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on 6 January 2006
This is an excellent book and i am only half way through it and it just keeps getting better...
I have wanted to get into trading for a long time and even had a dabble once. However i have read a lot of books on trading and so far each one as put me off it... (Probably except for the motley fool books)...
However this book so far has been like an epiphany for me... Mr Burns (not the simpons one but the author) it able to explain how the whole game of trading works in way that is easily understandable...
I thought i knew how lots of things worked (share ISA's, dividends, buying patterns etc) but never really seen what all the fuss was about... This book explains why they are good and why they are bad... He tells you the info you need to know (eg like what are market makers and why they exist). But more importantly he tells you WHY they have an impact on your trading strategies..
The best thing about this book is every bit of info he writes about has a point... Most other stock market books tell you rubbish about trading that you don't need to know and only succeed in confusing you...
Anyway i will write another review when i have finished the book...
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on 10 January 2014
My better half bought me this book for Xmas. Thoroughly enjoyed it, loved the light-hearted quips every now and again. Low and behold she has nearly read it too, never been known for her to pick up one of my books, let alone read it. She loves it, nice and simple she says.
It has really pushed home to me that the best strategy is with strong stocks, breaking new highs or about to. I have been trading for many years, some good, some bad caused by common faults, but I have never looked into this way of trading.

This book will enforce the best trading strategy and also constantly remind you that without correct money management you are doomed to big failures.
If you are new to trading then ensure that you read this.
If you are not successful with your trading then read this.
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on 26 May 2009
Having read several books on the stock market over the last few I wondered if there was a book that will help me better understand how it works from an investors perspective. A lot of authors manage to produce very dull and uninteresting books which seem to have the main purpose of convincing us readers how complicated everything is and how clever they are.

The Naked Trader was the book that I'd been looking for. It's written in a fun and very readable style and is very good at telling you what you want to know and no more. It also contains lots Robbies methods and approaches to trading, some of which will be useful to anyone who buys shares. It's allowed me to better understand how things work and hopefully made a few more intelligent decisions.
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on 27 January 2014
Came across this book at my brother-in-laws house and after hearing good things about it, decided to take the plunge.

First impressions: download via Robbie's website and get a free ebook copy, nice touch and meant I could read the whole thing on a return trip to the USA on my ipad. This is one of those books on a potentially exhausting topic that is easy to read, gets points across well and doesn't aim to patronise the reader, unlike some of the other reviews I have read here.

What are people expecting? The guy has been very successful and genuinely comes across as trying to impart his knowledge to others so they can succeed also. So there's some corny jokes along the way: so what. The whole tone is light and engaging, a very welcome approach instead of trying to browbeat the novice investor with leaden writing. It's given me a new perspective on my portfolio that has served me well in the last few weeks already. There were some real "aha" moments for me as I realised where (and importantly, why) I was going wrong.

Reference the comment from a previous reviewer about their concerns about Robbie introducing spread betting: this is touched upon and the principles explained, but the clear direction is to start trading on the main markets and progress from there. An introduction to spread betting is warranted. If you can't restrain yourself and feel the need to spread bet immediately without building up to it, this book (and investing in general) may not be for you.

Some good choices and suggestions from Robbie as to further reading also.

Firm 5 stars from me.
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on 25 April 2010
I can only re-iterate what the majority of the other reviewers have stated - an excellent guide to trading for any newcomer but also for anyone who has been trading for sometime, as there are many tips and common sense guidelines for all.

As any investor will tell you, you can over analyse the stock market and the naked trader likes to keep the art of investing to the simplest format. There are so many books you can buy on stock trading, however, as many people will admit many of them are far too anal. The Naked Trader is the perfect book for anyone new to game. I have been trading for 18 months and I've been fairly successful to date, however, I was looking for more tips and some sensible guidelines to hopefully take me onto the next level. I have picked up a lot of extra information and suggestions from this read and will putting them into practice very soon.

He re-iterates the point that there is no easy way to being successful but there are ways to maximising your gains and minimising your losses which he covers in great detail.

I must say I am not the most active when it comes to reading, I get bored very easily but I have read this book cover to cover in less than four days (I surprised myself). I found it fascinating and very down to earth. If you want to make some steady income from trading and are willing to do some much needed research then I would highly recommend buying this book. You won't regret it.
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on 16 June 2011
I know that you should never judge a book by its cover but this one is truly awful and has stopped me buying on several occasions... however, I finally bought it the other day and have to say that it's a thoroughly interesting and informative read. I've been trading shares for about three years now and every single mistake I've ever made is picked up by Robbie within the first few chapters. The section on bulletin boards is brilliant as I spend a lot of time reading these and found it amusing to match individuals with Robbie's stereotypes. Whilst this is the second edition it's already dated by some of the examples and stories, however it's UK-focused, which is welcome.

It's a difficult area to cover, as Robbie himself admits - books on trading are either way too detailed or a bit fluffy and I'd say that this one falls nicely in between. If you're currently just buying shares on a whim with no real strategy then buy this book today - sections on charts, tree shakes, stop-losses and trading strategies are great. The book is written in a very informal manner as tho' Robbie's almost chatting to you, which may not appeal to all but I feel works well in this case. For £12.99 it's an absolute steal - less than the price of a trade in fact so for that reason alone it's worth buying to potentially make you an absolute fortune. 8/10 from me.
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on 13 August 2009
I don't normally leave reviews on books but I felt this one deserved it. I have read many books on trading and I found this one by far the easiest and most enjoyable to read. I read the first 200 pages the weekend I bought it and couldn't put it down. Not only is it fun to read but it has some superb information that is explained in plain english. So much so that a friend of mine with no investment/trading knowledge borrowed it and he understood it easily. I learned a lot from this book and I plan to put it into practice. A must for anyone wanted to learn about trading. Read this book first
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on 17 August 2012
Basic info about me: Male, from Billericay, Essex, but now living in Nottingham working at Boots.

Browsing interesting books on amazon, I saw yours, but I'd never been interested remotely in trading. I thought why not, it's got a good blurb and reviews. Read it, then knew I'd give it a proper go and read all I could about techniques and philosophies to trading. I then set myself some goals, key being to focus on the enjoyment in it. My cash is small, but not really in relation to other 24 year olds.
Main goal was to remember the enjoyment of trading as recommended by you in the Naked Trader. I've made one or 2 hiccups, but never risk what I can't afford as you say to do.
In personal terms, my balance reached new highs 3 times this week!
Really grateful that you do the crossover book to mass appeal for people like me because it's your book which in my opinion beats all of my further reading hands down (best of the bunch being zulu principle and if it's raining in brazil imo).
You deserve your success and I wish that you inspire more people to demystify the world of money. I'm sure that everyone gets a lot out of this book, so I can only recommend it as above and beyond anything else out there.

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on 11 January 2008
After spending a small fortune on books so as to learn the ins and outs of share trading and the world around it (which after totally confusing me ended up collecting dust before it put me in a mental home)along comes mr robbie burns aka THE NAKED TRADER.
Mr burns turns the market gobble de gook into plain english and tells you what you need to know in a way that you will understand it.
I highly advise purchasing this book before you even think about the stockmarket again,it will save you a fortune and best of all it will put a big smile on your face.10/10
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on 7 January 2007
'The Naked Trader' by Robbie Burns is a very easy to read and humerous introduction to the world of stocks and shares. If you are anything like me, you may find the concept of investing in shares very daunting. I have read other books designed to be introductions for 'noobies', but none of them explained terms like P.E. ratios, NMS's, how to do research, etc in such simple and easy to read language as 'The Naked Tradrer'.

FInally I have found a book that can give me an all round understanding of how to start dabbling in the stock market.
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