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4.7 out of 5 stars314
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 1 May 2012
Really enjoyed this book, its witty and funny and also strikes a poignant note in all of us. well worth a read, i couldn't put it down, its an easy read, nice and gentle. would highly recommend it.Milly Johnson continues to deliver a reall good read.
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White Wedding by Milly Johnson follows three brides to be who all meet by chance in the White Wedding bridal shop and soon become great friends. Violet, Max and Bel are all very likeable characters but they are no way the perfect brides to be as they all have a hidden secret when it comes to their weddings and it is not just pre-wedding nerves!
Bel is due to marry first she is engaged to Richard but her hopes and dreams not only for her wedding but for her future with her new husband to be are shattered when she finds out a heartbreaking secret. Violet is engaged to Glyn but is clearly having doubts about the wedding she feels very suffocated in her relationship and it is clear Glyn needs to get help to stop his paranoia before it puts the wedding in jeopardy. Max has been with her fiancé Stuart since college and the time seemed right for them to tie the knot but both Max and Stuart have very different ideas of their perfect wedding day. Can changes be made to ensure all the weddings still go ahead?

This was my first Milly Johnson book, I am unsure why I haven't got around to reading one the authors books before because the covers of her books are very appealing to me and now I have read the synopsis of some more of her books they sound right up my street.

The author creates three fantastic and loveable characters with Violet being my favourite as I could relate more to her than the other two characters. Max defiantly brought the entertainment factor to the book with all of her wedding wishes being based on the Gypsy Wedding style. Bel really did have a hard time but I was a little frustrated at the situation she put herself through which I wish I could say more but I don't want to give away to much detail as it will ruin her part of the story.

The book is split up into three parts one part for each ladies weddings and it was great that the chapters were very short as it makes it easy to be able to pick up and put down when you just have time to snatch a chapter or two, although this book had me gripped after the second chapter so I ended up finishing it in a day!

I loved the suspense that Milly Johnson manages to create especially with Bel I knew something wasn't right early on in the book with Bel but I couldn't figure it out so I had a shock coming. This was the same with the ending of the book it was just not possible to predict the ending which made you keep turning the pages quickly trying to get to the end to see how it all pans out.

This was a genuinely perfect read with a realistic storyline and three great characters. I highly recommend this book and I will now be on the lookout for more books by Milly Johnson as she has such a warm and enjoyable writing style I am definitely a new member of the Milly Johnson fan club!
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on 27 June 2012
In the Prologue of White Wedding, it's February and the fifth time that Bel, Max and Violet have bumped into each other in the bridal shop White Wedding. Chapter One begins three months later and the women have all become friends.

Bel's wedding is first and the reader intuits that during those three months something has happened - she's not as excited and buzzing as she was in the Prologue. Leading up to her wedding (and throughout the book), the strands of Max and Violet's lives are woven through. Written in the third person this allows the reader to get to know the women, their fiancés and their lives.

Bel's wedding is explosive! What a wedding to start with! I loved the wedding cake ... She flees to the Bronte cottages on the Moors that are owned by her father to gather herself together. It is here she meets the mysterious man alluded to in the synopsis. The antagonism and Bel's eventual return to her life are brilliantly portrayed. Max' wedding is next followed by Violet's. There are realisations and trauma leading up to each of them.

In the background is White Wedding owner Freya. There is a lot of intrigue surrounding her. No-one knows for sure her background. The part she plays in the story is very subtle but causes major changes that alter paths - and is magical!

All the characters are believable and easy to identify with. I actually don't have a favourite ... because they are all brilliant (I'm including in this the characters readers are meant to dislike).

There are many levels to White Wedding. Although the main theme is the weddings, I became engrossed in all the women's lives. There is much depth and I think all women should have a `Freya' in their lives before their marriages ... Milly Johnson explores step-families, manipulation/obsession, insecurities, mental illness/Alzheimer's and expectations. I LOVED the metaphysical aspect

Milly's different length of chapters enhances the flow of the tale being created. You'll find Milly's humour sprinkled throughout alongside plenty of tension. There were a few surprises for me - I knew something was coming from Bel's wedding being written up in the Melbourne Star but never guessed how that fitted in. What a shocker! I also wasn't expecting Glyn to go that far ... or Bel's `husband' Richard's secret ... and what a brilliant ending!

I've been so engrossed in Bel, Max and Violet's lives it's a keeper for me!

I would like to thank Simon & Schuster UK for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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on 4 May 2012
I started reading this yesterday afternoon and that was it..... no dinner, no ironing, no nothing. I was completely hooked. Good job I have today off work as I was awake most of the night reading it. I've just finished it and I thought it was brilliant as are all Milly's books. They are all written with such warmth and humour. She is one very talented lady. Bravo Milly
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on 10 January 2013
Loved the flow of this book I couldn't put it down once I started. A great book to take on holiday or relax with in the local coffee shop on a Sunday afternoon.
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Violet, Max and Bel are three friends who are all linked by their weddings. When I first picked up this new Milly Johnson book I was really looking to reading it and I was surprised that I found myself stumbling over the first few chapters. Thankfully, I think it was just me as after the first few chapters I was seamlessly drawn alongside these individual women. As usual Milly Johnson has created characters that although not perfect, are very likeable.

The three prospective grooms are all very different and before long you can see all sorts of possibilities on the horizon for the 3 women. The lovely thing about reading Milly Johnson books is that she manages to create different characters that feel very `real'. The stories flow really well and it takes no time at all to become engrossed in one of her books and I am pleased to say that this one was no different. There was a one particular part of the storyline which had me chuckling, revolving around Max and her particular choice for wedding style!

As the story moves past the halfway mark I found myself praying that things worked out for the individual women. What I wasn't prepared for were a couple of twists added to the story which threw me (in a good way). It was nice to have such drama and surprises show up in such an otherwise lovely weddings tale. The ending was just about as good as it gets and to be honest I was disappointed to realise I was coming to the end. Once I had finished the book I immediately made sure I had another Milly book added to my Kindle for future reading. Not my favourite of hers so far but still a brilliant read.
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on 13 May 2012
White wedding is the story of three young women who meet quite by chance in the White Wedding bridal shop and become good friends. They are all due to be married soon, and each has a different type of ceremony in mind. But each of them is also harbouring a secret - either from each other or from their future husbands. And nothing turns out the way that they are expecting.

I really enjoyed this book, as I have every other book of Milly Johnson's. My favourite has to be A Spring Affair - which was only the second book I have ever put in an envelope and posted to a friend with a "You have to read this" note attached because it couldn't wait until I next saw her (the first was Bridget Jones's Diary many years ago). White Wedding was just as enjoyable, and it made me laugh out loud in places, and brought tears to my eyes in others.

Milly Johnson's characters are very credible, and she doesn't make the mistake of making all the women perfect. In fact in one case you may be forgiven for having some sympathy with one of the grooms, in spite of loving the bride. But I think that maybe it should be obligatory reading for anybody who is getting married - just a last sanity check to make sure they are doing it for all the right reasons!
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on 12 November 2012
I hope I don't come across as too negative because I did really enjoy this book and couldn't put it down, reading well into the night! The cornerstone of all Milly's books, as in my own life, is of realistic Yorkshire women and firm friendships and this is what makes her such a fabulous author. I'm not going to put spoilers in my review or give the plot away, though I did find Glyn's antics towards the end of the book appallingly horrific and this takes it out of the "light read" territory. The main female characters are as always fantastic, the kind you would want as your own best mates. It was really good fun. And the magical realism that someone else referred to in their review is just lovely, and gives me at least some hope! What annoyed me was the character, or rather the name, of Dan Regent. I thought he could not possibly be real with a name like that and thought he sounded like a superhero rather like Flash Gordon, taking it into the realms of caricature. I'd rather he was called something like David Robinson! I'm really pleased too that Violet returns in A Winter Flame so that is my next good read.
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on 28 May 2012
Another lovely tale this time about three would be brides and their sometimes happy, sometimes poignant attempts to create their special days. I love Milly Johnson's novels, she always manages to bring her characters to life and thread their lives together with magical skill. Thoroughly recommended.
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on 23 June 2012
I found two of Milly Johnson's other books, 'Here Come the Girls', and 'An Autumn Crush' hugely entertaining, so I had high expectations of 'White Wedding'. I am happy to report that they were lived up to, if not exceeded. Three young women all in their thirties are on the verge of becoming wives, and meet in a bridal shop which they frequently visit, hoping to find the perfect dress for their forthcoming big day. But as the plot unravels, we learn that they might just be marrying the wrong men...
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