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4.9 out of 5 stars89
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 5 October 1998
"Homeland" is possibly R.A. Salvatore's finest work written to date, with the possible exception of "The Legacy". A beautiful story set in perhaps one of the most creative settings ever in a fantasy story, this story both tugs at one's heartstrings and pulls at one's imagination. Menzoberranzen is presented in such intricate, almost loving, detail that one wonders if Salvatore has created the world or is merely reporting on it. The morality of the book, so often overdone in many of his later books, is perfectly presented in this story as the main character, Drizzt, must begin to make his own decisions as to what is wrong and right. Salvatore as well, writes of a very intricate relationship between Drizzt's father and his son, a relationship that is much more complex and intricate than many in his later books. The characterization in this book is superior to many of his other books, and the reader can come to believe that the characters are real people in a real world, so vividly are each painted. In general, this book is excellent in every way, a complex and gripping story set in a detailed and wonderous world. Any fan of fantasy, and many people who are not fans, will love this story. I recommend it wholeheartedly.
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I've read fantasy in the past but i was new to the Forgotten Realms books. I had been recommended this by my mates on more than one occasion and finally i broke when seeing the Trilogy for sale in one volume. I wasn't dissapointed. The depth of the characters was amazing and Salvadores description of fight sequences was brilliant. Homeland is the best book of the three but don't let that put you off reading the other two. It would be hard to keep that standard up for 800 pages. The continuing saga of Drizzt is a great read and i'd recommend it to anybody who loves fantasy books.
Can't wait to get stuck into The Icewind Dale Trilogy!
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on 17 May 1996
I usually don't like TSR books, but Homeland just blew me
away. A society of *EVIL* 'Drow' elves live underground.
One elf breaks the mold and fights for what he feels is
right. Beautifully written with increadible fighting scenes.
Intricate plot and so many twists and turns your head'll
Book #1 in a 9 book series, it actually was the fourth
book written (Crystal Shard was first, from the Icewind
Trilogy) but it is MUCH better if you read the Dark Elf
Trilogy then Icewind Trilogy and then the following 3 books.
#9th book leaves so much unanswered and I don't know if he's
going to continue. Does anyone know?
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on 22 July 1998
In "Homeland", R. A. Salvatore's story of an evil dark-elven city and the drow caught in it, Drizzt Do'Urden is born to a Matron Mother, a priestess of the goddess Lloth. Drizzt's ideals and morals are alien to all his family but his father, a skilled Weapon Master who may train Drizzt to become even better than he. Drizzt's panther friend Guenhwyvar also shares Drizzt's views. Staying in the city of those who kill the merciful cannot be an option for the two, but fleeing is equally suicidal. This story is free of other contradictions in some of R. A. Salvatore's other works (character's abilities, such as Guenhwyvar's, seem to fluctuate as the books continue). The incredible skills of Drizzt and his father are made more credible by play-by-play action accounts, which keep you in step with how the characters skills differ and why one character lost and the other won. This also stops you from deciding that one was suddenly struck by invisible li! ghtning, allowing the opponent to win. This may be Salvatore's best book.
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VINE VOICEon 11 November 2003
Amid the treachery and cruelty of the world of the dark elves, an unusual child matures into a warrior of unparalleled skill and unwelcome compassion.
This story shows exactly what events forged Drizzt Do'Urden, one of the best fantasy heroes ever; his childhood amid his murderous family, his revelations about the evil of Drow society and his bond with Zaknafein, his father and a similarly compassionate warrior. The story is well written and has intrigue, tension, action and emotion in perfectly balanced parts.
This book lacks the epic scope of Salvatore's other work and at times is a little slow, but these are minor points and easily overlooked.
The perfect introduction to both Drizzt and the Forgotten Realms series as a whole.
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VINE VOICEon 15 January 2000
Salvatore takes the reader on a spellbinding trip deep into the heart of Drow society.Enter the infant Drizzt into a world dripping with treachery.Salvatore charts the progress of Drizzt as he develops into an adult,his innocence smashed along the way.A prominent theme in this novel is the wickedness of the Drow race.There are many interesting examples of this such as:Dinin murdering his brother Nalfein for personal gain,the elimination of House DeVir,Masoj and the acid,the betrayal of Kelnozz etc.The combat sequences are superb and the characters are well fleshed out.I especially enjoyed the father/son bond between Zaknafein and Drizzt and their refusal to embrace the ways of the Spider Queen.Read this soon
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on 19 May 2013
I was a bit wary coming to this book. I had kept my distance from D&D for years, thinking it too unwieldy a beast to access after the decades of development it has been through. My eventual introduction came through the Adventure System boardgames, and I picked this up wondering just what on earth this legend of Drizzt actually was. Well, was I in for an experience!!

I'm a very big Star Wars fan, so RA Salvatore is a name that is familiar to me. However, because of that I was doubly wary of this. Vector Prime and the Attack of the Clones novelization were both overly-verbose for me, and made for difficult reading. This, however, is quite the breeze! It's not simplistic, but it's infinitely readable, which is always to be commended.

The story is quite hackneyed for the most part, a single character who doesn't conform to his society and fights the norms etc etc ad nauseum. However, the execution is really quite excellent, making you not care whether it is hackneyed or not. There is mystery and intrigue, and from the off Salvatore pulls us along on an awesome adventure. The characters are also great - so many drow elves, all of whom are said to be the same evil backstabbers, and yet we have a decent cast of credible people littering these pages.

Most importantly of all for me, however, is this book doesn't presuppose you know anything about D&D, as it is all laid out for you as part of the story. I imagine you would get more out of it if you've been roleplaying for years, of course, but as a newcomer to this land I had no problem with it whatsoever.

In short: BUY THIS NOW! You won't be disappointed.
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on 24 January 2013
I like to think I have read a great many books in the fantasy genre and I obviously have my favourite writers (Feist / Gemmell / Tolkien), but how has this author slipped under my radar for so long?

Quite frankly 'Homeland: The Legend of Drizzt (Book 1)' has to be one of the best fantasy books I have read in a very long time, it was absolutely fantastic and I can honestly say it has renewed my love of fantasy as a lot of the books in this genre have become stale and tired of late.

The 'Homeland' novel has everything you could ever want from a fantasy classic: murder, deceit, action, adventure, plot twists, great characters and a good story. Quite frankly in my opinion this book is brilliant and a ripping good yarn.

I am just absolutely gutted I have not discovered R.A.Salvatore's work in the past as this book to me was a revelation. I just cant understand why R.A.Salvatore hasnt been given better aclaim in the fantasy genre (perhaps its because he writes under the banner: "Forgotten Realms" ?).

If you love 'old school' fantasy novels I promise you, you will love this book. I finished the first novel in this series within 3 mights as I was that hooked, and cant wait to start the second book.

I am not going to go into detail regarding the storyline of 'Homeland' as that has been overdone on previous reviews, plus you can read the sypnosis on the back of the book or under description (on Amazon). Just trust me this novel is a classic and hopefully you will love it as much as I did.

R.A.Salvatore has a new fan.
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on 17 December 1997
Homeland is the first introduction into the realm of the Dark Elves, and RA Salvatore does an exemplory job in convincing the reader that Dark Elves are not a very friendly bunch. Drizzt is an amazing character, and throughout the entire Dark Elf series, the character developes in a way that ultimately brings out the hero that was struggling through. Through the minds of the different characters, the author drags you through the dark elf world and the start of Drizzt Do'Urden.
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on 8 February 2001
I have been reading fantasy for over 20 years. Never has anything in the genre come so close to the genius of Tolkien. Salvatores Dark Elf trilogy is truly magnificent, and stands out from all the Tolkien pretenders we see so often. Character development, a rich utterly original setting, masterful storytelling, this book has it all. Salvatore should escape the shackles of TSR Inc. and write something of his own creation - I'm sure it would be a classic.
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