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4.3 out of 5 stars
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I love an author who takes a chance and take the zombie world to a different level and this title by Dana not only does that but brings a brand new kick ass heroine to the mix. The prose is slick, the character interesting and multifaceted and when added to the authors writing style, generates a tale that moves at a solid pace alongside giving the reader what they way.

Add to the mix, a solid overall arc, decent supporting cast and a whole new outlook on how a zombie outbreak is handled which will leave the reader in no doubt about what to expect from the pages within. Finally throw into this a complex love story as well ravaging alongside the fight for survival and all in it's a tale that I couldn't put down.
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on 22 December 2012
Reading the first two pages, about a harassed housewife looking after her son and husband who are ill with flu, gave me no inkling of what was to come. But by page 4, oh my! I realised it was not at all what it seemed.

The unusual aspect of how the story alternates between the flesh-eating ghouls and Ashley, the sparky heroine and her team led me on chapter by chapter.

I'd never previously read this type of book but I was hooked, it was violent, disgusting, exciting, funny, and sad, there's a little romance, loads of action and zombies, zombies everywhere. I was captivated to the end.
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on 6 June 2015
Disclaimer: I received a free, signed copy of this and the other two books in the series at a local reading the author did. While I've tried to keep this review honest I do understand that it's considered good form to be up-front about these things.

I don't normally read zombie fiction. I do like the occasional zombie movie, and absolutely loved the Evil Dead series (who doesn't love Bruce Campbell?), but when it comes to books about the zombie apocalypse I generally to find them a bit 'meh'. However, this one has me thinking maybe I should re-examine the genre.

From page one this book is just packed to the rafters with action, zombies, sass, attitude, zombies, violence, humour, zombies, pseudo-science and enough pop-culture references to keep any geek-girl(or boy) happy. The writing style is punchy and easy to read, and fairly keeps the pace going at a fair old clop.

The narrative focuses mainly on the series' titular character, Ashley Parker, who is a college graduate who gets bitten by a zombie and then finds out she's immune to their bites and as a result develops zombie-hunting superpowers. She's then 'recruited' by a secret organisation whose primary mission is to contain the outbreak and make sure the world doesn't find out that zombies are real.

Okay, maybe not the most original plot in the world, but who cares when it's so much fun to read? This is what I'd call trashy popcorn fiction at it's damn-near best, and I'd happily recommend this to anyone with even a slight interest in zompocalypse fiction or similar. Not quite worth the full five stars, but it did come damned close.
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Plague Town is the first book in the Ashley Parker series, followed by Plague Nation and Plague World. It's full of zombies, disgusting (but brilliant) gore-filled scenes, acerbic wit and a heroine who can kick ass when she needs to. I thoroughly enjoyed delving into Ashley Parker's life as a Wild Card and I can't wait to read more!

The gist of this series is that there's a zombie outbreak linked to a new strain of flu, and everyone is slowly turning into the walking dead. Ashley Parker finds herself immune to zombie bites and, joined by a small group of people in a similar position, finds out she's a Wild Card - someone not affected by zombie bites or blood. These Wild Cards form a group like the Scooby Gang, led by handsome man Gabriel, and begin taking down the zombies and saving the world. It's all very Buffy, though there isn't a single stake in sight.

I immediately liked Ashley and her sharp tongue, mainly because she's flippant and quick with the comebacks. She takes everything in her stride - even zombies - and just goes with the flow. She's independent, outspoken and intelligent, making her a likeable character right from the first page. I can definitely see how she's based on Buffy, though of course they're worlds away from each other, with Ashley being more of an homage to the vampire slayer.

My favourite part of Plague Town was the disgusting detailed descriptions of zombies and their stages of decomposition. It won't be for everyone, I'll warn you now, but if you don't mind that kind of stuff then this is right up your gory alley. Author Dana Fredsti doesn't hold back - there are poles through eyeballs, a husband chewing off his wife's face, rotting entrails and so many missing body parts that it's hard to keep track. Just imagine The Walking Dead and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!

Plague Town is a great start to what I'm hoping will be a fantastic trilogy. I'm lucky enough to have the next two books ready and waiting, and I can't wait to see what happens with this zombie outbreak. Hopefully there'll be more zombies, more fighting and more missing body parts waiting for me!
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on 21 January 2014
I'm not a zombie afficionado so had no idea what to expect; this novel was a pleasant surprise as I spent a peaceful weekend knitting a cute child's cardi and reading about plague, shuffling zombies, secret cover-ups and gallons upon gallons of the undead's bodily fluids.

Ashley Parker finds herself in something like the Buffyverse as she learns that as a rare "Wild Card" she is immune to the Walking Death contagion and therefore much in demand by zombie-bashing forces. And she gets to drive large objects through hundreds of Stiltonized zombie brains. This is quite frankly the kind of wish-fulfilment that I can happily handle, after driving my own metaphorical katana through nothing more interesting than hundreds of bug reports.

The novel cuts between first-person sections in Ashley's cheery, pop-culture laced narrative (Buffy, Star Wars, and more zombie films than you can shake a decomposing limb at) and passages that feel more like a traditional horror book, as the town's inhabitants succumb to "Walker's flu" and wake up rotting and hungry. Have you ever felt intimidated by jocks or sneered at by college girls? Like an outsider amongst the privileged and beautiful? Then take heart and recite the wonderful line "Die, zombie cheerleader bitch!". Relax and enjoy... but keep a weapon to hand.
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on 19 April 2012
Stunning, amazing, blooming loved this book.... Plenty of gore, zombies, a kick ass heroine, knives, guns, explosions and even conspiracies. Really can't wait for Plague Nation & Plague World. So glad I stumbled across this book on someone's 'to-read' list on the web.... Can highly recommend this book!!!!
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on 22 February 2015
Finally, a zombie story with something a bit different.
The Zombie Apocalypse has started at 'Big Red' but the unsteady aren't getting it their own way thanks to a small group who are resistant to the virus.
An enjoyable zombie romp in the style of Buffy the Vampire Slayer......and thankfully the first in a series.
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on 12 October 2014
With a million and one zombie novels out's still a joy to find a really good one. This is one!
I look forward to reading the rest of the series.
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on 3 February 2013
An interesting look at the Zombie sub-genre, I found great enjoyment in Plague Town and look forward to reading the sequel
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on 27 August 2015
A very good zombie survival story. Likeable characters, good set up, well written and good dialogue.
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