 October 2009
I have ordered 2 of these they are fab, fit in your handbag and are easy to use for beginners you can have hours of fun
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on 29 May 2015
I bought 4 of these as gifts. Great price. Descriptions aren't really good enough for much more than a dabble, but good as a travel pack maybe or as a funky gift. For those devout tarot users though, stick to rider waite.
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on 5 March 2015
I was a little disappointed when the cards arrived as I thought they were the original Rider Waite illustrations, and they're not. BUT the pictures are so lovely and full of information that I soon fell in love with them. I love the tiny size and the sweet little book that goes with them, so all in all I am very happy with my purchase. ps the price is lovely too
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on 14 January 2010
I purchased this set as I love the Hanson-Roberts deck, and the miniature size makes it easy to pack.
The deck is exquisite, Celtic and Art Nouveau influences with rich colours. All boxed, including a quality illustrated hardback book that is easy enough for beginners, it makes a delightful gift at an affordable price. Be sure to order two, because you wont want to give this away!
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on 24 January 2012
I bought this set as a gift for a beginner friend as I saw it had been recommended for beginners. She has always wanted to learn tarot and well she absolutely loves it and has already done some accurate reading with them. The pictures are colourful and pleasant and the book is very easy to follow, the picture of the card faces the meaning on the opposite page, she has gone through and studied it one by one.The cards are smaller than I thought - it is a petite set but big enough to be used with no problems. I might get myself this set as I am quite envious of it now - perhaps I should have kept it for myself!
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on 24 June 2010
As the 'Book of Thoth' teaches, Tarot has many facets to it. The suits of the Tarot are steeped in medieval hierarchy that is just as prevalent today - Cups (i.e. the Chalice or Grail) represent the Church - headed by Her Majesty, Swords (i.e. the armed forces) represent the protectors of the church; Pentacles (i.e. the monetary system) represents the merchants and traders who bring prosperity; and Staffs (AKA Wands or Rods) represent the workforce (hence the generic word `staff' used in business). This Tarot brings a light motif to the original Tarot cards - which can be scary to many - particularly women and teenagers; and so it achieves what Rider and Waite started with their daring approach to the pictograms. I appreciate many `traditional' Tarot readers will shun them in favour of the `proper' Tarot (these tend to be people who view the Rider Waite Tarot as `proper' - which tickles me), but for me, they bring all of the right attributes to introduce a more serious Tarot such as the Claviculae (AKA `Dark Grimoire') at a later stage - and the Tarot is pocket size to boot - how good is that? (the `Dark Grimoire' was banned in 1557 but now available for those who seek) For completeness, the Minor Arcana of the Tarot is represented in modern playing cards as follows: Cups = Hearts (everlasting and unconditional love); Swords = Clubs (obvious); Pentacles = Diamonds (material wealth) and Staffs = Spades - representing farmers tilling the earth to grow crops. Sadly the only card remaining from the Major Arcana is the Fool (Querent) - represented by the Joker.
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