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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars19
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 8 February 2001
I'd give this book a five, but you have to leave room for his future works which get better. The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic were Pratchett's first two novels, and possibly the funniest stuff I've read yet. I'm usually into the more serious works of fantasy fiction, but reading this parody of the genre left me in stictches.
It takes a bit to get into it because it starts off by describing this world as being a flat disk carried on the back of four giant elephants who in turn, are on top of a enormous turtle. Don't ask. Then we meet our heroes: A short tourist with four eyes who doesnt speak the language, but has enough gold to capture the attention of every lowlife thief and robber in the city. The tourist's luggage is made from the magical wood of a special pear tree and as a result- it has a mind of its own, many feet and teeth and follows the tourist everywhere. And the third main character is Rincewind... a failed, coward of a wizzard who can't learn any new spells because he has accidentally memorized one of the eight most powerful spells on the disk- a spell so powerful that no one knows what it does and he dare not say it. In fact, all other spells are AFRAID to go near it.
This is just the beginning. Pratchett's wit and spaced-out imagination take the reader on a wild ride where nothing in fantasy is sacred. Now these first two books come together in one book, and I say thats the way they should have come from the beginning. The first book ends with a cliff-hanger (disk-hanger) that is neatly resolved in the second story. And hardcover is a plus, because this IS a classic that belongs on any fan's shelf. It is highly recommended as a breath of fresh air to any fantasy fan- serious or not.
I think I liked it even better the first time I read it eight years ago at 16.
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I think I have all of the books in the Discworld series. What it is about Pratchett's writing that catches me so completely is almost impossible to answer. These two books are no exceptions.

Rincewind the Wizzard and Cohen the Barbarian are adorable, hopeless and hilarious people to get to know. Twoflower is the stereotypical tourist, and yet completely lovable. He, however, is not a character we meet in later books.

As an introduction to the Discworld, these two books might be a bit intense. "Mort" is probably a gentler entrance into the bizarre world of Pratchett.

While there are two-dimensional characters in Pratchett's books, he manages to make the main ones completely three-dimensional. He is probably one of the very best fantasy/sci fi writers around today and on my top-ten list. A must have for people who enjoy irony and do not take life too seriously. To date I have not been able to put down one of his books, even if I have read it previously. He is one of the few authors that I wish I could meet.
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on 20 April 2006
.... if you're using this, the first of the Discworld series, as a test of whether you'll like them, I should point out that the later ones get better. Yes, it's hilarious, it does some brilliant spoofs of classic fantasy books and cliches, it introduces all the characters we come to know in later books, and it starts the concept of seeing what happens if you take a fairy-tale cliche, apply it to real people with human weaknesses and then extend it to the logical extreme. But it doesn't yet have that extra depth of the later books, the one that has you wincing as you laugh. Buy it, read it, and if when you stop giggling you think it was too shallow, read the rest. Well, read them anyway, of course.
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on 4 March 2001
I friend first told me about Terry Pratchett and his books and told me to give them a try, so I did, and I will never look back!!
His attention to detail is amazing, his funny comparisons in Discworld to real life have to be read to be beleved. I can't wait to finish this book and start the next one.
And DEATH...What a guy!!
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on 12 December 1999
This book in my (biast fan of pratchett)view is for those who are just starting to read pratchett a long journey into the humorus fantasy world which is "discworld" .Your view's on this book and series souly depends on your personaltity (you either think its sh*te or you think its wonderful)and how easily you are humured a word of advice to new readers (if there are any left)don't read the blurb 'coz it stinkz and you wont get any info on the book by readin' it but all in all its very piss take kind of book (it takes the piss out of tolkén)i think its brilliant and its pure genious so my advice would be buy it now!!!
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on 27 February 2015
Classic first two Discworld stories in one book.I read these books 20+ years ago and really enjoyed them,then i sat down to watch the Colour of Magic dvd a couple of years ago and was sure there was so much more to the story than i saw on the dvd.Having read these two stories together again as one book,i'm happy to say i was right.These aren't my favourite tales from the Discworld series,but are a great place to start - and if you do read this book,i'm sure it won't be the last Discworld book you read.
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on 15 December 1999
The Disc world is full of magic,mystery and adventure. There are great wizards, hero's, kings and Rincewind! oh dear! Two flower the worlds first and in the opinion of the disc hopefully the last "TOURIST" and his loyal luggage which runs around on hundreds of tiny feet, and on occasion eats a few things.
This book is brilliant it has everything, Fighting,running away. Magic, running away. Death (the person), running away. And the discs gratest hero: COHEN THE BARBARIAN.
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on 22 November 1999
Great book! Very funny about Rincewind a failed wizard who gives Twoflower(a tourist from another disc) a tour of his disc. That should be read with dictionary in one hand. If you like Douglas Adams you will love this.
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on 18 February 2000
An excellent introduction to the wonders of the Diskworld. This book and the other early diskworld books are a rare treat. I only wish I hadn't already read them, so that I could do so again.
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on 9 March 2012
The first two books of Discworld will capture your imagination and never let you go. A gem not to be missed by anyone still breathing.
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